10 Ways to Improve Your Mental Fitness

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Want to know how to improve your mental fitness and increase brain power, despite Lupus?

We are not talking about intelligence or your ability to memorize, but we are talking about your mental “fitness”, meaning a younger, agile brain with more endurance and energy.

There’s been a huge development in what we know about our brain in the last 10 years compared to what we’ve known in the last 2000 years.

And what we know is that our brain’s capacity is far greater than what we used to think.

We are grossly underestimating its capability.  1/3 of its capability is in your biology and genetics, and 2/3 is in your control.

So let’s go over lifestyle hacks to unleash your brain power, despite Lupus.

Mental Fitness is Different From Intelligence

Mental fitness is having a fit, agile, and bright brain full of vitality, so that you can apply yourself with greater ease, less stress, and with minimal resistance.

In no particular order, improve your mental fitness with:

  1. Good Diet: We are what we eat and it’s what fuels your brain.
  2. Killing ANTs:  Aka, automatic negative thoughts, by Dr. Amen. We all tend to have negative beliefs. Your brain is a super computer and your self talk is the program that you’ll learn.  Lupus tends to give us limiting beliefs like, I can’t work because I’m too tired and in pain. Just like Henry Ford said, “if you think you can, you can, and if think you can’t, you can’t”, and he’s right.  Avoid negative talk because if you defend your limitations then you get to keep them.  If you think you’re not healthy enough, not good enough, smart enough, or pretty enough and that’s your reason for not doing what you want to do, then you get to keep those limitations.  So we Lupus patients need to fight to keep the negative talks at bay.  Your mind is eavesdropping on your self talk.
  3. Physical Exercise:  As your body moves, your brain grooves, according to Brain Coach Jim Kwik.  Research proves when you move, and pump and exericise your heart, you feed your brain.
  4. Brain Nutrients:  We have leaky gut so we need to supplement. Find out about my Lupus Brain Support here.
  5. Positive Peer Group:  Who you spend time with is who you become. We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.  Common sense is not always common practice.  Sometimes a coach is someone who calls you out on your blind spot.
  6. Clean Environment:  Your internal environment is your external environment.
  7. Sleep:  Exercise tears the body down, and when you sleep you’re re-building the muscles that have been damaged. You also need sleep to have more focus, so if you’re struggling to get good sleep, click here to learn more about my Lupus Sleep Support.
  8. Brain Protection: Avoid accidents and avoid extreme sports. The brain is resilient but still fragile.
  9. New Learning:  Grow older, but grow better.  Neurogenesis is birth, and through neuroplasticity, learning new things makes you better until the day you die.  Nutrients and novelty stimulate your body and brain.  Feed your brain good food and stimulate it so it can grow.
  10. Stress Management:  Take time to breathe. Many times we are not aware because we are outsourcing a lot to our smart devices, and we become in a constant state of fight or flight. This causes anxiety and we become very forgetful.

Be mindful of what you’re neglecting.  Remember, healing is an inside job, and with Lupus, we must be working on our health at all times.  Your mind will resist but you must drive through and conquer Lupus before it takes a hold on you.

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