3 Roadblocks That Keep You From Achieving Optimal Health

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Hi. Dr. Connie here.

As someone who lives with a chronic illness, I’ve had many struggles on my personal path to wellness.

The emotional rollercoaster that comes with living with a chronic illness is not a fun ride.  It really tests you in ways you can never imagine.  It can bring out the worst in you or bring out the best in you.

It’s about making choices.  But how do you make choices when there’s so many options?

I can tell you for sure that ALL of you generally “know” what to do, but we also know that knowledge doesn’t change behavior.

The amount of experts that claim to have all the answers, from the perfect diet plan, supplements, labs, etc., is getting a bit overwhelming.

More than the options themselves, after working with thousands of patients, I believe there are three roadblocks that tend to keep you exactly where you are.

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are like your filters to the world.  Imagine wearing sunglasses that are purple and when you look out through the purple filter, what color will your world be? Purple.  But what about other colors? You’d never see them.

That’s how our limiting beliefs work. They are filters that we have and most of us don’t know that we have them.

When I was first diagnosed with Lupus, my conditioned response was to listen to the doctors.  I believed that doctors had all the answers and had my back in getting my health under my control.

At first the doctors didn’t know what was wrong, but as soon as they knew I had Lupus, which was verified by lab tests, they said it was a life sentence of managing the fire within me.  A fire that needed to be calmed by corticosteroids for the rest of my life.

At first I was in denial.  Then as time passed, I became resentful and angry.  From there, I accepted my diagnosis.

Once I accepted the terms dictated by my doctors on what I could not do anymore (no sun, pace myself, take meds, and rest as needed) I simply complied.

In retrospect, I understand that fear can overwhelm and consume you to obsess over what you can’t do anymore. While I lived helpless to Lupus for a couple of years, I was just glad that it was being managed by my doctors.

Nevermind the ambitions I had prior to Lupus.  Even though I wanted so badly to go on to achieve great things, my limiting beliefs retracted me back to where the doctors said I belonged.

So I succumbed to the routine doctors visits, monitoring labs, and taking infusions or medications for years and years.

Whether you’re struggling with health or disease, I can tell you for sure that there’s a better way.  You need to break through your limiting beliefs.

Conquer Indecisiveness

Once I decided that I would stop at nothing to feel better and regain control over my health from Lupus, I never looked back.

The tipping point for me was when I sought out a Lupus support group in the hopes of connecting with those who wanted better for themselves.

But what I walked into was a room full of “woe is me” Lupus patients, who’ve become victims to the disease.

I left that meeting and never looked back.  That was not what I wanted for my life.  In part, I was scared at the reality of my disease.  That I too could become complacent and helpless.

But after 19 years, I’ve learned that if you’re committed, you will always find a way.  Health is my livelihood.  Without health, I’d have no job, quality of life, and would live in depression.

I was determined to get well and that’s what I’ve done.

Once I decided that, there was no turning back. I was going to get well, period.

My health became a priority.

Once you make that decision, it’s important for you to understand that your limiting beliefs will show up no matter what.  Every step of the way you will have to negotiate your resolve and win yourself over.  Time and time again.

My point to this is that the resolve to do anything in life is the most important.  Most of us suffer from indecision.

80% of success is psychology and 20% is strategy.  I’ve got the strategy you can follow, but 80% is on you.  Healing is an inside job.

For me, failure is not an option.  The price that I had to pay and continue to pay is effort.

I know that you can’t dabble on creating your health.  It’s a full commitment.  Is it hard?  Yes.

Getting fired from my life and health taught me that if I look outside of myself for help, all I’ll be offered is treatments, but doesn’t change my status.

I needed a way to change my status from sick to health.

Belief is an ongoing conversation that you’ll have with yourself.  You have to learn to tell yourself new stories, adapt to new things, and create an empowering mind to grow and change your state.

If that’s your operating ground, then you can and will turn this around.

Too often I see patients going from practitioner to practitioner with a deep belief that hasn’t changed.  I’ve been there.  I’ve validated time and time again what I was there to validate, that I have Lupus and I needed to alter my life accordingly.

I refused, and I’m so much better for it.

Crush Overwhelm

When you make a decision, you’ll be hit with overwhelm.  There’s so much learning about new ways of eating, moving, sleeping, and taking various supplements, etc.

You’ll need strong support to reminded you why you’ve begun this process.  To be reminded of what your “why” is.

For me, the alternative was my why. I was so scared of becoming a victim to my disease.

To crush this overwhelm, you need to ask yourself, who are you listening to?  Do they really understand what you’re going through?  Have they gone through the process and gotten the result that you strive for?

If yes, then you’ve made a good decision to listen to them.

Or, are they simply sharing knowledge with you, without having gone through it themselves.

My mission in life is to keep you from sick care.

Our programs are mitigated to minimize confusion, so that as you are coached, you are learning, and you make progress every single day.

We break it down to focused action that you can repeat everyday.  A healthy life is all about creating healthy habits.

What happens currently is that you listen to a bit of this, and read a bit of that, and before you know it you have bits and pieces of supplements and diet plans that you are following without really knowing if it helps you.

This makes your effort diffused so much so that you’re back to where you started.  It’s like throwing mud on the wall and seeing what sticks.

I feel the problem is that everyone who’s an expert essentially says the same thing, but the marketing message is so different that in the end, everything is confusing.

So be strategic about what you choose to do.

Lastly, if you’ve worked with me in the past, you know that I tell you the truth.

I will gently call you out on what you’re not doing and help you to see your limiting beliefs.

I will help you to identify, diagnose, and move toward creating health so that you can thrive in your life again.

So whether you’ve been struggling to lose weight or have a chronic illness that you’d like to work through, please email us at [email protected] or book a discovery call here today to figure out the right program for you.

Ask yourself, have you been dabbling at fixing your health or are you fully committed to do whatever it takes to achieve that result?

Let me help you to get clear on your outcome and help you move toward your goals.

Email [email protected] or book a call here  and book a discovery call with me today so we can get a clear program set up for you.

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