7 Practical Tips for Reducing Inflammation for Autoimmunity

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Rather than focusing on foods you can or can’t eat, focusing on how and what you feel while eating is much more practical and effective as opposed to overly restricting yourself.

Recently, I was coaching a client with an onset of an autoimmune flare. She began her work with me a year ago and since then she’s gotten rid of her physical pain and reduced her anxiety. But lately, the pain was creeping back up all over her body. Upon diving deep into the cause, she confessed that she was not happy with where her life was headed.

She didn’t like her job, her relationships, and most importantly, she struggled with so much guilt and anxiety over what to do next. She’s lived all her life based on external validation and was conditioned to seek approval from everyone around her, especially her close friends and family. 

After she realized this, she began to understand why she’s getting yet another flare when she was doing all the right things.

She shared that it was hard for her to stick to her anti-inflammatory diet plan. She knows that being on that diet would make all the difference, yet she could not get herself to follow the protocol without knowing the reason why.

The more she resisted, the more she became heavy with a burden full of guilt and shame over why she could not get herself to comply with what she needed.

Awareness About Foods

This is why most autoimmune diets, supplements, and programs have limits. While they may provide temporary results, they typically don’t provide long term results.  

If you have an autoimmune condition and it’s completely under control or in remission, that’s wonderful.  

However, for those who have an intractable autoimmune condition, where no matter what you try, it only provides short term results, then you must expand your awareness to other areas of your life that are perpetuating the disease in the body.

The Intangible Triggers of Autoimmunity

Almost always, there is a root cause to your autoimmunity. Sometimes, that root cause is not so obvious. It’s the things in your life that are hard to change, such as your parents, relationships, marriage, children, etc.  

Your relationships with others are your responsibility. You can’t change others. What you can change is your response to others by setting clear boundaries and choosing a better response to them.

Most people struggle with marriage, kids, relationships with family. This is because they trigger something deep within us. Many times such triggers are dormant until they are triggered by something.  

Some get triggered by the death of a loved one, moving, divorce, changing jobs, or even getting sick. Some life altering events lead us to look beyond the circumstances and look to the very thing that may be the culprit. This is great because that’s when we have an opportunity to transform the way we view the world.

Our very beliefs are challenged and when they are discredited, we move forward without the bondage of such limiting beliefs that tend to keep us exactly where we are even when we don’t want where we are. 

This is human nature.

When autoimmune strikes and your health is in crisis, most people want to “do” something to make it better. The most common thing they look to change is their diet, for good reason too because it’s our common ground. 

Food is universal as we all need to eat in order to survive.

Which Foods Are Best For Autoimmunity?

I want to encourage you to ask beyond the autoimmune puzzle.

Ask what specific foods are medicine for you and which foods are poisonous.

Over 22 years as a registered dietitian, it taught me that there is no one size that fits all approaches when it comes to diets, specifically for autoimmune.

When there’s a hype about autoimmune paleo and all the people who are benefitting from the plan, I know that there are just as many people that didn’t have such success with an autoimmune paleo.  This is why some buy into diets such as plant based, vegan, intermittent fasting, keto, whole 30, etc. 

Understanding your state of being is much more important than knowing what diet you should buy into.

Align With The Truth

Are you in alignment with your essence or the truth? Or are you busy trying to be the person everyone else wants you to be?  

When you are trying to be the latter, you’ll constantly find yourself frustrated with your life because you are living a lie.

Your life will be about being in alignment with the lie that you’ve created because your identity was shaped by everyone’s expectations of you vs who you truly are.

Not many of us are lucky to boldly live out our truth. We are conditioned to want and do what we should and ought to do and be. 

Anti-Inflammatory Foods?

With this in mind, I want to share the 7 Tips to Find the Perfect Anti-Inflammatory Food Plan for you. To provide you with the context, I used to chase the specific diet plan for myself to reverse my autoimmunity until I realized that it’s not only about the foods, it’s more about what state the nourishment is promoting in your body.  

Let us redefine what HEALTHY Nourishment is:

H: Harmonious

Whatever foods you consume, it should bring harmony and balance in the body.

E:  Easy

It should be easy to cook or implement.

A:  Awareness

It should promote self awareness.

L:  Love

Your nourishment should cultivate self love.

T:  Truth

It should bring forth your truth.

H:  Habitual

It should be a habit.


It should be all about YOU.

Foods That Nourish

Too often we try to adapt foods and diet plans based on science or someone else’s logic or results. It’s important to remember that you are one of a kind. What worked for them may not work for you and vice versa.  

Your nourishment should be dedicated to how it makes you “feel”. So it’s important for you to be connected to your mind and body to promote health and wellness.

When we follow someone’s protocol, we assume many things that may not be true for us.  

Only you can know how the nourishment makes you feel, and that feeling is not always obvious or tangible. This is why we must be centered and grounded in our own truth, and honor and respect ourselves enough to begin to tune inward. Especially, when we’re choosing foods that nourish our body because nourishment is ultimately what heals our body. 

Learn More About Foods

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