The Importance of a Tribe to REVERSE LUPUS

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Hello, Dr. Connie here.

We’ve been working so hard on a platform that will help you day to day, step by step, to make sure you are able to change the trajectory of your Lupus to one that is under YOUR control vs. under medication or your DOCTOR’S control.

The difference is profound, and I’ve always said that while meds have their place in Lupus management, they never cure.

Significant progress was made in the history of medicine as humans became more sophisticated, and more “cures” were discovered for such conditions like small pox, polio, measles, and yellow fever, malaria, etc.

We’ve essentially wiped out such diseases that were taking lives in the past.  But if you look closely, such diseases were common to the historical times before human evolution.

Way of life was drastically different then.  We didn’t have technology, cars, microwaves, and air planes.

Additionally, we didn’t have toxic food.

Although we’ve made radical progress in the history of human evolution with the Industrial Revolution in the 18-19th centuries, we’ve drastically altered our environment.

As a result, different diseases abound which are specific to the times.

According to a new study, the prevalence and incidence of autoimmune diseases, such as Lupus, Celiac disease, and Type 1 diabetes, is on the rise, and researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are unsure as to why.

We know that medications don’t “cure”, they just manage the symptoms.

We also know that the meds cause unintended secondary side effects.

So knowing those limits, we have a choice to make:

Take responsibility for yourself and get busy creating health


Trust that the doctors know best, take a pill, and hope for the best.

After living with Lupus for over 19 years and navigating not only the medical system but the nuances of Lupus as a disease, I can tell you that Lupus can take a toll on not only a person’s ability to cope, but strip them of their very identity.

It can throw us off so much so that many Lupus patients just give up.

We struggle daily……hope for a better day tomorrow, take more meds, wish for a cure, and slowly fade off from our lives.

In the mean time, this crazy disease takes over our bodies and dictates what we can or can’t do.

Becoming a Lupus Rebel

So a “rebel” by definition is a person who rises in opposition to and resists control from authority and convention.

My rebelliousness allowed me to push the boundaries in the way medicine is practiced, from physical therapy, nutrition, yoga, functional medicine, and also change how it’s translated into my life.

I know that if I “obeyed” my doctors orders, I would not be here doing this work as a rebel for you today.

I also realize that I was fortunate to have the medical background to question and push the boundaries a bit, “knowing” the thresholds of my disease.

It took lots of trial and error, as it’s a hard and scary disease to live with.  I don’t have to belabor this fact as most of you experience the devastating effects of this disease everyday.

Because of the complicated nature of Lupus, in order for you to feel empowered enough to even want to try, you’ll need a lot more than just some snippets of information that you read from time to time.

In order to provide you enough courage to become a rebel yourself, I needed to create a step by step approach into getting your health back in order.

Most of you feel it, most of you understand that you need to do something about it, but with abounding information out there, it’s easy for us to get confused and overwhelmed.

And what happens when you’re overwhelmed?  We don’t do anything.  Our minds shut down and we are back to square one.

Every minute of every day that goes by where you’re not actively fighting for your health is counted against you.  It’s a point for Lupus as you lose this war.

You’ll need expert guidance, a clear plan, accountability, and coaching to push through the dark, lonely, and confusing times.

Step by step by someone who not only has lived through the devastations of this disease but also didactically devoted tremendous amounts of time and effort to digest and filter only the necessary information that you need to ACT.

Nothing happens unless you act.  Most of us today are busy consuming information but if you don’t do anything with that information, what good is that?

Again, everyday that goes by is a day lost.  You can’t buy back time.

Reverse Lupus Membership

So I’ve created the ultimate Reverse Lupus Membership platform where I teach you how to:

  • EAT everyday to help your body fight Lupus
  • MOVE everyday to help your body get stronger
  • THINK everyday to muster more drive to take ACTION
  • MEDITATE to help your body reconnect with your mind
  • HEAL to restore your body and relationships

You will also be provided with:

  • COMMUNITY:   Be connected with and supported by fellow Lupus Rebels who commit to winning
  • ACCOUNTABILITY COACH:  We’re social creatures, and when we act together, science clearly demonstrates that we will get to the finish line easier
  • TRACKING:  track your progress, emotions, triggers, weight, blood pressure, and symptoms
  • GOAL SETTING:  a ship without a rudder goes no where.  Get clear on how you want to live your life and let’s get busy reverse engineering the life you want to live
  • MIRACLES:  If you can dream it, you can accomplish it.  You just need guidance from someone who can show you how

New recipes, exercises, guided meditations, and much more will be delivered to you on a weekly basis, so you can keep progressing.

All this will be personally lead by me, as I’m someone who’s not studied this disease in theory but understand intimately what it’s like to be faced with daily struggles as a mom, friend, spouse, daughter, and a woman.

So join me in making some drastic progress.  For those of you who commit, for the first 200 members we are offering the program at $9.99 per month.

It’s the most affordable health care and the most well spent money!  The discounts that you’ll receive in basic supplements will make up the benefit of membership.

The membership will be available 1/5/2018.  But you must act now to receive the $9.99 offer only for 200 initial members.

Click here to read more about Reverse Lupus and to sign up.

Join now to guarantee the rate and be grandfathered into this amazing Reverse Lupus Membership Program that we’ve carefully created as something that I wish I had when I was starting out.

I hope to see you on the inside, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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