Lupus Treatment- Alkaline Method ©

Lupus Treatment- Alkaline Method

Three Pillars of Alkaline Method©

It's important to know that BALANCE is the most important when creating health with Lupus. Remember, we fell out of balance and consequently, our immune system is working very hard to calibrate back to its functioning state.  Our cells need as much help and support from us as possible!

1.  Gut Health

  • We believe Gut Health is the most important pillar of the Alkaline Method©.  
  • Healthy gut starts with healthy bacteria.  They help to defend us against foreign pathogens by blocking the entry in our Colon.  Strategic Probiotic, Prebiotic, and Immunoglobulin use is necessary to help our gut healthy so it can get back to not only baseline, but to create health.
  • We are what we eat.  We need a healthy dose of micronutrients everyday to ensure we are metabolically sound.  For your engine to run, we NEED micronutrients and minerals FUNCTION.  For us Lupies, we NEED extra to support our bodies because we are not as efficient as we were prior to Lupus.
  • We also need a healthy dose of Anti-Oxidants like vitamin A, C, E, Beta Carotene, Selenium, polyphenols, lutein, and Lycopene to name a few.  This is to fend off not only the damage from all the medications that we need to keep our disease under control BUT  from environmental offenders.  Remember, we are immune compromised and our systems need lots of support to reverse the damage of our disease in multitude of ways.  
  • We need to be eating the foods that are in season and produce (fruits and veggies) which are grown locally.  This helps our bodies adjust appropriately to our environment and creates harmony.
  • Gut is our second Brain so the neurotransmitters such as dopamine, GABA, acetylcholine, epinephrine, or norepinephrine balance largely depend on the nutrients from our gut to supply a healthy balance to keep our brain healthy which in turn affects our mood and impacts our motivation.  
  • All of us Lupies have a  mitochondrial insufficiency.  Mitochondria is where our cells make power and create energy to live.  To add to this, our immune system is using the energy toward destroying our cells so it's no wonder why we are so tired.  We need to fight for our cells to get the energy shunted back to rebuilding our body.
  • Alkaline Method© provides with a framework to ensure that you are getting a healthy dose of all the nutrients that you need to fight for your health and create Health Despite our Lupus.

2.  Physical Health

  • Lupus creates lots of inflammation and results in so much pain.  But it's important to remember, that when we move, we are able to circulate the toxins within our bodies to so that they can be removed. This enhances our metabolic function. 
  • It's not advised to engage in extreme sports and/or activities on a regular basis because when our bodies are fighting itself (autoimmunity), too much stress from exercise can actually be catabolic (destroying) to our muscles.
  • Rather, it's important to strategically enhance your aerobic performance that result in anabolic (building muscle) results by engaging in a healthy movement strategy that enhances your Physical System.
  • Alkaline Method© helps to improve cardiovascular health by enhancing aerobic capability and allows for  improvement in strength, posture, stability, and flexibility.  
  • We artfully combined the best practices from Physical Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, and Qi Gong to bring the most effective movement method to decrease pain and improve physical function.

2.  brain Health

  • When first diagnosed with Lupus, the fear of the unknown progression and how it'll impact your life can be paralyzing.  
  • Understanding that there's a reason for our temperamental moods, anxiety, and depression is the first step in getting help.
  • Most doctors will be quick to prescribe a mind altering drug and/or anti-depressant, which can take us further away from rebuilding our bodies.
  • Our approach focuses on solutions by focusing on mastering your mind and building resilience to empower you.
  • We have a tried and true Stress Resilience Method © that we incorporate to teach you ways to mitigate health risks by controlling your response in a strategic way to minimize the negative effects of stress.
  • Building resiliency to stress is a better way than managing stress as the latter implies that stress is "manageable", however, life is stressful and we feel that building resiliency is the best way to live a balanced life.
  • Numerous health benefits are validated to have multiple health benefits.  Through the Alkaline Method © you will gain a sense of calm and clarity to mitigate risks of Lupus.
  • Our "Beliefs" are not necessarily true.  In fact often, we are held captive by our "narratives" that keep us from our "true" nature.  Through a strategic intervention, you'll not only regain a sense of your authentic self, but be able to find a healthy neurotransmitter balance, ultimately affecting your overall well being.

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