Alkaline Shift for Autoimmunity

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Hi everybody. Welcome to our Mind Your Health blog. As many of you know, I utilize a specific methodology for healing autoimmunity. It’s called the Alkaline Method™, and it’s a framework with four elements, including 3 pillars within each element, that help to transform you from the inside-out.

The Importance of Shifting Alkaline

A slightly alkaline state is where our bodies function at their best. It’s a state where our cells can thrive to ultimately heal. 

While shifting alkaline may conjure up images of eating vegetables, our Alkaline Method™ is so much more than that.

For years, I used to believe that the solution to my health problems was in what I was doing. Whether it was exercising, doing yoga, eating healthier, or taking supplements, I constantly sought out ways to improve my health.

The truth is that when you are healthy and your body is in an alkaline state, you can handle a lot more “insults”.

However, when we are sick and our bodies are in a state of acidity, we require so much more than eating a little better or taking more supplements to pull us out of a health crisis.

This is what I’ve personally experienced. And that’s why I believe healing is an inside job. We must start from the premise that our bodies are miraculous.

Only then can we begin to have the basis for healing to take place. Healing requires mind-body alignment. This means you as the patient need faith and the unwavering belief that your body can heal.

This is the missing ingredient for most autoimmune patients who can’t seem to heal. They hold on to false limiting beliefs that keep them in fear and doubt despite anything they try for their health. Although this is completely normal, in order to achieve true healing we must work from the inside-out.  

This is why the Alkaline Method™ is so unique. Unlike most holistic or conventional interventions, it focuses on the whole person vs the parts and pieces. When we separate our bodies into parts and pieces, it is impossible to heal.

Elements of the Alkaline Method™

1. Inner Awakening: Internal work to uncover past trauma, limiting beliefs, and disempowering identities keeping you in a sick cycle.

  • Foundation/beliefs/identity
  • Alignment
  • Core Values

2. Outer Manifestation: Acquiring strength and resilience to move through life circumstances, both positive and negative.

  • Polarity
  • Breath
  • Balance

3. Modern Medicine: Medical science to address physiology.

  • Stress-Brain
  • Gut-Brain
  • Immune-Brain

4. Ancient Wisdom: Timeless, ancient principles for whole body healing.

  • YOGA: Your Opportunity for Growth and Abundance
  • Energy
  • Meditation/hypnosis/silence

These elements are sequential and must occur in this exact order to shift your body and mind from acid to alkaline so that your body can begin to thrive.

YOU Are Your Key To Healing

There are many programs that make lofty claims when it comes to improving health, and I’ve tried them all. While most provide you with marginal benefits, you’ll find that they don’t address the whole picture.

For example, when you seek a doctor or a practitioner, they will focus on their expertise versus focusing on you and your past, present, and future obstacles that keep you stuck.

You must uncover these obstacles, and sometimes this requires coaching, support, and accountability. This is what allows you to heal and recognize the totality of your healing.

When recognizing your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health are all interconnected, only then can you truly begin to put the puzzle pieces together to heal. 

Believe me, I’ve been down this journey long enough to know that that’s ultimately the missing link. Remember your relationships with others, health, and wealth are as important, if not more important, than anything that you may change, such as diet, supplements, or even exercise.  

But more importantly, your relationship with yourself and coming back to self-love is key to healing.

Without this foundation, you’ll always be limited in your ability to heal.

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