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Live Life On Your Terms

Once diagnosed with Lupus or any chronic disease, our self identity shifts.  All our hopes and dreams are threatened by the “WOLF” that lives within.  We are at RISK of living in hostage and FEAR. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  

FEAR of Lupus and unknown consequences can paralyze us.  But did you know you absolutely have control over the trajectory of you life?  You can use Lupus as the stepping stone to be the healthiest version of yourself.    

The medical system “treats” our incurable DISEASE with treatment options that have side effects worse than our disease.  I used to say, if Lupus doesn’t kill me the medications will.

Most of us when faced with Lupus adapt three types of mindset.  

Victim Mindset is where the Lupus patient identifies with Lupus so much so that the individual is a victim” to Lupus.  Victim by definition is, a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.”  A Lupus patient with Victim Mindset defends Lupus as the mainn driving force in her life and all their decisions in life are dictated by Lupus.

Complacent Mindset is where a patient accepts her new life with lupus and is very compliant with whatever the Doctor dictates is best for the patient without asking questions or doing the due diligence to understand and decide what would be the best course of action for themselves.  It’s giving your power away to the authoritative figure ( the doctors) and mainly looks to external sources for guidance or validation.

Rebel Mindset is where we look to live life on our terms.  We refuse to give our power away to others and rather than looking for external validation or guidance, Rebel are constantly learning and applying things in their lives to live a better life on their terms. 
If you’re here, something tells me you’re a REBEL but don’t know where to start.  This is what we’re all about!

If you think you can, if you thin you can’t, you are right.”    Henry Ford

The journey begins……

From facial rashes to hair loss, our life can seem ill fated.  But as someone who has lost hair to the point of balding and having lived through deforming rashes on the face that could not be hidden, I understand your struggles intimately.


The silent depletion of confidence, the invisible destruction of self worth, and the FEAR that takes over your life……


You lose faith in yourself as a woman; from hopes of being a wife, mom, sister, and a friend.  Everything can seem to shatter and wipe away any spark of hope of living “normally”.

Destination Health

The journey to health is a convoluted one. You’ll need a clear map of your GOAL POST plus COACHING, COMMUNITY  and ACCOUNTABILITY. 


Lupus WILL rob you of inspiration and motivation.  Will power won’t stand a chance against Lupus.  


The path to creating health is one that needs to be navigated and lead by someone who has not only been on the journey, but also understands the physiology of what’s driving this unpredictable disease.


This journey requires a STRONG desire to BEAT LUPUS and the readiness to take action. 


I’m sharing my tried and tested health regimens that you can apply daily to win your battle with Lupus.   My experience spans the globe from East to West, Holistic to Conventional Medicine, various “diets” that claimed to be helpful, along with herbals, supplements, and exercises.  


The truth is there isn’t one “method” or “treatment” that’s effective for everyone.  We’re all different and we need a tailored program that suits our individual needs, tolerances, and willingness to adapt.  

“Living with Lupus or a Chronic Illness takes much more than the”theory” based knowledge offered by Conventional Medicine.  It requires DAILY habits that will set you up for success.”  Dr. Connie Jeon

Patient Stories

Meet Marie, a patient who was struggling with diabetes and lupus out of control refusing to seek medical care because she knew it wasn’t the right path to healing.  She had faith and committed full heartedly to healing and because she believed she could, she did.

I now have hope for my future!

I was a COMPLETE MESS! I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bursitis, Osteoarthritis, SI Joint dysfunction, fatigue, and depression. I was taking Prednisone, Methotrexate and a host of other drugs that just made me feel awful. At that point, I struggled to get out of bed, get up from a chair, get out of a car, and walk up the stairs. I hurt MOST of the time.  Dr. Connie helped me to not only feel better, but also look and move better.  I feel human again!

Holly G – RA patient

One month ago I had to ‘hang’ on to my husband’s arm as we walked 100 yards from the parking garage into the Cobb Energy Ctr. My kids would tease me when I got up from a chair… “Mom, better put your legs on.” And, I was planning to ask my oncologist for a handicap sticker for my car…

I am now able to walk my dog, moon-walking, I can strut, stroll and stride all at the same time. Life is good, thank you!

Katie T – Recovering Cancer Patient

Dominique Contant
Dr. Connie Jeon Thank you. Had SLE now for 25 years + Lung Fibrosis. Really toxic meds – and am getting worse, not better. So very close to giving up and now you have given me a way to fight. Literally no one understands the Lupus struggle. It’s beyond lonely. Anyway, I’ve now signed up to everything. Printed off the Detox Guide. Writing up a new food shopping list! Your gentle yoga for lupus is also helping me to understand that the pain can be fought and reduced (I tried a regular yoga class but kept losing balance, getting cramp and coughing – it wasn’t pretty ). Thank you so much 🏽 xx

Isabella Dabrowska
I was diagnosed in 2007, I was misdiagnosed years before though. I was fine up until January 2018. Since then bad has turned to horrible. I went from vegetarian to vegan to raw vegan to AIP. I used to be a dancer and runner. Now I can barely walk across the room from bed to bathroom. I’ve never been this sick head to toe, or this scared. Every medication makes me feel worse than the lupus itself. I cannot get my mind off taking poison to make me healthier. I stopped taking it 2 days ago and I’m on prednisone only now.  I am not giving up. I have to believe there’s good coming or I honestly just cannot go on in this life. Thank you for your videos and positive outlook. People like me need people like you. 


Thank you so much for the information that you provide.  I agree that once you have Lupus Drs will very often say that everything else that goes wrong with health is down to Lupus. They offer medication and no advice on diet or other ways to treat condition.  They are reactive and not proactive. 

I have a foggy head and memory is getting really bad. Nothing is done about it.  Have you got any suggestions. 
Look forward to reading more. 
Thank you Connie 




Inside the Member’s Area

Take the Guess Work Out of Eating

Too many choices leads to indecision and paralysis.  We provide step by step meal plans, nutrition education, recipes, cooking classes, shopping lists, and eating out guides to set you up for success. SIMPLE AND EASY. 

We Are Our Habits

According to research by Duke University, 45% of what we do is habitual.  Due to increasing demands for our attention, we consume information but fail to ACT on it.  

Knowledge is power only when we apply it actively in our lives.  Rather than living our lives like zombies, we need to deliberately build healthy habits that eventually become fool proof.

Will power doesn’t work.  Using concepts from the science of human behavior, we’ve created a system to win and BEAT Lupus one habit at a time.

Accountability, Community, and Coaching

We are social creatures.  When we do things alone, within weeks, we fail at the new behavior.  


The good news is you can hack discipline and create massive amounts of it for yourself. Accountability is KEY!  Accountability is amazing, and it’s an extremely potent source of social pressure because it targets how we are programmed to be, social.  


So we will have monthly webinars, daily check ins (on our app), and a private Facebook group for Reverse Lupus Members only where we can share our successes and struggles to get through this together, long term.  

Step by Step

We have a lofty GOAL.  As Rebels, we are going against the grain to redefine our HEALTH for ourselves.  What’s ahead may seem insurmountable.


That’s why we need to chunk it down in small steps.  Believe me, if you tried to eat the elephant all at once, you’ll give up before you start.  


Any change is hard.  Key is breaking it down into small micro-steps that are super easy to follow, and acting on them to ensure lasting behavior changes that are fool proof. 

Here’s What You Get With 

Reverse Lupus Membership

1Lupus Diet Quick Start Guide  Simple step by step guide so you can get started and stay on track.

2. Lupus Nutrition 101  Confused about what to eat?  Using FOOD as MEDICINE for Lupus requires understanding of the fundamentals of Nutrition.  You’ll be your own Nutritionist with the power to heal yourself.

3. Lupus COOKING 101  Don’t cook?  We have easy cooking guides that will provide you with     the fundamentals to cooking simple, healthy meals. Cooking made easy. 

4. Eating Out Guide  Life Happens.  There will be times where you’ll find yourself in the fast     food line or at a restaurant.  We’ve got a guide full of options to keep you on track, so you stay in full control.

5Easy Recipes  We’ve got easy, simple, and delicious recipes that you can follow. New recipes will be delivered to you every week, so you can grow your cook book.

6. Cooking with Dr. Connie  We don’t TELL you what to do, we SHOW you how it’s done.   

7. Grocery Shopping on a Budget  A clear shopping list to fill your pantry with the staples that you need, including recommended vendors where you can purchase products that have the highest quality and lowest price on the market.

8Community and Support  It’s hard to make changes on your own.  You’ll be connected with like minded people who will support your every effort and encourage you along the way.  

9. Accountability  You’ll need a COACH to push you along.  We will provide a monthly Webinar to assess where you are and mentor you to stay on track, no matter what your obstacles may be.

10. Tracking & Monitoring  You’ll have access an app that you can download on your smart device that will allow you to track your progress, weight, moods, and triggers.  You can also sync this app with your FitBit so you can track your activity. 

11Supplement Recommendations  Everyone’s talking about vitamins and supplements for Lupus.  But what is right for you?  We’ve got recommendations on the non-negotiable supplements that you SHOULD consider.

12. Symptom Tracker  Tracking your symptoms can be hard, but not with our app that you can download.  It’ll allow you to track your symptoms so you have them listed out upon your visit with your Rheumatologist, and you’ll be able to track your progress on your health.

5 Bonuses Included

15% Discount on All Supplements

Your savings on supplements alone will make up the price of the membership!  Plus these are only the best supplements that are tried and true to help you to REVERSE Lupus.  It’s a no brainer!  

Healing Yoga Library

Yoga was instrumental in Dr. Connie’s own healing journey.  She’s also an expert in physical therapy based Lupus yoga and pilates.  She’ll show you how to regain your strength, balance, stability, and flexibility so that you can live pain free!

Monthly Q & A with Dr. Connie

Dr. Connie will address your most pressing questions in real time where she will answer any pertinent questions or discuss new research or Lupus related gadgets that may benefit you and your health.

Exclusive Private Facebook Group

Exclusive Facebook Group to share your progress, tips and tricks with like minded REBELS that support each other.  We will share exclusive information on this page to ensure your success.

Exclusive Member Discounts on Retreats and Other Programs

Discounts on our future retreats, personalized Functional Medicine with Dr. Connie, and Alkaline Detox Protocols that are offered by Alkaline Wellness.  


There’s LOTS of hard work and TIME that goes into researching and creating worth while information for you.  This small fee allows Dr. Connie to invest her time in investigating the most cutting edge information that we can immediately use everyday to REVERSE LUPUS.  

A Note From Dr. Connie

Hi there, I am so glad you’re here!  My team and I have been working hard to create this platform for you to succeed in REVERSING LUPUS.  The journey with Lupus requires support, courage, discipline, and resilience.  Problem is that Lupus robs us of all of the motivation, inspiration, and energy to remotely think about getting well, let alone barely stay alive.


This membership was created to meet you where you are.  To provide the support, accountability, and guidance that you need to REVERSE LUPUS.


As someone who’s been exactly where you are today and succeeded in REVERSING Lupus, I know I can help you get to where you need to be.  You need a step by step, simple and clear plan.  Want to read about my journey?  Click here.

Only $97 for Life Time Access 

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