Lupus Anti Inflammatory Diet for Priming the Body to Heal

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It’s the final week of our Priming Your Body to Heal series and I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far.

Last week I gave you 3 simple habits you can start to incorporate in your daily routine that will prime your body everyday.

Today we’ll be going deeper and talking about how you can prime your body through diet.

Role of the Immune System

As you are all aware, Lupus is an inflammatory disease which affects our immune system. 

Remember, the role of the immune system is to protect the body from toxins in the world.  Its job is to attack and kill the foreign substances that enter our bodies, then bring our bodies back to balance.

When the body can’t come to a full resolution after such an attack, autoimmunity may develop.

This is because when our immune cells are at war with foreign invaders, all debris and damaged cells need to be cleaned out completely. This brings the immune response to a state of complete resolution.  

When there’s debris and damage left behind, it continues to trigger an imbalance in our immune system, which overtime results in autoimmunity.

Importance of an Anti Inflammatory Lifestyle

At the core of Lupus and all autoimmune disease we find inflammation.  Inflammation is the body’s way of adapting to stress.  

Normally, inflammation occurs when the body is fighting viruses or bacteria. But we need to help our bodies stay balanced by living an anti inflammatory lifestyle.

In Medicine, doctors commonly suppress the immune system to create an anti inflammatory effect in the body. The problem is that immune suppression can cause irreversible consequences. 

As hosts, not only do we become more susceptible to various bugs, bacteria, and viruses when our immune system is suppressed, but we can also create an imbalance in the body so much so that we create other diseases.

What you need to know is that your body responds very positively to a change from an inflammatory diet to an anti inflammatory diet.

But often, the medical community ignores this fact.

There are also various supplements and herbals that are highly effective at decreasing inflammation in the body that can be used to have a profound anti inflammatory effect.

Elimination Diet: The Anti Inflammatory Diet for Lupus

I don’t know about you but personally there are a lot of foods that I react negatively to.  

I didn’t know about my sensitivities until I applied my knowledge in Functional Medicine by incorporating the anti inflammatory diet for Lupus.

This is considered gold standard in identifying the inflammatory foods for most Lupus patients.  

You simply eliminate all potential allergenic foods for 28 days.  

Because we are creatures of habit, it is likely that you eat the same foods day in and day out. If these foods are inflammatory, your body never has a chance to let your gut rest and get the inflammation levels down.

This anti inflammatory diet is both diagnostic and therapeutic. This means it can tell you which foods you are sensitive to and which foods you can tolerate without issues.

I love using this anti inflammatory diet for Lupus with my patients because it allows patients to tune into their bodies, listen, and learn what foods are best for them.

You can download a free copy of the elimination anti inflammatory diet here.


Because our bodies are so used to reacting to toxins, we tend to be in a state of inflammation all the time. 

It’s amazing what happens when a patient follows an anti inflammatory diet in conjunction with full spectrum nutritional support. They not only replenish their body with necessary nutrients but also heal their gut.

I’ve personally reversed my condition and as a result, my hair became long, skin became bright, and energy levels went up.  

Not only that, I’ve transformed my relationship with myself and Lupus.

Beyond my personal experience, I’ve witnessed drastic changes in my patients to where they find connection to their bodies again and reverse various medical conditions despite their medical prognostics.

Don’t take it from me, we have a profound video from one of our patients who was able to change her life. Watch it here.


I have many patients who complain of weight gain with Lupus.  It’s a common side effect due to the tendency for Lupus inflammation to cause pain to the joints. This makes it difficult to exercise. 

But beyond that, weight gain is also due to the inflammation which prevents the metabolism from not being as efficient as it can be.  

When going on this anti inflammatory protocol, many patients experience weight loss and fat loss, with increase in muscle tissue.

This shift enables the body to be more efficient and effective, ultimately improving energy in our patients.

Shifting from Acid to Alkaline

I strongly believe in the body’s ability to heal itself if given the right conditions.  

Knowing this fact, did you know you can actually make a shift in your body from sick to health all by yourself?  

I used to hope for the one thing that would make a difference in the outcome of my condition…a pill, supplement, diet, herbals, doctor, etc.

But after 19 years I now know healing requires so much more than just one thing.

That’s why I created the Alkaline Detox Protocol for Lupus.  It’s 10 years of refinement and research as a Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Dietitian. 

It’s what I’ve used and continue to use to shift from sick to health.

I am super impressed with its track record and its ability to help so many people rethink Lupus or any disease.

Click here to check it out. I would love to work with you.  

Too many of you reach out telling me just how tight the budget is for your health.  But I know that if you don’t have health, you have nothing.  

If you’ve been on the hunt for something that will make a big impact in your health, look no more.

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