Are You An Autoimmune Worrier or An Autoimmune Warrior?

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There are two types of autoimmune patients, a worrier and a warrior.  While the two sound very similar, there’s a stark difference between the two.  

The problem is that when we are faced with a chronic illness, we tend to get into “worry” mode where we begin to get anxious and worried about all the things that can go wrong as well as to dwell on the worst case scenario.

The truth is that no matter what you are going through in terms of severity and chronicity, it doesn’t help to dwell on the negative.  It simply doesn’t help the situation at all.  But our human mind tends to get into fear about what it doesn’t know and has the tendency to spin out of control in thinking about the worst thing that could happen.

I contrast the two very distinct types of autoimmune patients because subconsciously, (without being aware), many autoimmune patients get into worrying about all the things so much so that it becomes the way of being.

Being A Worrier Will Bring You No Help

The anxiety, fear, and stress this causes creates an acidic environment in the body that can trigger and perpetuate autoimmunity.

What do I mean?  Think about it, we constantly worry about things happening to us in the future based on the things that already happened in the past so we expect the things to happen now based on the two projections that we make.

For example, if you are going through an autoimmune flare and have rashes, fatigue, and pain which prevents you from doing your normal activities, you tend to project out into the future making subconscious assumptions about how it’s going to affect your life negatively.

So you no longer make future plans. Also, the goals that you have now take a back seat. The relationships you are nurturing with your kids and/or spouse now becomes secondary to the worry about what impact the autoimmune flare will have on your life when in fact, it hasn’t even happened

We expect the worst and when we expect the worst. We unknowingly manifest that in our life.  On the other hand, when we experience our current life with optimism and hope, we tend to expect the best and begin to shift our focus on the things that are good in our life.  Hence, we tend to manifest what’s good in our lives.

Worrier vs. Warrior

The fact is that we stop trying when we worry.  

Autoimmune conditions can be destructive to our lives.  As such, we must choose to become warriors.  Warriors are those who choose courage, willingness, and focus on what they want and fight for their health and happiness vs expecting the worst by worrying about anything.

Worry is simply not productive.

A “worrier” is a person who gives way to anxiety or unease; someone who allows one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles.

Meanwhile, a warrior is a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, strength, or resilience

How To Shift From Being A Worrier To A Warrior

It’s simple.  When you find yourself worrying about anything, you can do the following:

1. Close your eyes and breathe

A deep inhalation and deep exhalation and tune into your body and pay attention to your breath.  Acknowledge your mind chatter trying to drum up drama in your mind but rather than giving into the drama, stay focused on the breath.  You’ll find that when you do this, that you will be able to neutralize the worry  and those thoughts will disappear.  When they return, do the same again and again.  This is like developing the muscle to respond.

2. Write a journal

Whatever comes to mind, go ahead and write them down. I call this process the “brain dump”.  Don’t think about the grammar or filter of what you write down.  It doesn’t have to be in complete sentences. Just jot down what comes in your head and get it out on paper so you can “see” visibly on paper what’s going on within you.  This helps to “clear” your mind and realize just how many unproductive thoughts you’ve got going on.  This awareness allows you to neutralize the worry.

3. Shift your attention

Choose to focus on your dog, kids, spouse, hobby (knitting, yoga, take a walk, or watch a feel good movie).  This allows you to focus on which diffuses the energy away from the worry and toward neutralizing.  

Break the Habit

Neutralizing is better than trying to think positive things and focusing on positive affirmations. When you force your mind to go from negative to positive, it’s much more difficult to do so.

When sad, you can expect to be happy just because you don’t want to be sad.  This allows for patience and room for your mind to come to a neutral place to take productive progression toward what you want vs what you don’t.  

While this may seem so logical, it’s hard for our minds because it’s hard wired to worry.  So breaking the habit of worry takes time and patience.  

What Worrying Does To Your Body

Worrying has a negative effect on your body to drive the inflammation up.  But when you focus on the solution as a warrior, your body shifts into the healing mode where it becomes self empowered to do, be and have the best options that will optimize the outcome.  

So yes, you can create a positive state of being and when you can create this positive energy from within, your body can’t help but to get into the healing mode.

So the next time you find yourself spinning in worry, do the three things and I promise you’ll have a whole new perspective and a whole new outlook in life.  

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