Are You Too Busy “Doing” That You’ve Stopped “Being” Yourself?

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In this blog, I want to talk about the most critical thing that we all tend to overlook knowing who you are and being yourself. When I was first diagnosed with autoimmunity, I sort of went on this path of really not knowing what the next steps would be. I felt so broken, lost and sick. I didn’t know what the future held. Hence, as confident as I thought I was, I completely fell apart. 

The Young Woman

It was in my twenties and I was in graduate school when I was very confident. A young woman who thought she had everything ahead of her such as marriage. Also, all the things that other people did or something that was going to be her path. I was going to live on my terms and do the things that I want to do. When I was hit with autoimmunity, I got super sick and nobody could tell me what was wrong with me. At the time, I remember feeling so lost, so ashamed and so scared. At the same time, I was super mad, but I didn’t want to put a hold on my school. So I kept working and luckily when I really got sick, it was during spring break that led into summer break.

But I had internships where I had to serve time at the hospital. I had to forgo one of my internships because I was so sick. That is actually when I felt like my life was ruined, because for me, I live my whole life on a schedule. 

I had an agenda for every year of everything I wanted to accomplish. Luckily, I was in school in the education system where it’s so easy to just walk the path because it’s already created for you. The curriculum’s there and all you have to do is do your best to get good grades and have a very healthy social life. 

I Thought I Had Everything

Then, I felt like I needed to get married because I needed some sort of security. 23 years ago, they said, people with my specific condition, which was lupus, would only live for five to 10 years. It was a curse. I think culturally too, it was who deemed very bad and it was a terminal illness where all things are incurable. 

My boyfriend’s parents at that time really said “no” to me. I remember feeling that first rejection and feeling so lost. But somehow or another, he held on to our relationship and it made him convinced his parents.

Then, when I did abruptly get married, it wasn’t the best relationship I had. I think I just committed because it  felt like it was the best I could do at that time. I was just so grateful for the opportunity because even if I was so broken, somebody would still want me. Hence, my marriage began. I had my first son and thereafter. But I remember feeling very, very shameful and so sorry for being sick. So I tried my best to compensate to be the best I could be as wife, best daughter-in-law and very apologetic. 

An Opportunity To Get To Know Yourself

In retrospect, I wish I would have really known what I know today; that autoimmunity doesn’t have to be so destructive and that it can be an opportunity or a catalyst for transformation, rather than letting it be a self-destructive disease that can take everything away.

What I hate seeing the most is in each and every one of the autoimmune patients. Wherein, it becomes a destructive force in their lives which causes each and every one of us to guide ourselves. Unless you can find your way back home into this physical body and really know from the inside-out who you are or use autoimmunity as an opportunity to get to know yourself, it would be a better way towards your healing path. 

Your Body Is Your Home

This body of ours is the only home that we will forever live in. 

It’s more important than the home where we have the roof over our heads and the walls of our houses. Our body is much more important because this is our body. It’s where we feel mental faculties,  we think, have emotions, and feel the physical receptors. 

Inner Awakening

We know what we feel when we feel pain, fatigue, and not be able to do the things that we need to do like function day to day. Therefore, within the Alkaline Methodology, I created a healing path that I use to help autoimmune patients heal. 

The first element is all about self awakening or inner awakening. That’s all about getting to know your foundation, your beliefs, and what you truly value.

Alignment Within Yourself

The second element is alignment, which is super important because many of you guys are living out of alignment. When you live out of alignment, you’re living a lie. You give into all the things that other people want you to be and do. You fulfill that role really well, but you do it while neglecting and neglecting yourself.

Then, you sort of dismiss all the things that you want, all the dreams that you’ve once had, as if it’s something that you should not or could not achieve anyway. That sort of thinking perpetuates this mellow alignment within, and with that, we keep living and become disgruntled where we start to feel complacent. 

Some things that are energetic within our body become a little off kilter. When our bodies and minds are off kilter, we start to really focus on all the things outside of us. We start to neglect this body of ours, our own home. 

Detoxify Yourself

If you really think about it, an analogy I can give you is your home right now. If you don’t clean on a regular basis and if you don’t take care of it, it becomes infested with pests very quickly, whether it be dust mites, pests like bugs, spiderwebs, and everything else that goes on in the house. Unless you live in it and clean on the regular. 

That’s much like the metabolism, detoxification, all the cleaning that needs to go on. Then, your house is going to be destructive, or it’s going to become ruined one day. I need you to really think about it in those simple terms.

Ask Yourself

When was the last time you really thought about what you wanted out of life? When was the last time you thought about what’s truly important to you? Ask yourself what kind of living you have right now. All the relationships that you have with your spouse, kids, coworkers, friends, and the financial situation that you’re in. Look around and see if everything you’ve dreamed of in life is this. Then if it’s not, I want you to ask yourself what really keeps you from achieving your dreams, because chances are because of autoimmunity.

We tend to give up before we even get there.

Fill Your Cup First

I remember one of the coaches that I worked with said, it’s like failing ahead of time because you know, you can’t get there anyway. You don’t even try and when you don’t even try, you can’t even fathom that path. Hence, you stay disgruntled at the same place, spinning your wheels, never really making any progress towards the thing. You don’t even dare to make a dent in your life. That’s what happens when we don’t live in alignment with what we truly value. 

One of the first realizations that I take my patients through is their core beliefs, as well as the values that they hold and what’s truly important to them. A lot of the time they’ll say my kids, my family, what have you, but it never really involves them.

It says that being self-centered and self-loving is very selfish as if to say that is a bad trait. But in reality, if you’re not selfish to take care of yourself first, how can you even try to extend that to other people.

If you’re a mom, a daughter or a spouse, how can you extend the love you don’t give to yourself and to try to give it to other people? Because the truth is human nature, resentments grow right, and guilt drives our behaviors. Then, we have hollowness; we’re empty on the inside. We don’t have any more to give. 

You really have to fill your cup first, before you can fill others. Yet we try so hard to fill other people, or we try so hard to defend our limitations as to exactly why we are the way we are. We wonder why we keep getting sick.

The Alkaline Methodology

Yes, the Alkaline Method for autoimmunity is all about the transformative effect within ourselves. It’s the piece that drives everything in our lives. If you don’t have self-love within the Alkaline Methodology, nothing else matters because how can you expect to heal when you don’t have self regard? 

Self-respect and self-love these are the things that we teach you to cultivate, but it takes a process. It takes a very long curriculum month by month, week by week, day by day, that you can do for 365 days of the year carefully designed and curated to really elevate your mind to another level. 

Chances are, you’ve never thought this way. You never thought that this was possible and you never really even began to dream for what you truly believe. 

I believe in you. I believe that you can heal from your own autoimmunity.

Get On Your Path

It’s sort of like our bodies have gone against us and it’s desperately calling for help to pay attention to it. If we don’t pay attention to it and spend some time regarding ourselves and really nurturing our souls, then the healing just can’t begin no matter what supplements or what a clean diet you try to do. 

It doesn’t matter when you’re not being the person that you need to be. Hence, the concepts that I teach are very metaphysical. It’s above and beyond, but it’s the essential, fundamental piece that primes you to be able to then really amplify all the things that you will do. That includes the diets and supplements. 

All of a sudden, everything clicks back in place and everything becomes so easy once you know exactly who you are and what you’re living for. 

Get on your path, not anybody else’s path, but your path.

You have so much more to give in from that state of being. Therefore, I believe it’s hope and it calls for our faith. I believe it calls for us to be really compassionate to ourselves first and foremost. And autoimmunity is really a transformative path if you choose the healing aspects of it if you use it as a catalyst for your inner transformation. 

Get Started

With that in mind, we just wrapped up our free training series. But we do have our offers available for autoimmune yoga that will help you to get rid of all the aches and pains in your body while boosting your energy. This will really help you to prime your mind to receive and be receptive to your inner vision. CLICK HERE to start your Autoimmune Yoga Membership!

Then, we also offer a no-nonsense nourishment program that works on your inner being to drive the specific food that’s right for you. It’s a very, very different way to go about finding your own specific diet that’s anti-inflammatory. If you’re interested, CLICK HERE to get started! 

I hope you take up on it and I hope to see you on the inside so I can guide you. I’m not about quick fixes. I’m really about staying and feeling well once and for all, despite autoimmunity.

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Thank you so much and I’ll see you all next week!

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