Autoimmune Alkaline Diet for Mind and Body

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There are so many diets out there that have many claims for different conditions.

But the truth is that for a diet to be effective, our mental and emotional health must be in balance.

Why?  Because our thoughts create emotions that trigger actions that create the results in our lives.

Our feelings make us do things.  These actions can be good or bad depending on what we are feeling.

Generally, when we have good feelings, we tend to increase motivation toward positive behaviors.

But when we have bad feelings we tend to gravitate toward negative behaviors to avoid the bad feeling.

So doing the self healing work to balance your mental and emotional health is the first step in Alkalizing your body.

Alkaline Diet for the Mind

We use what’s called the Alkaline Paradigm to coach our patients in balancing their mind and emotions.  We believe our perception becomes our reality because what we think is what we create.  

The Alkaline Paradigm has the following elements:

1. Circumstances: Situations in life that we don’t have direct control over, without any judgements, view points, opinions, etc. 

Circumstances are something that we all agree on as the truth, such as it’s raining outside, the date, the number on a scale. A circumstance is something very objective and factual.

2. Thoughts: Thoughts are the interpretations of your circumstances in your mind.  We often think our thoughts are the truth when really, they are just the way we think about our circumstances. 

For example, let’s say the scale reads 200 lbs (this is a circumstance). Thinking “I’m fat” is your thought about the number on the scale.

3. Feelings: Thoughts create feelings.  Feelings are emotions that are felt in the body and they affect our physiology because they cause vibrations in the body.

4. Actions: Feelings trigger action or inaction.  

5. Results: Your cumulative action or inaction creates your results. This is the outcome of your life which almost always validates your thoughts.  

The amazing caveat is that our thoughts are what we make our circumstances mean, negative of positive.  We have 100% choice on how we think about our circumstances.

So the Alkaline Diet for the Mind is to do a “brain dump” of all the thoughts you have.

Every morning when you wake up, write down all the thoughts you have without any filter. This will allow you to become aware of what’s going on in your mind.

Then you have the choice to put back only what serves you and leave the rest out of your brain.

This is the Alkaline Shift that can be super powerful in changing our beliefs.  This is what we work on in our Lupus Health Revolution program.  

Alkaline Diet for the Body

Once you clean up your thoughts and decided what belongs in your brain, then we can move on to learning about foods.  

Food is just a thing that exists outside of us.  It nourishes the body to allow it to function at its best, or it can cause disease.

Food can be the ultimate medicine to heal, or a slow toxicity that can cause disease over time.

The way your food is digested depends on what you are eating for sure, but also the emotions you feel while eating the food.  Why?

Because of the vibrations our emotions cause in the body. 

This is important to realize if you have a tendency to eat when stressed. We know that in a stressed state, our bodies are not in the optimal position to digest foods and efficiently use them for fuel and energy.  

We need to do the brain dump each morning and get into an optimal state everyday in order for food to have a healing effect in our bodies.

Once you’re able to get into this state, follow these rules to further alkalize and heal your body.

10 Rules for Alkaline Autoimmune Diet

1. Eat only when physiologically hungry. Learn to know the difference between urge and true hunger.

2. Rest your gut with intermittent fasting. I recommend fasting for 15-18 hours a day. This leaves you with a 6-9 hour window for eating.

3. Eat in season for wherever you live. Choose produce that is currently in season and grown locally to you.

4. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water everyday.

5. Be mindful when eating. Only eat and focus on chewing your food instead of multitasking.

6. Eliminate gluten, as it can worsen our gut permeability.

7. Eat mostly vegetables.

8. Eat organic meats always, and include wild caught fish at least twice a week.

9. If Vegan or Vegetarian, make sure to get your complete protein by incorporating hemp seeds, nuts, and quinoa. 

Because rice and beans can cause inflammation for autoimmune patients, it’s recommended to eat meat in moderation to ensure that you’re getting complete protein in your diet.

10. Take a multivitamin and various supplements such as probiotics and fish oil. Click HERE for access to our high quality supplements.

YOU Have the Power to Change Your Life and Health

No matter what condition you are in right now, it’s important to recognize that you are 100% responsible for your own health.  

I believe in synergistically working with the medical team for medical intervention, but also doing your part to create health to supplement what your doctor doesn’t tell you. 

For example, learn how to manage your mind and emotions first and foremost so you can make healthy dietary choices.

Want some help?

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