The Missing Link in Holistic Autoimmune Healing

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Hey, everybody. I want to talk about why there is a huge missing link in holistic autoimmune healing. The truth is, if you’ve been living with an autoimmune condition, you know that there are so many options when it comes to holistic healing for autoimmunity. I know many patients, even myself included, have tried and circled around doing all the things, and thinking that the answer is in the diet or in the supplements, etc.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

People tend to look to what they read on the internet, the medications, meditation, yoga, all the things. What I know for sure is that this is a broken strategy. What we are doing is focusing so much on what we can see tangibly. Autoimmunity is a rejection. It’s a self intolerance.

A lot of the time, you do not have a lot of leads to go with in terms of knowing exactly what you need. Most programs and treatments only address a small portion or a small piece of the puzzle. Like a puzzle, unless you know clearly what the overall picture is, it’s really hard to put the pieces together.

There’s some structure to the madness. You always want to start at the edges, based on what you are creating. If you can get all four corners and all the straight lines, the roadmap starts to become clear. With the roadmap being clear, you know exactly what you are building and what the final product is. Unless you know where you are going, it’s hard to know how to put all the pieces together. 

Healing is an Inside Job

You can be circling around, trying this diet, supplement, herbal, getting acupuncture, therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. We have yoga, meditation, all the things. You must be able to see the big picture and how it’s integrated into the life that connects your mind. That’s when true healing can begin. You need to address the unseen, subconscious, and underneath the surface drivers of autoimmunity. Those that are completely ignored in the holistic and conventional medical space.

My goal today is to talk to you about what’s under the surface of the tip of the iceberg. We only see just the tip, so what lies beneath the water? The bulk of the problem is under the surface and it’s at the root level. You can address the tip of the iceberg all day long. But if you do not transform from the inside-out, this makes the Self Healing Journey so much harder.

This is what I emphasize so much in my Autoimmune Health Transformation Program. That autoimmune healing is really an inside job and that nobody else, not even me, experts, or doctors, can heal you. But we are conditioned so much from a young age to know and respect when the doctor says something. Whether it be vaccinations, medications, antibiotics. We’ve been indoctrinated in this way. So I make you question a lot of those things because as people with autoimmunity, we have a variety of medication options.

The Body as a WHOLE

Over time you are toxifying yourself with medications, altering one of the biological pathways. You always need another medication to decrease and minimize the symptoms of the first medication. And over time we end up with many medications for autoimmunity that are all about suppressing the immune system. Our lives post-COVID are not making us feel safe because I know that even though there’s the COVID vaccination, there’s a variant and the vaccination affects people differently. Many autoimmune patients are really skeptical about getting vaccinations because we know we are at higher risk for everything, especially if we are on immunocompromised medications.

So, all this being said, you really have to consider how everything sticks together because this body of ours works in harmony. It is constantly working to restore homeostasis and determine what the true drivers of everything are.

Thoughts Create Feelings and Actions

The physiological interactions that we have within the body are driven by our brain. While the language of our brain is our thoughts and the language of our bodies is our feelings. Yet nobody really talks about how to manage our thoughts, which trigger our feelings. Feelings create our actions and drive the choices that we make to produce the results in our lives. 

Unless you truly understand the full scope of this and are willing to go deeper to understand exactly what is subconsciously driving your behavior and how you play into victimhood without even realizing it, you’ll only ever achieve marginal results. This is exactly what I teach you in the Autoimmune Health Transformation Program.

Impact of Stress on the Body

Those interested in the program, they can get on a discovery call with me to ask questions and determine if this program is right for them. I recently did a discovery call with someone who expressed to me about how she’s been enabling those people that she loves all around her, and her failure to set healthy boundaries around herself. She’s become the doormat to her sons, her grandkids, and her husband. She’s at the bottom of her priority list so it’s no wonder why she’s getting sicker and sicker. So if you don’t address this part of the picture, no amount of diets or supplements can really help you.

A toxic mind and feelings cause stress. Stress needs to be addressed because stress is what really disrupts our endocrinological system.

When we do have the stress-brain impact, it does eat away and degrade at our enteric nervous system, which is our gut-brain connection. Ultimately this causes gaps in our digestive tract which leads to a lack of nourishment. We are not able to assemble all the necessary nutrients for our energy and our healing.

So if we cannot properly absorb nutrients from our food, we are perpetuating our sickness. We start to have inflammation in the body to cause a trigger in the immune-brain, a component of the physiological system. And so in a nutshell, I do focus on the stress-brain, the gut-brain (enteric nervous system), and the immune-brain. There’s new terminology for this known as Psycho-Neuro-Immunology. With over 21 years of dealing with autoimmune patients, I have learned that the majority, myself included, have some type of past trauma.

Necessity of Addressing Trauma

Past trauma is usually minimized or dismissed. We think it’s overindulgent for us to think about the trauma when it’s so small compared to what everybody else experiences. It’s your thoughts and feelings that provoke and trigger a physiological impact on your body. Trauma impacts us differently as well because our thoughts and our feelings cause us to make choices with our foods. Foods in and of themselves are not toxic. But it is our feelings (triggered by our thoughts) that affect how food gets processed, assimilated, metabolized, detoxified, and eliminated.

So many of my autoimmune patients live day-to-day completely disconnected from their bodies.

We pay more attention to everything else, like putting on makeup for example, than connecting with our bodies. This is in large part due to the fact that nobody teaches us how to operate this machinery, this miraculous machine we have known as our bodies. Therefore, when our bodies start to send us a message that something is off, we miss it. Instead of occupying our bodies and listening for these messages, we expect the doctors to figure out what message our bodies are giving us. We want them to plug us in through the EKG, check our labs, and do all the things externally to figure out exactly what’s going on within us. But this is where I want to challenge you to start to listen to your body because only YOU know exactly what it needs. Nobody knows your body better than you.

Take Responsibility For Your Healing

Healing is an inside job, and you must take responsibility for your own “house”. You are the one who lives in your house, and you cannot expect me to maintain your house when something goes wrong in your house.

The plumbing, the AC, the heater, the pipes, or whatever; you cannot expect me to know what’s wrong. Because it’s your home, you are the one who must listen and watch out for one of these systems that are not working as it should.

You have to make sure that you keep a clean house. You have to make sure that everything is working appropriately. So I really want you to think about how you tolerate things in your life.

Focus on Who You Are BEING

What kinds of things are you tolerating in your life and health? Are you taking ownership of that which might be perpetuating your autoimmunity?

I can guarantee that without awareness, it’s really hard to drastically shift your paradigm in a way that leads to transformation. If you do not address the foundation and address what’s underneath the surface at the subconscious level, you’ll be stuck on a hamster wheel. Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. Einstein said it best “It’s just as sure a recipe for failure.”

You cannot expect to change when you are doing the same thing over and over again. You, at the identity level, must shift and change. And unless you are prime and ready to heal, nothing you “do” will ever make a drastic difference.

So I want you to think about who you need to BE. Who do you need to BE and DO? What do you need to do to HAVE what you want to have? Many of you think “if only I had enough money, if only I had health, if only I had a helpful spouse, if only my stressors were less, then I will do all the things I need to do to have the health that I want and I would be happy.” Well, it does not work this way.

You can only do what you are. You cannot do what you are not. So rather than focusing on what you need to do, focus on who you need to be.

Take Control Once and For All

To be the person you need to be to do what you need to do, you must first be willing to step into being the future version of yourself. From there, do everything you can to have an effect on your life to be healthy and to have abundance in your life. 

Please go to our Facebook and join our group, Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels. If you think the Autoimmune Health Transformation is what you need to finally get your health under control, get on a discovery call with me! Contact us at [email protected] to get on a call.

Stop trying to put your puzzle together without having all the pieces or the big picture in mind. You’re always going to be lacking many different puzzle pieces. And you do not even know what the whole picture looks like. That’s a failure strategy by which many autoimmune patients are trying to patchwork. By doing so they only get marginally better.

Make a Commitment

You’re always committed to something, whether it’s to your health or your sickness. You’ve made a commitment to something, and it’s all the same whether you’re committed to binge-watching Netflix or doing yoga every day.

So ask yourself, what are you truly committed to? I want to challenge you to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you really want to get well. Many people tell me they want to get well, but they are not willing to do the work that it takes to get there. So where do you fall? Because wanting and committing are two different things. I can cry all day long and tell you I want something. I have had many patients say that to me, but they are not willing to show up for themselves to do the work and commit through the process for the ultimate transformation.

The Autoimmune Healing Journey is 17 inches. This is the distance from your brain, out of your head, and into your heart to know what your body needs. This is so that you can finally be connected at the mindful level with your body. So I hope this was helpful for you.

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