Healing from Lupus: You’ll See It When You Believe It

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We‘re about to enter month 3 in our Lupus Health Revolution self healing coaching program. 

As we were creating the lessons for the month, I thought it would be beneficial to share the information with all of you.

What I want to share is that the results we have in our lives are created based on our beliefs.

Using Your Mind as an Ally

I’ve been treating patients for over 20 years. I’ve compiled some data and I’m recognizing that over 90% of autoimmune patients have a significant trauma that they’ve lived through in their past.

Most report less than optimal health years leading up to the diagnosis.  Some weren’t diagnosed but frustrated because they recognized their body was failing them, but were told by their Doctors that nothing’s wrong with them.

I too have a traumatic past. There are too many traumatic events to count from when I was young, but I coped by erasing them out of my memory.

With whatever happens to us, the mental and emotional trauma DOES affect our bodies.  This field of medicine is called Psychosomatic Medicine.

I am fully convinced that autoimmune disease and most other diseases are Psychosomatic in nature.

Only way to experience healing from a Psychosomatic disease is to heal ourselves.

Self Healing Beliefs

Truth is that most of us are living our lives on autopilot.  We have set beliefs that act as our operating system.  Such beliefs are so true and automatic for us that we rarely question them.

During times of stress, like right now, some of us have an awakening. We look around and realize something drastic needs to change.  

These are the times when you can grasp the opportunity to grow and evolve. But the moment the brain moves into growth, it immediately seeks comfort by retracting to its old belief systems.

Why?  Because change and growth is uncomfortable and our brains prefer familiarity. 

Repeating our thought loops is efficient and safe.  It’s what we know and are comfortable with, even if these thoughts and beliefs are not serving us.

Most of us believe our results and circumstances are out of our control.  This is what I want to argue against.

We can create anything we want.  The problem is that we don’t know this amazing fact, or we don’t believe it.

We all have truths that we buy into and that’s what we believe. However, just because we believe something is true, doesn’t mean it’s actually true. It’s important to differentiate truth vs facts.

Truths are subjective and facts are objective.

Truths are interpretations of our world, largely based on our thoughts.  Facts are neutral, irrefutable statements that everyone agrees with.

We all have our truths; they are our perception of our circumstances that we absolutely believe to be true.

For example, if I say “it’s a glorious day” this is a true statement for me, but this could be a false statement for someone who’s thinking it’s a dreadful day.

Truth contains an adjective, opinion, or judgement that the person believes.

Facts are the absolute facts.  For example, 2 + 2 = 4, no matter how you look at it, or the sky is blue. These are examples of facts.

Healing Yourself Requires You to Change Your Beliefs

Understanding your thoughts and beliefs is the first step in your self healing journey.

Our beliefs are often subconscious, so it’s hard to pick up what they are.  But it’s important to know what your beliefs are if you want to change your outcome.

Your belief may be “I have a debilitating autoimmune disease.”  You believe this so much that you remain and embody a debilitated autoimmune patient.  

Since you believe you’re debilitated, this makes you constantly feel deflated. This feeling causes you to  “behave” like a debilitated autoimmune patient by refusing to engage in any health and wellness promoting activities. 

Your results validate your belief that you are debilitated.

I’ve had to work through changing my beliefs. My belief now is that I have an autoimmune condition that requires me to work hard to be healthy. 

This belief triggers me to feel empowered and motivated.  This feeling triggers the actions that I take, which is to do Yoga everyday, take supplements, and eat the foods that keep me healthy. 

The result that I create is that I am a hard working healthy autoimmune patient. My results validate my beliefs, because I believe I CAN be healthy. I believe I can make healing my reality.

Do you see how this works?

You maybe thinking “it’s easy for her to say this since she’s so healthy”.  But I have to tell you I used to think I was debilitated and I used to sit at home helpless, relying on meds and Doctor visits.

Changing your beliefs is hard work, but it’s work worth doing.

We are experiencing an unprecedented catastrophe in our lives.  Health and wellness should be your top priority, especially as an autoimmune patient, right now.

So if you are ready, watch this FREE training on how to heal yourself by changing your beliefs. CLICK HERE to watch.

Thank you for reading.

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