Lupus Q&A: Benlysta, Lupus Elimination Diet, and Rebuilding Your Microbiome

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Click on the video above to watch this week’s Q&A session. The questions and answers are below if you prefer to read 🙂

Lali Tea: Could you please talk about Benlysta? Thank you in advance.

Benlysta is considered a breakthrough in the treatment of Lupus.

It is the first drug approved to treat lupus in more than 50 years AND is the first drug developed specifically for lupus since the disease was discovered more than a century ago!

Benlysta is the FIRST FDA-approved medication specifically designed for the treatment of Lupus.

It targets specific immune cells, rather than suppressing the whole immune system.

Currently approved medications for Lupus are used for other diseases and conditions and were never approved by the FDA specific for Lupus.  Many of such treatments have serious and sometimes devastating side effects.

Lupus is a complex disease and presents differently for different individuals. Similarly, Benlysta does not work for all Lupus patients.

Relatively speaking, Benlysta is well tolerated with minor side effects as compared to other drugs in the market.  However, as with anything else, we don’t yet know the long term consequences of using Benlysta.

Gloria Dowling: Lupus Elimination Diet Guide – How long should one follow this diet? Is it a 7 day cleanse, as the food diary runs MondaySunday. Thank you!

The Lupus Elimination Diet Guide should be followed for at least 28 days to allow for your body to be completely free of any inflammation and toxins entering the body so that it can focus on healing.

In my practice, we emphasize the importance of reintroduction of foods after the elimination diet. So strategically reintroducing the foods will allow you to know which foods you are truly sensitive to.

We have a calendar download of the reintroduction schedule that should be done over the course of 45 days.

This is considered the gold standard in finding out your food sensitivities and much more cost effective than running expensive labs that are often limited in accuracy.

Tania Kinita: Infection can become deadly for those of us with Lupus. Anticardiolipin, Sjogrens and an ear infection almost ended me just recently. High doses of antibiotics for 6 plus weeks and now I am finished I would like advice on how to rebuild my good gut bacteria.

Just this past week, I wrote about the interplay of our microbiome and our genes. We find that autoimmune patients tend to have less diversity of microbiome in our gut. This is not only because of the systemic nature of our disease, but also because we tend to have more infections requiring antibiotics.

So you’ll need a complex strain of probiotics to recolonize your gut, prevent dysbiois and restore your gut health to improve your health status.

Because I like to dose up for times like this, you’ll need a special formulary which requires my practitioner code, please message me or email [email protected] to get the code to order.

You are so smart for thinking along those lines.

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