Breathing Technique to Reduce Anxiety

When you’re feeling stressed and anxious, that means your sympathetic nervous system is in high gear. In order to calm yourself down, the parasympathetic system needs to kick in. This breathing technique will allow that to happen! Click the video above to learn how to breath to reduce anxiety.

Learning to Challenge Yourself

If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re right. This was best said by Henry Ford. I get a lot of feedback about how things can’t be done. You can achieve anything you believe you can. I want to challenge you to believe that you can reverse your condition and stop […]

Which Diet is Best for You?

Hi. Dr. Connie here. There are many different holistic approaches to living with Lupus.  One key element is through diet. Why start with the diet? Because it’s safe to assume that we all have leaky gut and are in need of restoration. Additionally, food is something we have complete control over. Then the question is, […]

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