How Beneficial is Good Posture?

Hi it’s Dr. Connie here. In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for us to be stooped forward.  This is because we are spending more time on our computers, smart devices, and we are mentally preoccupied so much so that we don’t live in our bodies. We are mentally engaged, but physically, we are far from […]

Debunking the Myths of Diets

a couple of weeks ago

I was born in South Korea in the 70’s and immigrated to the states in the 80’s.  So during the 70’s when I was growing up in Korea, I remember hamburgers were a treat because meats were expensive I’m Korea. So when we came to the states in the early 80’s my parents took us […]

Why Being Alkaline Is Important For Your Health

Hi everyone. Dr. Connie here. We’ve all heard of “alkaline” as it’s referenced as a health benefit.  From “alkalizing” water and diets, to the concept of alkalinity. While most people nod in agreement, it’s actually a difficult concept to understand. Why pH is Important for Health pH stands for “potential of Hydrogen.”  It’s a measure […]

Challenging Yoga Flow for Progression

Yoga was instrumental for my personal healing both physically, mentally, and spiritually. Lupus has led me on the path of self awareness, self actualization, and self love. Key for me was the challenge of showing up when I struggled with physical limitations and pain. So join me today for this challenging yoga sequence. Click the […]

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