Your Thoughts About Lupus Determine Your Prognosis

I recently came across a podcast that talked a lot about human tendencies. I’ve always been fascinated by human behavior, psychology, and spirituality. The more I learn, the more I’m forced to observe the outcome in my own life. This particular podcast was on business. It talked about how our circumstances create thoughts, which in […]

Which Lupus Mindset Do You Have?

a couple of weeks ago

Lupus is known to be an incurable, potentially life threatening disease. Although there is no cure for Lupus, we can HEAL from Lupus. To heal by definition is “to become sound or healthy again.” The biggest predictor in thriving with Lupus is our mindset around Lupus. There are three main mindsets Lupus patients tend to […]

Holistic Treatments for Healing Lupus

My journey with Lupus was tumultuous at times.   I definitely got my share of harsh medical treatments that had me doubting the effectiveness of such toxic treatments.   I thought to myself, if Lupus doesn’t kill me, the treatments will.   During the times of remission, I spent my time “strengthening” my body.   […]

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