How to Break the Habit of Being Sick

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It’s been 19 years since I was diagnosed with Lupus.  At the onset, the symptoms were physiologically and psychologically debilitating.

I was consumed with fear, anxiety, and depression.

Over time, as the symptoms lessened, I was able to slowly resume my normal life. But I still lived captive to the disease. 

Knowing that I had Lupus, I lived in fear of many things that were a part of my life.  The hardest was avoiding the sun which meant no more visits to the beach or skiing.

Every thought, feeling, and behavior was dictated by my disease.

I lived like that for many years.  It wasn’t until I understood my disease well enough that I felt confident enough to push the limits a bit.

It began with moving my body.  I began practicing Yoga and found that it dramatically improved the way I felt.  I began to feel strong and flexible, and my pain began to lessen.

The Impact of Epigenomics 

Through the practice of Yoga I began to understand the connection between my body and mind. 

We now understand that thoughts cause feelings that are good or bad.  For example, if you have good thoughts then you create good feelings.  If you have bad thoughts, you create bad feelings.

What’s amazing is that feelings create a biochemical shift in our bodies to affect our good and bad genes. 

This means that if you perpetually think bad thoughts, you’ll create disease because your bad feelings create a shift which up regulates your bad genes.

Conversely if you have good thoughts, you can create good feelings which can biochemically shift your body to promote healing.

In functional medicine, we call this epigenomics.  It’s a revolutionary concept that proves how our environment, habits, lifestyle, and thoughts can affect our genes.

To put it another way, if we adapt a positive state of being, we can prime our bodies for healing to take place, as opposed to promoting disease.

Change Your Thoughts to Heal Your Body

I’ve always been ambitious and have been a self help junkie from an early age. 

One of my teachers, Dan Sullivan, talks about mastering fear with courage.  As I mentioned earlier, fear drove my behavior at the onset of Lupus.

But when I realized my options through the medical system were limited,  I committed to healing my body on my own.  

I mustered up courage enough to experiment with alternative and holistic medicine and practices like Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Then I began to develop my capabilities by applying what I learned in my life.

The more I practiced, the better I became.  I became a master of my body and mind.

Dan Sullivan explains there are 4 C’s to obtaining your goals.

First make a COMMITMENT to heal no matter what.  This is where the mindset shift occurs.  

Then you have to muster up COURAGE to carry on.  This is the hardest part because you have fear, but you have to do it anyways.  

Third, you develop CAPABILITY.  When you commit, you will figure out what you need to do to heal, take time to get better at it, and stay the course.

Lastly as you become good at it, then you have CONFIDENCE in yourself to continue and heal your body.

Healing is an Inside Job

I’ve chased knowledge for so long.  I obtained many degrees and certifications, and I continue to constantly learn new things.  

But I realize that in learning, you must apply the knowledge to experience the benefit.  Too many practitioners that I relied on in the past made recommendations theoretically.  

This means that they had no experience of the transformation. They only intellectually knew the information they recommended to me.

The most important part is to shift from only knowing to actually applying the knowledge.

So for those of you who are watching or reading, if you don’t like your current state, you have to look at yourself and realize that what you are doing everyday is not working.

So rather than continuing to do what’s not working, you need to obtain new knowledge and have the courage to apply it in your life to prime your body for healing.  

Then eventually, as you gain capability you can reap the results by having more confidence in your ability to heal your body.

Too many of us look for answers outside of us when seeking health, especially when we are dealing with a newly diagnosed disease.  But did you know that statistically, most diseases are preventable through diet and lifestyle alone?

We have the power to shift our bodies from sick to healthy simply by changing our thoughts and creating positive feelings that enable us to take action.

This is the power that we all have, but many of us tend to give our power away to the medical system.

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