Breakdown is Necessary for Breakthrough

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Hey everyone. I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.  I’ve been thinking just how different our vacations look this year. I chose a staycation rather than traveling this weekend. We are into the third week of being back at school, and I’m extremely frustrated with my kids’ online school.  I have a 13-year-old in 8th grade and a senior in high school.  These are both pivotal years, and I can’t help but think that they are missing out.

With that being said, I think back to the beginning of this year.  I had lofty goals and plans. I felt like it was going to be the best year until March.  Confusion, chaos, anxiety and fear set in as I had to navigate our home life, home schooling and pivot my business online, all while keeping my health in check.

After the novelty of the situation wore off, I became stir crazy about the next phase of my life and business. Over summer, it was tolerable as I reopened my business with my kids at home. But then I found myself with so much to rethink about the education for my kids, my business transition, health, cooking and all the things that come with being home. From this, I couldn’t help but to recognize that to get through the messiness, breakdown is necessary for breakthrough.

Breaking Down the Systems

Many things have happened in my life, but the most sensitive are the relationship shifts that occurred.  In retrospect, we all witnessed the breakdown of our healthcare system, education system and political system.  We learned that such systems cannot be trusted as they broke down and failed us.  With the system breakdowns, we can recognize the chaos and confusion before getting organized enough to have breakthroughs.

The process of breakdown and transitioning into the breakthrough is messy. I think back and realize that with every obstacle that I’ve encountered in my life, there was a breakdown. It had to get messy before it got better, but I didn’t know that when going through it. There’s a lot getting rebuilt, reorganized and reset right now. But I know in my heart of hearts that this chaos and breakdown is necessary for breakthrough.  The key is to direct the chaos with intentional focus and faith and know it’s going to be okay.

Just as in the birthing process, when the mother delivers the baby, there’s lots of disorder, pain and chaos as the baby pushes through to emerge outside the womb. But once the baby takes the first breath by crying, we all know that organization will ensue. The mother’s womb and body will begin the healing process.  The trauma of birth for the baby will settle. Soon, the baby will be cooing with the mom peacefully, finding slumber. In nature, after every storm, there’s the rainbow.

Getting to the Breakthrough

I wanted to bring this to your attention today because every flare that I had with my autoimmunity brought chaos, confusion, anxiety and fear. But every single time, so as long as I stayed the course and allowed the natural order to follow, my body always pushed through to have breakthroughs.

I can tell you what helped me wasn’t the medical treatments, supplements, diets or even the practice of yoga in and of itself. But it was the mindset shift that allowed me to become primed and ready to tap into the inner most aspect of myself to allow the healing to begin.

I’ve learned time and time again, that it is when we let go and allow our healing to occur naturally that we are able to push through the chaos and the messy middle. Only then do we allow our body to rebuild, recreate and rest itself to become healthier and better than before. I attest to this evidenced by my body’s ability to push through faster and easier with every flare.

So, if you are going through the challenges right now, I want to tell you to let go, let be, allow the process and never lose faith in your miraculous body to do what it does best. The breakdown is so that we can let our body to do what it does best.  Organize, reset, rebuild and recreate the exact health and balance that it needs. The flares are our body’s way of letting us know that it’s time to break it down to find order again.

When we are able to mentally let go, we allow the body to powerfully make a comeback.  Finding strength in weakness and choosing faith when evidence is to the contrary is when we realize that our body is able to heal itself.

Your Body and Mind Hold the Power

Believe in the power of your body to heal, my dear rebels.  Stop resisting, doubting and fearing. Have faith, and hold onto the strength.  I promise, you will see through this storm and find the rainbow again.  

You all know how much I value the power of our minds.  It is so important to filter what you let into your mind.  If you want support, accountability, and positivity in your healing journey, then join me for a seven-day Autoimmune Detox Challenge happening September 14-20.  I’ll provide you with the exact protocol to detox your mind with seven-minute meditations, a seven-day meal plan and seven-day detox posture yoga. You will learn that breakdown is necessary for breakthrough with healing from your autoimmunity. Plus, you’ll learn how to detox the toxins out of your life so that you can reclaim your health and life.  Want in?  Sign up here for this seven-day Autoimmune Detox Challenge!

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