Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

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This week’s message is all about breaking the habit of being yourself. Although that may sound strange at first, you will soon understand what it means. A year ago I read a book called Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joseph Dispenza.  What I learned from the book that was so profound was that making changes in our lives is a choice, not a reaction.  Our beliefs that we hold to be true are subconsciously programmed. So unless we bring awareness to them, we can’t break the habits of being.

This is important because everything that we are right now is a result of our habits. The good news is that we can retrain ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves, but that requires changing habits.  

Everything you do or have is because you are in the habit of it.  All the foods that you eat, relationships that you have, your financial situation, career, health creation, is all a result of your habits.

Everything that you don’t do or have is because you are in the habit of not doing it or having it.  You are in the habit of everything you do, be and have.

Fundamental Principles of Habit:

  • 95% of what you do is habit.  
  • All habits are brain-based.
  • You can create anything you want with the right habits.
  • You are not your habits.
  • Reptilian brain thinks habits are survival mechanisms.
  • Will power does not work to break bad habits.
  • All habits start with a single thought, no once gets stuck in through.  
  • No thought is more powerful than the brain that created it.  
  • Habits cannot be ignored. When they are ignored, they are amplified.  They need to be dismissed.  Habits are brain-based not you-based.  You are NOT your habits.

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