Calling All Lupus Rebels: You CAN Heal from Lupus

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I recently surveyed our readers on what Lupus symptoms they want to get rid of most. Here are the most common answers:

  • Fatigue
  • Pain
  • Constant infections
  • Exhaustion
  • Weight gain
  • Brain fog
  • Rashes

We all live with Lupus.  As healthy as I am today, I live knowing that I have a monstrous disease that can be awakened at any time.

When Lupus Strikes, It Can Strike Hard

I recently had a fellow Lupus patient who practices Yoga at our wellness center come in for a consult with me.

A young, beautiful, disciplined, and smart woman who recently was in the hospital due to a Lupus flare.  She’s had Lupus since she was just 19 years old.

She’s one who joins me in our Hot Yoga class at 6 am, works two jobs and is meticulous in her efforts to fight the disease.

She loves Yoga as much as I do and she reminds me so much of myself at the onset of my disease 20 years ago.

She’s lost over 25 lbs in the last year and struggles with symptoms, but works super hard to fight them.

She’s been wisely saving her money to afford our Alkaline Detox Protocol, as she knows her disease is for her to take ownership of.

She comes in with gauze wrapped over her head and ears because her ears are infected and oozing mucus.

This patient reported having so much pain all over her body and is stressed about how it’s affecting her skin.

She bravely showed me all her scars and rashes that are affecting her skin…on her face, shoulder, abdomen, back, and ears.

She would carefully pull her shirt up and down, wincing with pain from the raw scars that are just barely healing.  Her thin arms moving carefully.

We locked eyes, her confidence rising in the room as she knew I understood what it’s like to be struck with a disease that spreads all over our bodies and tries to threaten every iota of hope that we have.

She and I talked at lengths about her past, how Lupus progressively affected her life.  We discussed what events might have triggered her symptoms.

She shared her experiences with her Rheumatologist, Nephrologist, and Dermatologist who made her feel alienated and could only offer toxic medications.

We shared how vain we were and laughed at how important it was for us to feel like we have control over our lives, but more importantly our looks.

Lupus does that to us.  It takes away our identity and amplifies the fear that we all have.

Lupus Doesn’t Have to Be Your Identity

I’ve met many Lupus patients over my career and sadly, many have succumbed and adjusted to a life with Lupus.

They’ve come to terms with their disease, take the meds religiously, gotten on disability, and identify with their disease so much so that it becomes who they are.

Also, there are also bloggers out there that showcases their lives with Lupus. They document how it affects them and encourage identification as a Lupus patient.

I believe we need to challenge our beliefs about our disease.  We are not Lupus.

Becoming a Lupus Rebel

Lupus Rebel was born with the mission to challenge all beliefs about the disease and to encourage each of you to fight the disease with all your might.

Because it’s a powerful disease with potential for severe damage, I believe we need to be informed about the disease first and foremost.

We need to understand the role of the medical system and how to navigate the medical system to make it work in our favor.

Then we need to live everyday fighting the disease by doing something to help our bodies grow stronger.

Reality is that every medical treatment weakens our physiology.  No Rheumatologist I’ve had in the last 20 years focused on helping me to heal.

They focused on the disease and identified me as the disease, making sure I knew that I had an incurable disease that I must take medications for in order to “manage”.

I realized early on in my journey that it’s that very belief that leads us to a life of fear, dependency, and hopelessness.

I knew I didn’t want that for myself.

Healing Requires a Mindset Shift

Everyday, despite the setbacks with Lupus, I fight to get stronger, believing that I can heal.  I wrote about the power of our minds in last week’s blog.

When I first started the blog, I did so because I wanted to defy the wide spread belief in our Lupus community that pain, suffering, debilitation, fatigue, and meds were the norm.

I wanted to provide the community with an alternate path. A path paved with hope, healing, love, and courage.

It baffles me how many Lupus patients defend their disease and leave negative comments when I say you can heal from this disease.  They argue that Lupus is incurable.

I believe that’s the real issue with our disease.  If you believe it’s incurable then you’re absolutely right.

Working hard to educate those who want to heal is what I live to do. I am totally ok with those who want to argue against what I believe.

For those people, I know I can’t help them unless they change their beliefs.  I work hard for the Lupus Rebels who want more out of their lives.

Those who want to surround themselves with positive, like minded individuals who dare to heal their Lupus.

That mindset is not easy to come by. It takes tremendous courage to take a leap of faith, but it’s one that’s required to heal.

Any disadvantage can turn into an advantage.

Because I believed and because I did what it took, I’m here today as the Lupus Rebel.

I am helping Lupus patients all over the world challenge their beliefs about their limitations with the disease, and you know what?  There are many that are healing from Lupus as a result of that shift.

I’m living proof and I will not stop to spread hope, love, compassion, and courage to those who want a different path.

From healing retreats to online courses, we’ve got lots in store for you to get yourself out of the hopeless ditch that Lupus tends to create.

WE all have a choice.  To believe Lupus is incurable is your choice.  I’m calling on those who want to believe we can heal.

Miracles are possible, and every impossible is proven possible by those crazy enough to believe it.

That’s what Lupus Rebel stands for.

It’s a movement toward hope, love, healing, and courage to own our lives and our health.

We are calling on you today to take a leap of faith and join our movement.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel. Find us on Facebook, Lupus Rebel, and Instagram, @lupusrebel. But if you want to stay in the loop, please subscribe to our mailing list at

Like I said, we’ve got lots to share and we won’t stop believing in our bodies’ miraculous ability to heal.

Thanks so much.

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