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Brain Fog and Lupus

What is Brain Fog? Lupus brain fog is a common complaint. Do you struggle with constant fatigue, difficulty focusing, poor memory, moody, and feel a bit “lost”?  This is what we refer to as “Brain Fog”.  Brain fog is much more common today because our world is so distracted, from constant smart device alerts, social […]

5 Ways Lupus Can Affect Your Eyes

Lupus and Your Eyes Due to the systemic inflammatory process in our bodies, Lupus can affect ALL systems in our body, including our eyes.  Also, the medications that are typically prescribed can cause issues in our eyes so it’s imperative that we get our eyes checked yearly. There are 5  ways that Lupus can affect […]

Can Lupus Cause Diverticulitis?

Lupus and Diverticulitis Today is 9/18/2017 and since three nights ago, I’ve struggled with what I deemed to be menstrual cramps or indigestion. It began with a general pain near and around the lower abdomen and it progressively worsened to where it was causing pain to move.  By Saturday morning, it was isolated to the […]