Causes Of Lupus: Can They Be Prevented?

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Causes of Lupus are unknown to the conventional medical system.  However, after living with Lupus for over 19 years and treating patients with various autoimmune diseases and Lupus, I feel the causes are obvious and can be avoided at the early onset.  

Obviously, the genetic code is predetermined before we are born, but we know that the genes can be played like a deck of cards.  What I mean is that based on our lifestyle choices, smoking, eating bad foods, lack of exercise, and living a stressful life can trigger many of our “bad” genes to be activated or “turned on”.  On the contrary, if one was born with bad genes and you exercised, meditated, ate a healthy diet, and controlled your stressors, you are likely to be able to control those genetic predispositions to an extent.  

Causes of Lupus That You Can Prevent:

  1. Stress:  Stress can be elusive because it’s not a tangible thing.  But most of us understand stressful situations like a divorce, moving, an impossible boss, and/or a family member that seems to cause tension for you.  It all starts with awareness and understanding that you do have control over how much you absorb by setting boundaries is key to a happy life and is one that we can control.  Why?  Stress can cause our gut to degrade in such a way to let our defense down and let the bad toxins into our bodies.  This concept is called “leaky gut” where we receive an influx of toxins into our bodies that ultimately trigger our immune system to go crazy and become self-destructive in its efforts to attack and contain the toxins.
  2. Diet:  We are what we eat.  So knowing that toxins are invited into our bodies to degrade our barrier in our gut, it would make sense to eat foods that nourish rather than harm.  What are such foods?  Foods that are full of colors, that come from the natural order like plants and trees, vegetables, etc.  If you eat meat, you want to select the grass fed organic kinds to ensure that you’re not unnecessarily consuming the toxins from your animals like hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides.  If you suspect that your diet has been poor and want to reset, we highly recommend the Alkaline Detox Protocol, designed specifically for us Lupies to ensure a safe toxin removal while learning to eat again.
  3. Movement:  We need to move to enhance our metabolic engine, it helps with circulation and movement of toxins out.  Movement also creates a healthy breath by exerting our lungs so that we can get rid of stale air and bring in new and fresh air to be circulated.  More oxygen we can deliver to our body and brain, the better we will function.  Simple concept yet we make it so hard.  I recommend the practice of Yoga, walking, or Pilates and it doesn’t have to be more than 15 minutes a day.  You don’t need fancy equipment, just the willingness to change habits and an open mind to learn. One of the causes of lupus could be the lack of movement and exercise and the sedentary lifestyle.
  4. Sleep:  When we are sleeping is when our cells can regenerate and heal.  If you practice the above sensibly, every day, you’ll have a sense of “ZEN” that will be calming and soothing.  Your adrenal system won’t be out of balance causing anxiety, depression, and pain.  This is a natural sleep aid and it is the most important as we all need a good amount of sleep to ensure a healthy, balanced state of being to reverse our crazy, self-destructive tendencies.

Need help?  

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