Mental Cleanse: Change Your Beliefs About Lupus

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Life is full of circumstances that we can’t control.  This includes other people’s behaviors and actions directed towards us or those that indirectly affect us.  

These circumstances could also be the death of a loved one, motor accident, loss of a job, financial crisis, or a medical diagnosis, such as Lupus.  

I’ve been talking more about the role of mindset since my near death experience earlier this year.  The doctors blamed my health crisis on Lupus, when all along it was not Lupus that was the cause.  

I personally was experiencing lots of emotional turmoil due to an argument with my mom, which escalated into something bigger than it needed to be.

I’ve since decided to explore the emotional and mental issues that kept me spinning in this circle of misery for years.

It wasn’t until I was able to take a look at my thoughts about my mom that I was able to have resolution. This helped me to get beyond this emotional rollercoaster that I know had a tremendous impact on my health.

No doctor will agree with this, but even after 6 weeks of health struggles that led to 9 days in the hospital because of a complete shut down of my immune system, I was not convinced that Plaquenil toxicity was the sole cause of all this. 

The doctors could offer no explanation other than Plaquenil toxicity.

I do know the amount of stress I experienced, and it coincided perfectly with the argument with my mom and the emotional suffering I had to endure during this time.

So today I want to explore the role of our minds, the emotions they create as the root cause of our disease, and what you can do about this.

Thoughts and Beliefs about Lupus

As a psychology major in college, the human mind always fascinated me.  

I enjoyed learning how it directs behavior and feelings, as well as how our behavior and feelings can directly affect us.

Many of us have trauma in our lives that we’ve had to negotiate.  For some of us, it may be minor but for others, it’s major traumas that can result in feelings of shame, self loathing, judgement, and fear.

When such emotions become a mainstay in our lives, this creates interpretations in our minds about ourselves and our world based on the past traumatic event.

Such interpretations are thoughts in our minds that are repeated over and over again to create beliefs.

Our beliefs are extremely important because they become hardwired in our brains and become the operating system that drives all our feelings, actions, and results that we create.

Cognitive Bias

There’s a concept in psychology known as cognitive bias.  A cognitive bias refers to a systemic error in the thinking process. 

What does this mean?

It means we tend to live our lives validating our own biases and beliefs that are completely false.  For example, I believed that my mom was not a good mom.

Even though she raised me to be who I am today, and continues to cook for me and nurse me when I’m sick, I believed she was not a good mom due to the trauma I had in my formative years.

As a result, everything she does or says, in the present, is misconstrued to validate my beliefs even when she didn’t intend it to be that way at all.

Cognitive bias is applied in our Lupus diagnosis as well. 

Anytime someone like me proves that you can live a successful and thriving life, feelings of resentment may come up because this is against your beliefs.

You may not like me and everything I stand for because everything I do is to prove that we can absolutely take responsibility for our health.  This might be very different from your beliefs about Lupus.

Most of us don’t question our beliefs and biases because they have become our operating systems.

The more you practice and believe these beliefs, such neural circuits in your brain get stronger and stronger so much so that you can’t see outside of them.

Mental Cleanse

Why is it important to question and clean out your mind and thoughts?  

Because life could look so much better.  We all have homes that we live in.  We don’t have to clean our homes at all.

But we clean them because it makes our lives so much better and easier to handle right?

We never think this way about our mind and brain. 

One of the most important things we need to do is take care of our brains by cleaning up our mind clutter.  

We have over 60,000 thoughts a day that go unnoticed. With so much information biding for our time, there’s no way to know which health regimen is right for us.

Our brains have limited capacity to understand, so it becomes overwhelmed with so much information.

This is why you don’t take any action after reading so much information on the internet. You’ve been struck with analysis paralysis. It’s so much easier to do nothing.

There are so many marketers who understand our behavior and thoughts. They create information that appeals to us and distracts us, day in and day out.  

It’s not looking good for us.

Selection Bias

There’s also a concept known as selection bias.  

We humans have limited capacity to process information.

When we select a choice for any decision in our lives, our brains start to become familiar with that choice. When we have to make that decision again, the same choice will be easier to make because our brains are already familiar with it.

Over time we start to defend and validate this same choice, even if this choice might no longer be serving us.

Down the line, these choices start to form the thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves.

This is why we must clean up our thoughts.

How do we do this?

You have to make a paradigm shift.

We make decisions based on the thoughts that we have.  Remember, when thoughts are repeated enough, they concrete strong neural circuits that become our beliefs.  

Such beliefs are subconscious and are not easily detected by our conscious brain.

Emotional Metabolism

Most of us live our lives denying or suppressing our feelings.  When we feel shame, regret, resentment, etc., this is usually the result of a thought that we had that’s been looped over and over again to become a belief in our neural circuitry.

The problem is that the emotions we generate from anger, anxiety, shame, and fear create negative vibrations in the body. More importantly, these negative emotions and vibrations tend to drive our actions.

And the actions that we take in such negative emotional states are not very productive.  As a Lupus patient, it’s vital to learn how to metabolize your feelings by learning to feel them.

I’ve met so many of you who struggle with various circumstances that cause such negative feelings.  When we have those feelings, it’s important to understand your underlying thoughts that are triggering such feelings.  

While we can’t change our circumstances in the moment, we have complete power to change the way we think to create better feelings, which create actions that produce the results we want.

Please know that you don’t have to do anything.  You don’t have to clean your home or thoughts, or listen to me.  But one thing I know for sure that all doctors miss is the impact of our mental clutter on our health.

Left unexamined, it doesn’t matter what we do, we will always create the results that validate our thoughts.

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