Choosing to be Invincible

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It’s been an action-packed week in our private Facebook group, the Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels as we just completed our seven-day Autoimmune Detox Challenge. Our participants were provided with a FREE seven-day meal plan, seven-day detox posture yoga and seven-day detox meditation. Plus, I showed up live in the group every day to uncover the toxins in their lives and help them begin choosing to be invincible.

The first day was all about uncovering the toxins in their foods. The second day was all about uncovering the toxins in their lifestyle and its underlying stressors, such as relationships, health, etc. On the third day, I talked about all about uncovering the toxins in the environment, such as in the air and pollutants that we are exposed to everyday. In the fourth day’s session, we uncovered the toxic thoughts referred to as ANTS (automatic negative thoughts).

Then, we began the creation phase of the week on day five where I taught them how to create the healthcare within them. On day six, I talked about the importance of creating alignment in their lives. Day seven ended with creating neutrality to reset the body to heal.

This week was filled with so much good stuff.  I essentially highlighted the conventional medical approach. I also turned the holistic medicine approach upside down to begin healing from within.  Finally, I spoke of the importance of first being healthy versus doing healthy.  

Healing From Inside

The common approach in healthcare is to change the external behavior by doing and prescribing. Instead, I teach starting with inner healing first. 

I believe that we are all called for greatness.  We were dealt the autoimmune hand because God knew we needed a wake up call to trigger something within us.  To go back to letting autoimmunity get the better of us would be a loss of a huge opportunity for growth and evolution. We were given a fork in the road.  We have the choice to continue to live our lives by letting others dictate what that looks like. Or, we can live on our own terms and be committed to healing ourselves.

I obviously believe you should choose the latter by choosing to being invincible.  Invincible by definition means “too powerful to be defeated or overcome.” We are at war with the older version of ourselves. So, we have to choose between succumbing to autoimmunity or elevating ourselves to new levels. To do this, we can adapt a whole different identity. One that elevates our thinking, empowers us to do whatever is necessary to win this battle and embodies health and success in our lives.

So which will it be for you? It’s still not too late to join our challenge. Click this link and sign up today so you can begin choosing to be invincible.

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