Clarity is the Recipe for Powerful Healing

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Hey everybody. Happy New Year! I cannot tell you how happy I am that we’re in 2021. You guys know that 2020 was really a year of personal growth and evolution. It didn’t feel like it during, but at the end I felt like it was the best year yet. It was a pivotal year. I had to unpack a lot of the baggage that I was carrying around in my mental and emotional state. I was able to gain clarity really make peace with how everything settled in a strange, but very good way. Everything, I am happy to report, just kind of fell into place. Today I want to talk to you about the recipe for powerful healing. As we rock forward, there’s still a lot of uncertainty in everything, with this life. But, I feel really good about this year that we’re about to embark on together.

I want to tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that you can have the best year yet. I’ve planned out my whole year and my content. There’s many things that I’ve signed up for, like new coaches and programs, as I closed off the year. Last year, I started a lot of things. I can’t tell you the amount of power that I was able to receive through the clarity I gained.

Getting to the Core

But, it took some work. I had to sit with some discomfort to figure out some things in my life and really get down to the truth of it all. I had to get to the core of exactly what I wanted to create in my life and my business. Aligning with what it is I want to put out was key. Then, I needed to figure out how I can better serve you and show up in better ways.

That has required me to really sit and ponder how to reach you. At the end of the day, my intention is to make your lives a lot easier. I do this through sharing the mistakes and obstacles I’ve gone through. I think I’m in a very fortunate position that I came out of it healthy. But, I know many of you are in the midst of the storm. So many of you are struggling with the circumstances in your lives. This may be your health crisis, a financial crisis, or relationship crises. These are the three essential motivating factors in our lives.

Like I said, today I want to cover the recipe for powerful healing. That recipe is really nothing other than gaining self clarity and knowing exactly who you are and why you’re here. It’s about getting down to what your Dharma really is. When we are sick and everything is turned upside down, it’s human tendency to be more yin. We become so much more fear-based and egocentric. Meaning that we becoming very selfish. It becomes all about me and the resentments of other people not understanding exactly where I am.

Trusting My Intuition

I had to gain the clarity to realize that even while suffering, struggling, or going through obstacles, I needed to open my heart up. If I opened up long enough to really see those around me, regard them, and choose to walk in their shoes, then our relationship and connection could become so much stronger. I can’t tell you how powerful that has been in my healing journey. The reason why I drifted drastically from a place of intellect from learning all the medicine, education, and the things I know to be true was because it never translated into full impact of who I was becoming. Even with the knowledge that I had, applying it was lacking to an extent. I’ve ignored, or had the tendency to ignore, my intuitive sense a lot.

For example, as a business owner, I have to do a lot of hiring. I have to work with a lot of people and, even recently, I had to let go of some. It was mutually agreed upon. But, even after that I had a lot of interns that I had to hire and let go. I never trusted this. I always second-guessed myself.

Usually, when I meet people, I have this sixth sense about them. I know if they’re going to align with whatever it is I’m creating. I’m now more vigilantly paying attention to that first instinct. I’ve realized that when I ignore it, I respect where they are and invite them freely to come into my life or my business, waiting to see where things go. I ignore the telltale signs I’m getting physiologically that just keep telling me that something is not in alignment, which causes me to become anxious.

Regaining Control

It caused me to be in a state of fear, uncertainty, resentment, confusion, overwhelm, and all the things I don’t want to invite into my life anymore. I realized it was my responsibility to nip it in the bud and really listen to my intuitive sense. I have to listen to it in the things I invite in and the work I do if it’s not purely in alignment. If I don’t wake up really enjoying what I do, working with certain people, then I realize there’s no point in me trying to force something to work. When we do that, we tend to absorb a lot of the responsibility. Then, if things don’t go well, resentment build up and blame starts to happen.

Usually, it comes towards me like they’re blaming me. I tend to absorb all of that negative energy. But, as I embark on 2021, I realize it’s their’s to keep and it’s none of my business. I know I am very much in alignment with what I want to create this year for myself and my health. The people and the projects that I’m going to invite in are aligned with this as well. I really need to get clarity in my life, thoughts, and emotions to really listen to me.

My inner circle, my family, the close people that I invite into my circle now, I am completely in alignment with them. Every single one of those that are in my personal life or business. My relationship with my mom has never been better. My relationships with my dad, sister, brothers, nephews, sister-in-laws, boys, spouse, everything is so much better.

Realize What’s Really Important

It’s because I was able to get clarity and not think about me so much. I started going in and respecting my boundaries to understand what I want and don’t want in my life. That way, I don’t put out false pretenses or give the impression of a lack of boundaries to let people in. They, knowingly or unknowingly, come into my life, expecting something from me. But if I’ve got nothing to offer and it’s not a mutually beneficial relationship where we elevate each other, then there’s no alignment. There’s nothing wrong with that, though.

All human beings are different. At the end of the day, people are going to judge you and people won’t always like you. I think it’s time that you and I understand that. To be able to love and have respect for one another doesn’t necessarily have to mean that we’re going to be best friends. These are the clarifying things that I want you to get really honest about in the things that you do and how you project yourself to those around you. That means reflecting upon what’s really, truly important to you. Enough to recognize what’s important to you, what your core values are, and what your limiting beliefs were that you’ve been holding onto. Enough to recognize the telltale warning signs that you’ve been ignoring with the work that you do and the people that you keep around.

Clarity is Key

You have to get clear on the fact that clarity is the superpower. It’s the recipe for powerful healing. It’s okay to think that it’s supplements or medications or some type of lab testing or all the things we do in the field of medicine to figure out what’s wrong with us through process of elimination. Those are all scientific ways of doing it. But, at the end of the day, I realize, both as the patient and the practitioner, that they go home at the end of the day and resume their own lives. They have to navigate the thoughts, feelings, and actions they take that produced the results in their own lives. Unless I, as a practitioner, take interest to that level and really talk to you from one human being to another.

That’s sort of how I stand apart in this field. I’m in the trenches with you, trying to figure it out day to day, year to year. Trying to figure out what works, because sometimes what worked last year didn’t work this year. Then, sometimes I start a relationship, take on a business venture, or hire an employee. If it doesn’t work out, how do we then detach from that and move forward?

The more you have clarity about who you are, the easier it becomes to set clear, healthy boundaries. You can really respect yourself enough to demand and command respect from those around you. You can let go of the attachments to the feelings or drama that might unnecessarily create havoc in our lives, as well as on our health.

The Silent Killer

Let’s face it, stress is the number one thing. It’s the silent killer that no doctor can tangibly define or measure for you. We know that stressors have a physiological impact on our lives. But, again, the foundational work that we must do as patients of autoimmunity is never really mentioned. We go to our practitioners, whether it be integrative medicine, functional medicine, a yoga class, physical therapy, or a medical doctor. We go to them with a problem to fix and we assume that they know about our condition better than we do.

However, a lot of the time, if you’re really honest with yourself, you will find that there’s some triggering event that has gone on. This even has led to unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that have gone on for a period of time. It wasn’t until your physiological symptoms manifested and got your attention that you found yourself sitting in a practitioner’s office looking to solve your problems.

Therein lies the problem in our current medical system. I do think, though, if you’re acutely flaring that we do need medications. I’m sensible in that way. I’m not anti-medications, because sometimes we get into certain situations where life happens and the threshold has been crossed and we need the medication or medical intervention. My goal isn’t to say that it’s all bad. I’m just putting it in context to emphasize that the medical system really is a sick care system. If your ultimate goal is to be out of the system, then your ultimate goal is to get out of being sick. The absence of symptoms is not really health, though. That leads me to my question to you: do you really want to be symptom free, or do you want optimal performance, health, longevity, and wellness?

Taking Responsibility is Power

That’s a different topic to be had. All the things I talked to you about are some mental, emotional, and behavioral strategies for you to be foundationally sound within you. Enough that you can do the thing to manage your mind, manage and process your emotions, and make sure that the actions you take daily are serving the result you seek to create. If you can think about it in the context of thoughts, these thoughts trigger feelings, which drive our behavior. Our behavior is represented by the actions or inactions we take, which result in the results we create. Circumstances are out of our control, so really focusing on what we do have control over is key. When we do this, we can have clarity about who we are to manage the control we do have.

When we step into the role of having absolute responsibility for our health and the results we want to create, we allow ourselves to create powerful healing in our lives. I know it sounds very basic, but this is the foundational conversation that’s not being had in our medical visits with doctors, holistic nutritionists, yoga teachers, or whoever you go to for help. I’m probably going to be the only one who focuses on what you can do to help you. I’m all about elevating your state of being so that you can be in power. You can have the power to do the things you want through the actions you take on a daily basis. You have the control and power to embody health and wellness in your life. I’ve had to learn that the hard way, no matter what.

Creating Our Own Health

I don’t think the medical system is “rotten.” I think it’s just the context of what they serve. I think that the mistake we make and get very frustrated by is that we assume that we’re going to be healed. We think if we can only just be symptom-free, and we can achieve that through medications. Until those medications have secondary effects that cause other symptoms, then we need more medical care and more medications. Not just to subdue the first symptom that we originally went to the doctor for, but now for the side effects of this medication. It’s madscience.

I think the common theme is that we, as autoimmune patients, need to be vigilant about creating our own health and wellness. We need to first recognize that health and wellness is not merely an absence of disease or symptoms. You really have to get clarity on what it looks like. You’re going to be reaching your fifties, sixties, and seventies, so you have to have a long-term approach to how well you’re going to live. There seems to be this big, ginormous idea of what health looks like. But, sometimes, I think that most patients that come to me just seek to be healed immediately.

Get Clear on Your Goals

They want to be symptom-free, and then they’ll revert back to the lives that they were living. They don’t realize that the lives they were living before will only get them back to the same place. Despite the autoimmunity, the fact that we’re getting older every day puts us more at risk for inflammation and aging. Aging is not getting healthier; it’s always working against us. There’s some hormonal and physiological changes that tend to sort of subdue the autoimmunity. There’s research to suggest that as we get older, if we don’t have active hormones, especially for women as we hit menopause, the flares get lessened and you may become autoimmune free due to that.

Thinking about clarity as the ultimate recipe for powerful healing as we start this new year, I want you to think about the goals you have and get clarity on what you want to accomplish. Then, make sure that you’re doing all the things to help yourself pursue health and wellness. You must really have a picture of what life looks like, not just absence of disease and being symptom free, but more than that. Do you see yourself walking down the beach, going hiking, swimming, running a 5k, or sitting on the floor with your grandkids being able to get up and down? These are the things that I want you to be thinking about.

What are Your Tendencies?

The most powerful recipe for healing is gaining clarity over your tendencies. It’s our ability to observe and reflect on what these tendencies are. What are the things that trigger us? What do we struggle with? It all starts with looking at what we do and what we value and really regarding ourselves. As we start this new year, a commitment to yourself will help you set some clear boundaries so you do not ignore yourself in an effort to people please in the external environment.

That’s what our tendency is. We want to please everyone, but that’s because we don’t have self love, respect, and regard. That’s something I learned and am bringing into 2021. I am unapologetic about being me. If I don’t like something, I want those around me to respect that and not get into dramatic arguments with me. I have clarity about what my boundaries are. As long as I know that, and I have complete peace, there’s no way the external environment can harm or affect me in any way. I detach from what’s not important so that I can focus on what is. I really listen and tune into myself. It’s about being more receptive to your feelings, thoughts, and what’s really important to you. That’s why clarity is the most powerful recipe for healing.

Our theme during January is all about clarity being your power. We’re going to be talking about this on my podcast, so I’d love if you would subscribe on iTunes and leave a review. You can also find me on my YouTube channel. I encourage you to join my free Facebook group, the Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels, and like my Facebook page, Lupus Rebel. You can find me on Instagram, as well.

I share a lot of things with you on these platforms, especially if you’re struggling with your health issues and your autoimmunity. It all comes down to the mindset. I work in the psychology piece, coupled with nutrition, physical movement, functional medicine, and energy medicine, and tie it all together under the umbrella of yoga. Through this, I bring you back so that you can be on your own self healing journey. Thank you so much for joining me and I’ll see you all soon.

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