Commit to Healing From Your Autoimmune Condition

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Hey everyone, I have the best job in the world connecting with fellow autoimmune rebels who are seeking change in the way they feel. Mostly, we all want to feel better and have more control over our lives. But when we closely examine our lives, we all have aspects of our lives that we have a tight attachment to. Such attachments can be your old beliefs, habits, foods or relationships. Now is the time to commit to healing from your autoimmune condition.

Focusing On Your Mind

It’s really what you believe about the change that’s required for you to feel better.  That no matter how bad you feel right now, it’s almost as if you can’t pull yourself out of the rut of feeling bad. And yes, it’s not your fault. Feeling bad is also a habit that needs to be broken.

Our brains prefer what’s easy, familiar and convenient.  When asked to embark on making changes, it wants to buffer or resist the thing it knows it’s got to do. What’s interesting is that no matter what you believe, your brain will go out of its way to validate what you believe. Commitment to healing from your autoimmune condition becomes super hard because the implications of it means that you must change and be uncomfortable for a while.

Never mind the potential for a better life, being pain free and getting rid of your symptoms.  You’ll find your brain wander and repeat the behaviors that are destructive. Our brains tend to weigh in and convince you that staying where you are is the best answer.

I hear from my patients who are on the fence all the time.  They are doing all the things to get their health back on track and know all the key experts who claim certain things in the field of autoimmunity. They go from one to the next, reading, getting distracted, trying different things. Only they end up exactly where they started or worse off because it wasn’t the magic answer to their symptoms. So, they keep searching for the next thing.

Making the Commitment to Heal

Let’s define commitment.  Commitment is a promise and pledge to do something no matter what. So I want to ask you, what goals do you have for your autoimmune condition?

Goals and what you must do are two different things, so be very careful.

Goals look like the following:

Get my autoimmune labs to be normal.
Lose 15 lbs to help my body be at a healthier weight.
Be pain free and symptom free.
Travel with my family to South of France without the fear of symptoms.
Be full of energy without feeling drained each day.

What we must do look like the following:

Clean up my diet.
Follow the elimination diet or a diet of choice for 4 weeks.
Exercise every day for 15 minutes.
Make sure to establish a ritual for night to be able to sleep.
Avoid alcohol and caffeine for 4 weeks.
Have a minimum protocol everyday to establish healthy habits.

Do you see the difference?  We are often confused about breaking down the things that we must do to get clear to accomplish the goals. Our brains like to stay in overwhelm and confusion instead of focusing on the gap between where you are to where you want to go.  

Why is that?  Because again, our brains like what is familiar, easy and convenient.  They like efficiency. Meaning, if you commit to something it’ll require you to get uncomfortable.

Refuse To Remain Where You Are

For those of us living with autoimmunity, staying where we are is not an option because it can be life threatening if we let our brains win.

To remain where you are is a life full of misery, fear and anxiety over what autoimmunity will do.  Because if it’s not autoimmunity, the medical treatments will make it worse day by day.

Remember, our medical system manages disease.

Our goal is to pull out of the disease phase and get our bodies into remission for reversal of autoimmunity. To get this done, there are many things we must do.

But we must break down the steps into daily protocols and focus on the goals. This my dear Rebels is no easy feat.  It’ll require support, accountability, and a clear plan.

Why You Aren’t Fully Committed

The major reason why you have not fully committed to healing from your autoimmune condition and an overall plan is because of lack of planning, confusion, no compelling reason, exhaustion, lack of discipline and overwhelm. All of which are just thoughts in your mind.

Many of you don’t believe it’ll work.  You remain skeptical that you can heal from your autoimmunity. So let’s look at your two options:

Option A:  Accomplish what you want to accomplish.
Option B:  Let your brain weigh in and allow it to buffer by not doing the thing.

But did you know that when you commit to something, you can be uncertain about the results, but you do it anyway because you are committed? Take action anyway because of your 100% commitment.

What do you want with your life?  

Option A:  To be FREE from the effects of autoimmunity and be fully in control over your health and life?
Option B:  Stay comfortable, continue to feel bad, be scared, anxious, frustrated, live in doubt, stay the same, and let  autoimmunity run it’s course?

Many of us are subject to negative thoughts.  Some clients that I see often are stuck feeling bad and sorry for themselves and want to accept that they can’t find the love of their lives, can’t have babies and settle for what their life looks like.

It’s as if they let their brain stay in confusion and overwhelm.  But did you know that negative thinking is self-indulgent?

Making the Commitment

Think about it. We have a “woe is me” moment, and it feels familiar and good possibly the first time you talk about this to your friends or family. But it quickly gets old.  It is not productive, and you’ll find that misery loves company who loves misery. Talking about and thinking negative thoughts have no forward momentum.

So why waste time?  Your brain secretly keeps taking you there.

I want to be clear that if you want to commit to healing from your autoimmune condition, you absolutely can.  But it takes commitment and your willingness to be uncomfortable. We must train to reverse autoimmunity like an athlete trains for their sport.  It’s lots of effort and commitment to win the game. It’s like climbing Mount Everest.  I want you to ask yourselves, who do you have to be to reach the summit?

You my dear Rebels are on a quest for your optimal health.  You must go create the health, not wait for someone else to do it for you.

Every day that you don’t commit is a day lost.  Stop buffering and get committed.  Your mindset is the most important, the rest is the easy part.

I want to ask you the following questions:

1.  What is it that you want and why have you not committed yet?
2. What are you choosing to weigh instead of making a commitment?  
3. Why is Option B so appealing to you?  
4. What emotion is Option B helping you to avoid?
5. Who will you be if you choose Option B?
6. What will you have to let go of to pursue Option A?
7. Who will you be to achieve Option A?
8. What is so appealing about the person you’ll become?

Commit to Our Autoimmune Program

Did you know that we offer a comprehensive and transformative program that provides you with the tools to overcome your brain and a clear road map to reach your goals?

It’s called the Autoimmune Health Transformation program.  It includes mindset coaching, goal setting, diet plan, symptom control, exercise, supplements, etc.  But most importantly, it’s lead by myself who’s been through the journey and is very aware of your intimate struggles.

We provide you with accountability and support that no other functional medicine, holistic, nutritionists or practitioners provide. Because of having been there myself, I know what’s missing from the programs.  This is the ultimate program that combines psychology, functional medicine, physical medicine, nutrition, yoga and lifestyle and provides you with the tools to help you to learn more about you and your goals so that you can achieve them.

The good news is that I have a live Detox with Autoimmunity workshop that begins on June 22-26 where I teach how, and demonstrate how you can eliminate potential trigger toxins in your life to pull out of daily struggles and finally be FREE from the inflammation that is weighing you down.

Sign up for this FREE workshop HERE.

For more information about Lupus Rebel and healing from your autoimmune condition, check out our other blog posts HERE.

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