Commitment to Your Blueprint for Success

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Hey everyone, this week’s message is all about your commitment to your blueprint for success. I just want to say, thank you for being here.  As we bring 2020 to an end and move into 2021, I will personally be getting more clear on what things I want to focus on. I also want to commit to doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

This year I realized that I had attachment to the results that I created in everything I did.  I lost focus on what things I valued. Even though health, wealth and relationships are at the top of my priority list, they were not being reflected in my time management.  

The focus and attention was more toward what I was afraid of and the COVID crisis. Instead of what I wanted to create in my health and life. 

So with that being said, I met many like-minded Autoimmune Health Rebels who are living successfully with autoimmunity. Although they all tend to pay lip service to what they want to create and what they value, their actions didn’t reflect it.  It was a lot of uncovering this week and learning to move forward with creating the life and health that we want.  It is said that over 90% of new year’s resolutions fail.  This means that even though we all have good intentions, we unknowingly sabotage ourselves and talk ourselves out of accomplishing the very goal that we all aim to achieve.

The more we let ourselves down, the more we cut away at our self-confidence.  When our confidence in ourselves diminishes, it’s hard to accomplish anything. We live with one foot on the break and one on the gas with our focus on the rear view mirror.  Yup that’s not so productive.  We stay put and keep pushing the gas and the breaks back and forth, not realizing that we are not going anywhere.

Reflecting on Your Blueprint for Success

I encourage you to reflect on your tendencies and commit to your goals.  Because whether you’re committed to your wellness or illness, you’re committed.  So which is it?  If you are committed to your wellness, then you must exhaust all options to turn your health around.  If you are committed to your illness, then you are likely dependent on the sick care system to take care of you.  For those of you, good luck.

Long ago I realized I can’t help those who don’t want to be helped.  Even if I exhaust myself in trying to be of service, if they themselves are not willing to apply themselves in their ability to move forward, then blame and resentment for their lack of progress falls back on me as the practitioner. So I decided long ago that I would be selective with who I work with.  But that I would be providing free information and service through my private group, podcast, and of course, my YouTube channel.

So I will leave you with this.  Do you have commitment to your blueprint for success?  Your blueprint for success in your health, wealth and relationships is clear. It’s what I call the Alkaline Method. It will have you whole on the inside and be foundationally strong. This is so you can emerge into living your destiny from that place of clarity.  

While this message may seem abstract, it’s the ultimate path to your self-healing. Unless you become “skilled” at overcoming obstacles in life, you’ll always be at best reactive to the circumstances of life.  

So which will it be for you?  Committed to your wellness or illness?  Blueprints are available for you to follow. 

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