Context Is Much More Important Than Content

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to our Mind Your Health Blog. Today I’d like to talk to you about the importance of context, which is far more important than the content. So, I’d like you to consider your body as a computer system. The computer system comes with a specific hard drive, which is what decides how well it can function.

The Brain That Changes Itself

Both you and I are human beings. Our brain, or central nervous system, is like a hard disk. Now, the software installed on the computer allows us to open various documents and alter and edit films. We have capabilities that we can accomplish with all of the other software that we have installed. That is to say, the context is the model of your computer system, including all of its hardware. The content is software. Despite this, we are so preoccupied with who we are not, and concentrated on the doing.

Content vs Context: What’s More Important? 

If you think about a house, many termite inspectors gladly come out to investigate to ensure there are no termites in the house. Because if there is, it can significantly impact the house’s construction. The foundation, on which the house stands, is everything.

I recently returned from a trip to California. They have a lot of cookie-cutter houses that were built together in a fast. My sister told me about all the problems her clients were having. The house’s foundation is so poorly built that the structure itself had become so frail.

While the house was built swiftly, the dooming (the context), the foundational factor was not correctly examined. They run into many different challenges as the building becomes older due to the foundational concerns of inadequate pipes, poor ACS air filters, and all the things that go on beneath the surface.

It was not structurally sound enough to support the house’s structure, which is everything for the sake of the house. The foundation must be solid. So, no matter what diet, supplements, or holistic treatments you’re doing for your health, whether traditional or alternative, I want you to think about it.

I always want you to consider whether or not this is another piece of content that ignores the context. For example, if I believe that autoimmunity is absolutely incurable but profess that I wish to cure my lupus, it is a contradiction. Of course, everyone would say, “I want to get rid of my autoimmune diseases.” So would I. But unless you, or we, are capable of truly thinking that we can cure our own autoimmunity, our thoughts, feelings, and actions will not align to produce the desired effects.

So I really want you to think about what context you’re working from. What is the hardware that you can’t reprogram or that is already programmed so deeply, that you’re having a hard time shifting your perspective? Because a lot of people are extremely interested and want to do everything.

Noticing how I said notice doing everything, but they’re not being the person who needs to be the first to tell me about all their limits, why they’re here, and where they’re going. That’s terrific, but that’s also the victim mindset I’m talking about because it’s so beneath the radar that we assume it’s a given scenario, and many of you are living from it without even realizing it.

The Body Maintains Homeostasis 

This is what I refer to like the meta concept because you have to consider what you’re thinking. You must thoroughly consider what you’re experiencing and define it in order for your action to be dictated. Then you have to know exactly what you’re assuming. What is the content’s context, as well as that habitual pattern?

If you can uncover it and are courageous enough to really reveal it to yourself, it’s the only way to shift in the direction you desire and begin to heal.

Because many patients seek tangible or superficial techniques to aid their bodies while exploring holistic healing and traditional treatments for autoimmunity. But they’re usually short-lived and temporary, and in the end, this is a flawed strategy because nothing you do can make you well. To do everything and to aid your body’s healing, you must first be healthy.

I want you to understand that your body’s homeostasis or thermostat. Aside from the fact that your doctor has no control over your body, they can prescribe medications and supplements, and even recommend diets, but what your body does with those medications, supplements, or diets is entirely up to your body. So, in that situation, the only one who has control over your own body is you.

As I previously stated, the foundation, the material, and how we function in our auto-immune health programs is to always look layers deeper at you, in order to discover your own patterns and truly step into your own power in order to recognize the truth.

Take Charge of Your Health

The truth is that healing is an inside job. Nothing else can happen unless I teach you all the tools you need to be an empowered healer of your own body. It could happen subtly, momentarily, or in passing.

You may reap the benefits of this or that, but in the short term, you know that no matter what you try, there are only marginal benefits to whatever it is that you were doing to really take your health to the next level.

So keep that in mind the next time you attempt to implement another holistic or conventional intervention. Modify your diet or try to implement it first to be the person you need to be.

You can start doing things from a place of being. So that you can be authentically aligned from the inside and out. I hope this has helped you to see the wider picture and the significance of connecting it all together. To understand that you must first be the person you need to be. Regardless of how you feel right now, in order to do everything else from that position.

Only then will you be able to achieve the results you desire in your life. Which will ultimately lead to complete healing from the inside out. Yes, it’s from the inside out, as I stated. Also, keep in mind that the thermostat is located within you.

No doctor will be able to tell you what that thermostat needs. Unless you connect with your mind and body and take control of your autonomic nervous system to make positive changes in your health every day.

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