Could Lupus Be Caused By Repressed Feelings?

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Hey everyone! It’s now halfway into the first month of this new decade! 

I don’t know about you but planning the future and thinking about my goals has taken a backseat for so long. Every time I get an agenda, I don’t use it to my full advantage.

I used to have an agenda every year since I was in high school and well into graduate school.  But once I started my family and had kids, my schedule was no longer my own.

Other people’s agendas, mainly my family and kids’, filled my schedule. My needs became the last priority, as I had little ones that depended on me.

This is something I’m sure many of you moms can relate to.

Repressed Emotions and Disease

Today I want to talk to you about repressed emotions.  Emotions are “feelings” that are felt and have a physiological effect in our bodies.  

Feelings create vibrational frequencies. When we have good feelings we have high, positive vibrations in our bodies.  When we have bad feelings, we have low, negative vibrations in the body.  

It’s important to note that the more we repress or reject our feelings, the stronger they become.

Our thoughts in our minds create the feelings felt in our bodies. When we are young, we are like sponges, absorbing information all around us.  

As babies, we explore the world through our mouths and learn about our environment through our senses.  

Our parents or caretakers then begin to place boundaries around us by instilling fear. For example, they would stop us when we place things in our mouths and scream when we are about to topple over, or whatever they needed to do to keep us “safe”.  

In school, we are taught how to behave, think, and do. But nobody taught us how to feel emotions. 

Many of us grew up thinking that having “feelings” and expressing emotions is something we don’t do. We learn it’s bad to express your feelings because you risk rejection and feeling vulnerable.

So we learned that when we feel, we should repress these feelings.  But with repressed feelings, we “buffer” to avoid the feelings, especially when they are bad feelings.

When we “buffer” our feelings, we numb the feelings by instead drinking alcohol, binge watching Netflix, overworking, binge eating, shopping, etc.

Consequences of Repressed Emotions

Repressed emotions remain in the body to create disruptions in all our systems.  They tend to have fragmented energies that can cause a host of dysfunction and symptoms in the body.  

In energy medicine, such as acupuncture and Craniosacral therapy, it is thought that repressed emotions can create blockages in energy channels in our bodies.

Learning to “feel” is something we must all learn to do to create balance and homeostasis in our bodies.  

I’m learning that almost everyone diagnosed with an autoimmune condition has a history of trauma.  

Typically, this past trauma then carries emotions into their present and future.

Past Trauma and Its Effect on Health

We tend to place so much more value on our past traumas than is necessary. 

No matter how negative a situation was, it doesn’t define who we are.

But for many of us, we have so many feelings around a circumstance, including shame, guilt, fear, overwhelm, regret, etc. that these feelings tend to halt our future progress.

When we have negative feelings, we don’t take appropriate actions to improve our situation.  Instead, we dwell in our past and keep doing more of the same. 

So the results that you create in your life stay the same as they were in your past.  Therefore, we silently give up and keep spinning in this cycle of letting the past create the present and the future.

But what if I told you that your thoughts about the past are optional?  You don’t really need to hold onto the story you told yourself about what happened.

The truth is that the past is the past and you can’t change it; it’s only alive in your mind.  

Really think about this.  If the past is only present in your mind, you can alter your thoughts to rewrite your story. Create a better feeling that will have you creating a better result and a better future.

No matter how horrific your past was, it’s your mind that is making it mean something and letting it define you.

This is the blind side for most people.  No one ever taught us to think or feel.

But if you really understand that you can choose better thoughts and choose to feel better, that’s all it takes. But you may look at me with confused eyes.

We are conditioned to believe a certain truth and we live our lives confirming our beliefs.  

Our beliefs are repeated thoughts that become the “truth” for us.  But I want to challenge you, is your truth really the truth?

What are you holding onto that’s not serving you?

Learning to Feel is Key to Healing

Life is a paradox.  Those who seek love don’t find love.  Those who don’t seek love find love.  

Learning to feel is being able to sit with whatever feelings that you have and actually experiencing them, without the need to buffer.

We are taught to avoid feeling bad so much so that we can’t sit long enough to feel the pain.  We drink or take meds to take the edge off, and when we do this, we run away from the potential to heal.

When we don’t feel our feelings, they become bigger in our lives to create more negative experiences. 

They keep perpetuating because the feelings continue to pile up in our psyche and we become conditioned to avoid the feelings.  

It’s like hoarding all the junk in your home for so long that the home is no longer functional.

It’s like a clogged toilet, full of waste that’s got nowhere to go so it becomes stale and unusable.

I know my analogies are getting a bit weird but you get my point.

Open Yourself to Feel

Learning to feel means letting the feelings go through in your body.  Recognize what sensations you experience as a result of letting yourself feel your feelings.

When you begin to feel, you’ll stop being scared to feel and understand that this new perspective is available for you.

Open yourself to new experiences by being curious.  Remind yourself that you are just exploring, and keep yourself from making an immediate judgement about any new circumstances.  

Welcome them and understand that circumstances can’t hurt you.

Lupus can’t hurt you.  It’s your thoughts about Lupus that make it so.

I used to feel broken because of Lupus. 

I realized Lupus is the reason why I am doing the work to put this blog out and trying to help those of you without a voice to begin your health journey.

This was a revelation for me and it’s what gives me motivation everyday.  

Lupus allowed me to be healthier and regain clarity about who I am, what I do, and why I do what I do.

This can be the same for you.

Revolutionize Your Healing

I hope you begin to explore your full potential by learning to feel.  

Did you know you can work with me? 

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No matter where you are in your self healing journey, I hope you keep finding courage to show up as your best self.  Growth is optional but absolutely necessary to win big with Lupus.

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