Creating New Habits

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Lupus Blog | 0 comments

Hey everyone, today we will be talking about creating new habits. Everything we do, everything we have and everything that we are is a result of habit.  Habit is a powerful force in each of our lives that we need to uncover in order to make worthwhile transformations or changes in our lives.

Willpower doesn’t work. This is because our habits are reptillian brain based versus prefrontal brain based.  This means our habits are automated, so it’s hard to change something that is hard wired.  Habits are also a survival mechanism, so when trying to change a habit, our reptillian brain tends to “freak” out and spin. It’ll do everything it can to lure you back to your habits.

It’s important to remember that you are not your habits.  Habits are something that we have complete control over. But if we are not aware of our power and don’t exercise our power over them, they can easily manipulate our lives into a crazy habitual cycle that does not serve us.

So how do you change your habits and begin creating new habits?  Dr. Connie discusses how you can hijack your habits and learn ways to dismiss your habit voice vs using will power by “ignoring” the habit voice.  

The latter method will always fail you.  The key is to learn to dismiss and push through in order to make changes that last toward the life you envision for yourself.  So let’s learn to break our habits and create lasting habits.

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