Don’t Conform! For the Sake of Your Health

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Hi. It’s Dr. Connie.


All my life I’ve conformed.


As an immigrant, I’ve had to conform to the new culture, new language, and the new environment.


In school, I had to conform to the school system in order to graduate.


Then as a healthcare professional, I conformed to the medical system in managing my patients.


As a patient, I had to conform to the medical treatment methods for Lupus.


Then I learned that non-conformity was key to getting my health under my control.


Whether it be your career choices, health, or choosing a retirement plan, what if questioning the convention is key in realizing your true potential?


Today I speak of your health.


Lupus Rebel


I trusted the system for so long. The established beliefs and ways of the world were deeply ingrained in me.


As a doctoral student in healthcare, the medical system, to me, was the epitome of success, prestige, and respect.


This was until I got diagnosed with Lupus.


Lupus was a mystery to me, my family and friends, and various doctors.  No one was able to help me in the way I needed.


I didn’t even know how to be helped other than to alleviate the symptoms.


These symptoms told everyone how sick I was.


The solution was corticosteroids.  For so long, to keep the symptoms under control, I was given various doses of corticosteroids.


At first I gladly took it because it was the only thing that made my symptoms go away, including the rashes on my face, scalp, and body. I didn’t want anyone to know how sick I was.


Lupus took me on a rollercoaster ride.  The ups and downs were painful at times, the unknown prognosis of my disease was unbearable for a type “A” person like myself.


Then I began to ask questions and so began my obsession with health and healing.


Lupus has a myriad of symptoms that overlap with symptoms of other diseases.


Lupus also manifests differently for each individual, so much so that even between all of us Lupus Rebels, there’s so much variability.


Mental Toughness


Ask any Rheumatologist, they will tell you that Lupus is an incurable disease.


This makes many Lupus patients feel defeated, and so they begin their journey faithfully taking the medication that is prescribed by their doctors in the hopes of keeping the “symptoms” under control.


But what if I told you that you can absolutely help heal your body with the lifestyle choices you make everyday?


In order to win the battle with Lupus it requires a tremendous amount of grit and perseverance.  To beat this thing, we need to get tough.


It starts with your beliefs.  Do you believe your disease is an incurable disease or do you believe you can absolutely help your body heal and get rid of your disease?


I was brave enough to believe the latter.


After working with so many Lupus patients, I found that the key differentiator in patients’ outcome was their beliefs and attitude about the disease.


If you’re of the group who believes there’s nothing you can do about your health except to rely on your doctor to decide, then your fate is at the mercy of your doctors and there’s not much that can be done for that.


But if you’re of the mindset that you want to fight a good fight for your health and life, then please read on.


To reverse your disease, you need to adapt a different belief.  Believe that you can heal and you will.  I’ve done it and so can you.


There’s always a fork in the road.  The trajectory of your health and life depends on which road you take.  I hope you’ll choose the road less travelled and dare to live a life full of joy and health.


Many of you have reached out to me for various options to work with me.


So in order to keep the price low, I’ve focused on programs that can deliver results with minimal impact on your pocket book.


Alkaline Transformation 2019


Because most of us are overwhelmed, it’s often hard to decipher where to begin your journey to health.


So I’ve created a step by step program to walk you through this journey for those of you who want to shift your health this coming year.


We’ve got you covered in all aspects of your health including menus/meal plans, recipes, kitchen hacks, kitchen set up, meditation, and exercises that are curated and shared with you.


It’s 6 months worth of content valued at $997 on sale for $97 for lifetime access.  Click here to purchase.


Alkaline Detox Protocol


Many of you have heard me talk about the elimination diet.


We know that all autoimmune patients have some degree of gut permeability.


The goal is to decrease inflammation, heal the gut lining to reduce toxic exposure, and promote better nutrient absorption.


However, just as we give oil changes to our cars routinely, our bodies need a clean slate, a new beginning.


Imagine a car with dirty oil and greasy filters.  No matter if you decide to only use good fuel today, unless we clean out the toxic byproducts, our car won’t run as smoothly.


Our bodies are the same way.  We’ve got increasing gut permeability which constantly triggers our immune system, ultimately causing our bodies to be flooded with toxic burden.


To add to this, doctors give toxic medications to further disrupt our detoxification pathways and worsen gut permeability.


What we need is a full, comprehensive cleanse.


We have testimonials of our patients who’ve reversed their disease and are living with more energy than ever before.


Click here for more information or to sign up.


Alkaline Yoga Teacher Training


As you know, Yoga was truly instrumental for my health recovery.


It strengthened me physically, psychologically, and spiritually.  It provided me with an ability to center myself, focus on inner healing, and get stronger physically.


I would love to share this experience with you and lead you on a journey where you too can experience the same.  You can then become the beacon of light for those who live in darkness and despair.


We are now accepting applications for 2019, it’s your opportunity to work with me and transform your health and body.


Please apply here.


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Thanks for tuning in and see you next week.

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