Tame Your Gut, Tame Your Life: How to Eliminate Toxins

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Hi Everyone!

So here’s the deal. Lupies struggle with weight.  Why?

We are placed on meds, specifically Prednisone.

We are in lots of pain. As a result we don’t move and don’t feeling like exercising. Weight comes on.

We are put on more meds and have a poor diet because who’s in the mood to care about what we put into our bodies?

Tired, stressed, and in pain means food can become our escape.

But truth be told, some of us don’t even eat that bad, yet the pounds still creep up on us.

Here’s why.

Inflammation breeds toxins and compromises our detox pathways through our LIVER AND KIDNEYS.

As we become inflamed and toxins build up, our kidneys and liver become taxed and are not able to metabolize the toxins, which we eliminate through our feces and urine.

The toxins love fat, especially around the middle, the spare tire.

As the toxins accumulate, our spare tire grows too and those toxins that reside there act like zenoestrogens.  They’re not real estrogen, our female hormones, but they begin to act like it and begin to influence and disrupt our endocrine system.

The endocrine system involves all our hormones.  From sex hormones like progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, to DHEA, Thyroid, insulin, etc.

These hormones have proper pathways that allow them to function correctly, but as they get confused they start to add to our disease, further causing complications.

Not only that, but there are four key complaints that you all have:

  1. Fatigue- your cells are not able to produce energy due to poor nutrient absorption (leaky gut). And because these cells at war with themselves, how can they?
  2. Pain- inflammation pathways are activated and are on overdrive.  Our bodies produce inflammatory cytotoxins that perpetuate this cycle and create more pain.
  3. Brain Fog- Our gut is leaky, which hinders our gut – brain interaction, and this affects our brain chemistry
  4. Weight Gain- Water retention, toxic overload, and fat accumulation = toxins in fat cells. Toxins are not able to be flushed out without some help.

So is this a real problem?


More meds mean that you’re not helping your body. Rather, for a temporary fix, you’re creating more toxic burden.

It’s a paradox because we already have a broken system. Think of it like a fire out of control, but we are adding fuel to the fire in the hopes of fixing the problem. But this just creates a bigger fire. Make sense?

So why do I advocate detoxification so much?  It’s because we need a shift in our body to flush out the toxins, but we need to be very careful as not to disrupt our system too much because we are already so fragile.

At the very least, you can do yourself a favor by following our elimination diet guide, or if you need some guidance, follow our Lupus Gut Healing Protocol, and if you need more help, you can follow our complete Alkaline Detox Protocol, which can be found here.

I’ve seen drastic improvements in my patients. I have physicians who are struggling from ob/gyns to neurologists, and they all have improved their lives drastically.

And I, too, am a living testament to its benefits.

If you are trying to do another detox, please make sure that it’s not a juice detox or another type of unhealthy detox. You need balanced nutrients to support your body is why I keep bringing this up.

We have varying levels:  6 days to the full 3 months, and of course, the cost can vary but we also offer a 0% interest for 6 months. So rather than taking the meds and living day to day in poor energy, please take my advice, you will not regret it.

I usually never give discounts, but if you mention “Lupus”, I’ll provide you with a one time special Lupus discount of 20%.

Talk soon.

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