Fibromyalgia Treatment – Pain, Pain Go Away and Stay Away!

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Fibromyalgia treatment is beeing relentlessly developed to help patients live a better life. Fatigue, muscle pains, and localized tenderness – these are just a few of the symptoms of fibromyalgia (FM). The little discomforts, inflammation, and pain greatly degrade the patient’s quality of life. Different fibromyalgia treatments are available.

Fibromyalgia Treatment - Pain, Pain Go Away and Stay Away!Fibromyalgia pain can be similar to arthritis, however, arthritis pain is typically associated with a single area while the pain and stiffness of fibromyalgia are widespread. It consists of deep muscle pain, morning stiffness, and painful tender points, making it difficult to exercise or be physically active.

Before getting into any fibromyalgia treatment, make sure to understand what fibromyalgia is.

Fibromyalgia Treatment That You Can Do

Walk. Many people diagnosed with fibromyalgia are not physically fit. The main reason is because they avoid physical movement for the fear of pain. Some conditioning exercises like walking can actually help relieve pain and help with depression.

Walking regularly increases the body’s production of endorphins which are natural painkillers that can also boost mood.

Physical Therapy. Regular physical therapy can help relieve fibromyalgia pain and stiffness. Seeking a licensed physical therapist can help fibromyalgia patients increase their body awareness and become confident with exercise, relax those tight muscles, and move more efficiently.  Physical therapy also helps to help your muscles recover from the stresses of pain.

Yoga. Research has shown that people with FM who began to join yoga classes experience improved mood and less pain and fatigue.  With yoga, the muscles are relaxed because of the different gentle poses, meditation, breathing exercises and group discussions. Yoga also increases muscle strength, flexibility, and teaches different relaxation techniques. Yoga is also one of the ways to treat lupus.

Medications. There are different medications involved in the treatment of fibromyalgia pain. The two main drugs are Antidepressants such as  amitriptyline is given and can help ease pain and fatigue. It can also help to have better sleep. Anticonvulsants may also help reduce pain, however, it is mostly discouraged due to side effects.

Talk openly with your doctor for you to understand the tests as well as the process treating fibromyalgia pain. This will help to understand fibromyalgia and other issues that might come along with it. Make sure to ask questions or get more information about the treatments available.



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