Get to the Root Cause of Your Autoimmunity

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I’ve been sick more times than not.  Being sick pulls you out of the game of life.  It provides you with the perspective to truly appreciate just how important your health is in all aspects of your life. I’ve obsessed over the root cause of my autoimmunity for over two decades.   For those two decades, I only looked for physiological and scientific reasons to better understand the root cause.

Approach to Treating Autoimmunity

As a holistic practitioner, I’ve gotten extensive training and certifications on understanding the “holistic” ways to “treat” autoimmunity.  But the more I studied and the more I applied my knowledge to my own life, there was a variable that I could not overcome.

Every autoimmune patient, every flare, and every autoimmune condition was different.  The progression of disease to prognosis varied so greatly that nothing really fit in the scientific model of cause and effect.

Yet, my colleagues who were expert trained in various medical backgrounds were looking frantically with the microscope to figure out just how they can solve the puzzle of autoimmunity.

The Limit of Holistic Approach

Fast forward to decades of trial and error in the field of alternative medicine, holistic medicine, and functional medicine, there’s been many progress that’s made.  As a practitioner, it’s one that I used to geek out over but as a patient, it never really worked its magic like it promised.

Speculations of specific pathology, deficiency, and using lifestyle medicine to fix the patient were all novel and great in theory.  But in truth, living with the autoimmunity when it is constantly trying to destroy every cell of your being is quite another matter.  

It’s like watching the murder mystery unfold vs the mystery happening to you in real time.  There’s a difference between “knowing” vs “understanding”. That’s what I began to truly understand.

As much as I loved looking to the smart doctors and “experts” to guide me in my holistic path, they all had their limits.  Their knowledge and understanding was NOT going to help me heal.

The true ingredient to healing was within me but it needed to be unleashed and “activated” vs focusing on all the DOING.

The Healing Approach We All Need to Know

The foundational piece was missing.  I knew that in my heart but as a researcher and a logical thinker, I needed to ground myself in the evidence and the science. But my perspective is very different in the way I approach autoimmunity and healing.

I believe in the full spectrum of yin and yang, science and miracles, modern medicine and ancient wisdom, and integration of all of it.

I believe the human body is capable of so much more than we give it credit for, it forgot about healing than we will ever comprehend.

And as a clinician and a scholar, I realize just how much “ego” drives our industries.  As if certifications, degrees, and trainings provide the deeper “knowing” of curing or treating autoimmune or any conditions.

You Are the Healer of Yourself

Here’s the truth.  Experts or Doctors don’t heal you.  Only you can heal yourself.

Let this sit with you a moment and sink in.

Too many autoimmune patients are looking to solutions outside of themselves to help heal their autoimmunity and completely abdicate their power to their expert physicians or practitioners.

This is the problem. 

Deeper Root Cause of Autoimmunity

Autoimmunity’s root cause is by a deeper root.  It’s caused by self neglect, self betrayal, lack of self worth, self love, and self respect. This is due to the “conditioning” we all received from an early age.  It plays out as perfectionism, please pleasing, external validation, fear of judgement, ridicule, failure, etc. This keeps us from living our potential.  We focus on staying small in order to refrain from drawing attention to ourselves.

The constant negative self-talk of not good enough, I must improve, try harder, do better, mentality is deeply rooted in lack of self worth.

It’s no wonder that we are sick.  Our own cells are rejecting and attacking ourselves.  We don’t need yet another diet, supplements, meditation, yoga, or anything else to “fix” us.

The True Ingredient for Healing

We just need to come home and cultivate self love and self respect.  Once you begin to see this, your whole life and health will shift.

Truth is that many of you struggle with relationships with your spouse, children, parents, coworkers, friends, etc.  It’s getting increasingly hard and you know that the stress of such relationship woes is not helping your autoimmunity.

Many of you also struggle with your self identity.  You don’t know who you truly are, you’ve lived your entire life being who you are expected to be.  Everything you do is more about “oughts”, “shoulds”, and “have to’s”, vs truly BEING and loving yourself.

This is a foreign concept for many of you including myself because I was always trying to fix my broken self.  I tend to obsess over my problems rather than focusing on what I want to manifest in my life.

I lived thinking it’s better to expect the worst than to be disappointed when I didn’t get what I wanted.  Glass half empty of living always gave me glass half empty.

I didn’t realize that I had the power to shift into a glass half full. I am always looking at the lessons in life vs thinking good or bad, success or failure.  Leaning into who I truly am is so much more fun than running from myself thinking I had fix and improve myself to “feel” worthy.

The Alkaline Method for Autoimmunity

Today I coach autoimmune patients not only to change the way they eat, practice yoga or mediate.  I coach them to be their person they need to BE to stay in integrity to the core truth of who they are.  

Fully stepping into being who they are meant to be unapologetically by peeling off the layers of onion if you will of the armour they’ve put up to “hide” what they believe, know who they are, and why they do what they do.

Not living from the expectations of the world, but saying no more to the self degradation and self betrayal and learning proper tools to preserve their identity unapologetically by setting healthy boundaries and new perspective over their own life and health.

They truly become self empowered.

They live to shed all the limiting beliefs they hold onto and choose to step into their power by being the best version of themselves.

Join Us

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See you all on the inside.

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