Get To The Root Cause Of Your Disease

Trying to search for the root cause of your disease can throw you down a rabbit hole. Learn what’s causing and perpetuating your autoimmunity once and for all (it’s likely not what you think!)


Your Identity Is The Driving Force Behind The Life You’ve Created

You must first become aware of your learned beliefs and decide if they are serving your life vs harming your health. In this episode, we’ll go deeper into the first pillar of the first element of the Alkaline Method™, which will allow us to bring awareness to our habitual cycle of pain and suffering that we tend to perpetuate without being aware of it.

Length: 19 minutes

Understanding Who You Are Is The First Step To Healing

When faced with autoimmunity, we often focus on the problem (symptoms) that we experience. When we focus on the problem, we negate the foundation that caused the problem in the first place. It’s when we’re able to reflect upon our past history and how we evolved into the diseased state we’re experiencing, only then can we move forward to make a truly lasting solution towards our self healing.

Length: 25 minutes

Recipe For Powerful Healing

The process of healing is not about what you do, what you eat, or what you take. It’s about getting clear on what health looks like in your life to “clarify” what health means to you. Only then, with clarity and focus, can you move towards powerful healing.

Length: 27 minutes

New Year, New You

Many of us have such deep attachment to who we think we are. The very identity of who we believe we are keeps us bound. If you want to create new results in your life, you’ll need to purge who you think you are and figure out who you need to BE to create the outcomes you want.

Length: 17 minutes

Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself

Our beliefs that we hold to be true are subconsciously programmed. So unless we bring awareness to them, we can’t break the habits of being. This is important because everything that we are right now is a result of our habits. The good news is that we can retrain ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves, but that requires changing habits.  

Length: 22 minutes

Revealing Your Subconscious Identity

The beliefs that we hold that are imprinted in our subconscious mind, and they are powerful.  This is why we have a hard time changing our behavior.  Listen to Dr. Connie discuss the power of the subconscious mind and how it allows us to bring awareness to our innate tendencies.  Once we are aware, only then can we move forward toward true transformation.

Length: 16 minutes

Your Identity Determines Your Prognosis

Our identity is the hardware that drives our lives.  The software is an external thing that we can upload and update from time to time. But, the essence of who we are is largely determined by our hardware.  For example, an Android app can only operate on an Android device. Just as an Apple app can only operate on an Apple device. So “curable” or “incurable” is the identity we need to talk about today.

Length: 11 minutes

Autoimmune Health and Beauty

The recipe to health and beauty with autoimmunity is your willingness to commit to your healing.  A self-healing journey is a long game for us.  It’s not something we adapt for a short while. Whether you’re going through a difficult flare or you’re struggling with unknowing symptoms, please know this.  The moment you can step into your own power, committed to your own mind body mastery, true healing will begin.

Length: 16 minutes

Are You An Autoimmune Rebel Or An Autoimmune Victim?

Every obstacle in life provides us a choice. The choice to see the possibility to aim for more, or the choice to retract into limitations. It’s time to break out of the mold of being weak and sick. That’s what being an Autoimmune Rebel is all about.

Length: 7 minutes

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