Glyphosate: Can it be the cause of leaky gut and disease?

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Hi, Dr. Connie here.

My friend and colleague, Pam Hyde, who was visiting me from Oklahoma this past weekend was commenting about glyphosate and its content in Cheerios (a favorite of my boys).

Pam Hyde is a Board Certified physician whom I highly respect and trust.  So when she mentioned it, I began to grow more frustrated with the state of our food supply today.

So I had to dig further and found lots of troubling information that I thought you’d want to know.

What is Glyphosate?

Glyphosate is used as a primary weed killer on almost all crops including corn, soybeans, wheat, and a range of fruits, nuts and various veggies.

Concern regarding this commonly used weed killer spiked after The World Health Organization (WHO) classified glyphosate in 2015 as a human carcinogen.

And despite this warning, it is still used all over the world.

What’s more troubling is that its remnants are present in baby food, Cheerios, and various wheat products in the market.

On top of it potentially causing cancer in ourselves as well as our children, glyphosate is also responsible for depleting the very soil that our crops grow in.

What’s Worse, Gluten or Glyphosate?

Most of you know my stance on gut permeability as the root of all disease.

In discussing gut permeability, I’d like to talk about the degradation of the gut lining due to glyphosate, causing either a gluten sensitivity or a true gluten intolerance, such as Celiac disease.

Personally, I am gluten free and feel much better when I do not eat gluten.

There’s enough body of research to convince me that eliminating gluten, for those of us who have chronic disease, truly makes a difference in our health.

But according to Dr. Seneff, a researcher from MIT, the increased use of glyphosate, which is an herbicide in Roundup, correlates to alarming increases in diseases today.

He explains that although there’s been significant alterations and genetic modifications in wheat over the years, wheat isn’t the main problem.

Dr. Seneff states that farmers spray wheat with Roundup right before the harvest to intentionally kill it.

However, wheat is not Roundup ready, meaning that it doesn’t die even when exposed to this toxic chemical.

Therefore, farmers falsely consider glyphosate to be nontoxic, but Dr. Seneff argues that it is highly toxic.

He further explains that gluten, the protein found in wheat, binds to the glyphosate, which is what disrupts the natural process in our digestive system.

This disruption is more the reason why there’s an epidemic of gluten sensitivity and intolerance, like Celiac Disease.

Essentially, the glyphosate bound to wheat is what causes it to be so allergenic, more so than the wheat gluten itself.

For those who aren’t familiar with Celiac disease, it’s an autoimmune condition that degenerates our gut lining.

Glyphosate also preferentially kills the good bacteria in your gut.

When glyphosate kills the good bacteria, wheat we consume doesn’t get fully digested. What’s not digested remains in our gut, causing a reaction.

Remember, the friendly bacteria in our gut helps us to digest proteins that are typically difficult to digest.

So the problem is two fold.  Many of us have a compromised gut lining from over use of antibiotics, various medications, and stress from life.

Add to that, the wheat and gluten creates a perfect storm.

Other Affects of Glyphosate Consumption

Another issue with glyphosate is that it disrupts the natural order in our plants.

In doing so, it affects the ability for three essential amino acids to be available to us as nutrients from plants. These amino acids are tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylalanine.

These three amino acids are extremely important to our heath and we depend on our food and our friendly gut bacteria to get them to us.

But again, glyphosate depletes these nutrients from the crops exposed to it.

Additionally, our own gut bacteria can’t create these nutrients due to glyphosate content in our body, so many of us are deficient in such nutrients, especially tryptophan.

Tryptophan is an important neurotransmitter, as it’s a requirement to produce serotonin.

And serotonin deficiency is a huge issue today, as it’s linked to depression, obesity, and Celiac disease.

Another amino acid mentioned above, tyrosine, is essential for thyroid hormone.

Thyroiditis, Hashimoto’s, and hypothyroidism are very common problems today, especially for those of us with autoimmune conditions.


So to recap, glyphosate can cause deficiency in the essential amino acids, and blocks our body’s ability to process and absorb our foods.

Glyphosate also damages our gut lining, causing gut permeability (leaky gut), which also adds to the problem.

Another important thing to mention is that glyphosate affects our liver’s ability to detoxify, by affecting specifically what’s called CYP enzymes.

There are many enzymes in our liver and they do many miraculous things which help our body detoxify, but glyphosate disrupts such enzymes.

For example, the CYP enzyme activates Vitamin D, which most of us are deficient in.

If our CYP enzyme system is disrupted, then we will also be deficient in activated vitamin D, which we know to be very important to our overall health.

So as you can gleam, this is an issue I wanted to discuss because while I am mostly healthy, I realize that we live in a toxic world.

So to help you to understand and get informed, I felt it was important to share this information to avoid gluten and wheat.

I believe the more we understand the reason to avoid such toxins, the easier it is to implement and take action.

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Thanks for watching see you next week.


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