How Beneficial is Good Posture?

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Hi it’s Dr. Connie here.

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for us to be stooped forward.  This is because we are spending more time on our computers, smart devices, and we are mentally preoccupied so much so that we don’t live in our bodies.

We are mentally engaged, but physically, we are far from being connected.

There’s been an increase in scoliosis and low back, knee, hip, and neck pain over the years in my own clinical practice. This is largely due to the lack of proper body awareness.

In an effort to fix this issue, many flock to the Crossfit gyms, yoga and pilates studios, or even bootcamps.

The problem I see is that the joints are already compromised due to not only the malalignment, but instability.

Preserving Your Joints Through the Aging Process

I liken our bodies to a car.

We are meticulous about getting alignment checks on our cars to make sure all wheels are aligned.

We know that if the alignment is off, then the life of the tires are shortened.

While it’s easy to replace the tires, the physiological equivalent would be our hips and knees, which unfortunately, we only have one set of.

Many of my patients do end up replacing their joints for other reasons, but it’s not the optimal way to go.

It’s in your best interest to preserve your joints and keep them from degenerating too fast.

The Importance of Body Awareness

So in this state of imbalance, often I see clients and patients in a yoga class without body awareness.

When practicing yoga, it’s imperative that you have a core fundamental understanding of your posture to ensure that the practice is actually helping you rather than hurting you.

I’ve seen too many yogis taking poses too far repetitively, when structurally their bodies weren’t aligned, and they end up with irreversible injuries.

Again, we have one set of joints. Once you damage them, we need strategic ways to help your body heal.

Set Yourself Up for a Thriving Life

If you are living in pain, working long hours on the computer, struggling with various joint pain, or are looking to get fit by starting an exercise program, I highly recommend that you pay attention to your posture and cultivate awareness of what proper posture is.

Then, learn how to properly stretch to keep toxins out of your muscles and joints.

Lastly, learn ways to effectively engage your core, developing an internal corset that always keeps you lean from the inside.

Proper activation of your core will for sure help to alkalize your body, improve metabolism, create lean muscles, and get rid of pain.

What’s more important is that the next time you want to go try a Crossfit, Yoga, or Pilates class, you’ll be the one looking like the expert because you’ll be long and lean with impeccable posture.

Oh, and did I mention that donning perfect posture makes you look at least 10 years younger?

We’ve got FREE simple stretches for posture health. Click here to download.

If you want to go deeper and have me personally instruct you on how to activate your core and strengthen your core muscles so that you can get rid of pain and have perfect posture when working out at the gym or practicing yoga, we’ve got a 7 day Posture Makeover course you can purchase. Click here.

Having optimal posture will set you up to get rid of pain, reduce inflammation, alkalize your body, regain your waist line, and have more confidence.

Thank you for joining me and I’ll see you next time.

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