Habit of Being Your Sick Self is the Root Cause of Your Autoimmunity and Strips You of Your Power

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Hey everybody! Thank you so much for joining me. I want to talk to you today about how the habit of being your sick self is, or might be, the root cause of your autoimmunity. I want to make it a point to make sure you understand that we are our habits. So often, practitioners, like myself, completely ignore our inner ability and power to heal ourselves. Having lived with an autoimmune condition for over 20 years, I know a thing or two about all the stumbling blocks. The way we believe in certain things, the way we think, and the way we feel all affects our physiology.

I want to break down the fact that we have our thoughts and feelings that are outside our physicality. It’s an abstract thing to be able to think. We can’t measure it. I can’t know what you are thinking, unless you vocalize it. Even then, your true underlying beliefs might be very different from what you’re saying to me. We have a lot of belief systems that run our lives. So much of the time, we are in the habit of lying to ourselves and misrepresenting how we truly feel. We do this in an effort to fit into constructs that we’ve created for ourselves.

Thoughts and Feelings are Abstract

For example, in your relationships, if you have a difficult time speaking up to relay the true feelings that you feel with your partner, you will constantly feel as if you’re at a crossroad. You might feel unappreciated, neglected, abandoned, and all of those things, but it might be because you’re not vocalizing these feelings. You’re not confident enough to vocalize them for the fear of them abandoning you, neglecting you, abusing you, or whatever the reasons might be.

These are things that affect our physiology, but thoughts are something that I cannot measure. If you and I were having a conversation in a room, I could not measure what you were thinking. I don’t have telepathic powers and neither do you. We are only basing our interpretations on our body language and what our thoughts are about each other. If we have a liking for each other, then we might have a better conversation.

However, sometimes you’ve had these instances where you are with somebody and something just doesn’t fit. You have this gut feeling and you don’t like that person for whatever reason. It might be something that triggers you. These are things that are subjective. They are intangible. It’s not something that scientists or any evidence-based scientific medical treatments can measure.

We can measure our brain and its physiology. I want you to really recognize the fact that our thoughts and feelings do have a surge of power and they are able to affect our physiology. This is brain-based, to affect the workings of our cells at the cellular level. Cells are something tangible, which are affected by the intangible thoughts we have and feelings we feel.

Our Beliefs are Nothing More Than Habits

As scientists and healthcare practitioners, we haven’t done a good job unless you’re a psychotherapist. Even then, as a psychologist looking at mental health, we really talk a lot about our past, but don’t have a solution for how to move forward. We don’t recognize that these beliefs, thoughts, and paradigms we hold are just habits that we can easily break.

As you sit, I want you to think about the fact that you’re not telling your heart to beat and you’re not telling yourself to breathe. Your heart beats by itself and you breathe without thinking about it. As I’m talking to you, my body just knows inherently when to breathe and when to take a pause. If I’m angry or fearful, blood pressure might rise, as well as my heart rate, voice, intonation, things like that. Without me even knowing it, my feelings might come through my physiology, because feelings affect us in that way.

So, extrapolating those tendencies in our physiology, I’m here to tell you that it’s the habit of you being locked in or attached to your suffering that might be the root cause of your autoimmune condition or the symptoms you might be experiencing. It’s almost as if your body is knocking at the door to say “pay attention to my physiology” because these are things that we don’t recognize. The moment that our body works against us, we start to have physiological symptoms.

The Power We Hold Within Ourselves

All along we’ve been ignoring, neglecting, and abandoning our bodies and its physiology. Then, all of a sudden, we expect the doctor, acupuncturist, or chiropractor to treat us. We look for answers outside of us. That very thing is a construct that is completely upside down. I want you guys to recognize that you have an inherent ability to heal yourselves if you trust in your physiology. Through the workings of the placebo and nocebo effects, our minds and feelings have the ability to create an inner balance to trigger an inherent intelligence to be activated.

By default, our minds are designed to be in a state of wellbeing. Wellbeing is nothing other than being in a state of equanimity. It’s in perfect balance. We’ve lost sight of that. We get upset and fearful. We talked about how fear is a parasite to your health. It degrades your gut lining and affects our HPA axis, which is the hypopituitary adrenal axis. It tampers with our endocrinological system, which includes the thyroid.

A lot of autoimmune patients end up getting Hashimoto’s. If you’re one of those people who have thyroid issues and you’re taking Synthroid, you’re bypassing your body’s natural ability to heal itself by giving it what the thyroid gland should be producing. You’re telling your body through bio feedback mechanisms to stop producing the very thing your body needs to produce. Instead, you’re giving it synthetic forms of something that has irreversible consequences. This is just one example of how your physiology works.

You Perpetuate Your Suffering

The very reason that keeps you stuck in the cycle of pain and suffering is so blinding sometimes. You keep perpetuating what you don’t see. This is why I created the Alkaline Method, with its four essential elements. It includes the all of the elemental pieces that make you complete. The first is the subconscious mind. This is the side of you that you don’t even know that you operate from. It’s the beliefs and stories that you tell yourself that you’re so attached to.

In fact, you don’t even know that you’re attached to the suffering. The suffering becomes the very thing that you hold onto and become attached to because it’s what’s familiar. I didn’t realize that for so long. Instead, I was attached to my pain and suffering, so much so that I didn’t want to let go of it. I almost had a white grip. To let go of my suffering was to let go of my identity.

I didn’t even know that until I was able to take a closer examination of the thoughts and the feelings that I was perpetuating in my own life. By thinking the same thing over and over again, it became such a familiar state of being, so much so that it became me. When somebody told me to change that and that I had this ability to shift and change my very perspective and beliefs, that was news to me.

Life is Not Black and White

It takes a while for you to go from your subconscious element of the Alkaline Method to the conscious element and recognize the full picture and realize that there is no good or bad. It just is. Life is as is. We have to love what is and bring that component into the mix to realize that we have a spectrum. We have rainbows of colors and a spectrum of life experiences, but we attach meanings to these experiences based on what we believe about the past of where we’ve been. So, we keep perpetuating our future based on our past. We create more of the same. Living your life right now the way you’ve been living is to perpetuate your sickness.

Through the work of the Alkaline Method and the transformative effects of it, I move into the third element, which is the modern functional medicine. This is where we can apply all the thing of brain-based and evidence-based medicine to affect your HPA axis. The HPA axis is your stress brain relationship. Then, this affects your gut-brain relationship. By decreasing your inflammation, you must have a better handle on your immune brain relationship to make sure all of those things are in place.

You Hold So Much Power

Only then, can we evolve into the fourth element of the Alkaline Method, which is the timeless wisdom piece. This is where yoga is used as the ultimate path to your self healing journey. In that way, we’re able to tie everything together in one cohesive system and method. That way, you can walk the walk, talk the talk, think the thoughts, and feel the feelings in the direction that you need to go. This will create the equanimity and state of wellbeing in your life. When you’re able to achieve that, your cure is at your own volition and it becomes you inner power that you tap into.

When you do that, you recognize this actual truth. You have all the power in the world to direct your body in the direction that you want, which is ultimately to completely heal. The doctors and modern medicine will tell you that you’re in remission and so be it. They’re not going to tell you that it’s curable because they can’t. There’s a lot of liabilities in that because they’re so based in this one element of the bigger puzzle of the Alkaline Method – the modern medicine piece. They want to direct everything in a tangible way where they can measure.

Practitioners Cannot Know Everything

We can’t measure all of the abstract things that govern our body to process information in that way. There’s no way that I can have a pulse in all of the variables in your life. How the autoimmunity or your disease process, symptoms, or physiology affects you might affect me very differently. It depends on your genetic makeup, your blueprint, your upbringing, your past, your conditioning, and your temperament. There are so many different variables, so to say “I know” would be a disservice to you as a practitioner. I know a lot of things, but only to realize that there are things that I don’t know. I need to ultimately respect your own volition in my work with you. Through the Mind Your Health podcast and our Alkaline Transformation Method, I give you awareness that you hold the power.

The inner power is within you. I can only serve as the guide with all of the pieces of the puzzle to guide your through the process of your self healing journey. If you’re not on board for you and you rely on practitioners like me to fix you, that is the very premise that’s going to set you up for failure. You’ll never get well this way.

Reclaiming Your Inner Power

I hope you understand the power that you have. My podcast is all about bringing out back to your own inner power so that you can stand in that power and direct the healing within you. That can be amplified to the entire degree if you apply all of the functional medicine pieces, but first you have to be involved in your own care to affect a change. Subconsciously, it’s in all of the things that you’re not aware of. All of the belief systems, stories you tell yourself, the identity you hold, and all the attachments you hold. We have to go on a journey to questions all of these things and make sure we only keep what serves you and helps you in your self healing journey. That is the first element, just uncovering all of the things you didn’t know you were holding onto.

Then, we move into the second elements, which is the consciousness. Here, you really start to see and expand your mind to the possibilities of healing and really attach from what you know of yourself. Only then can you evolve and move into applying all of the things in the functional medicine piece. To be able to utilize that and amplify your health, you can then evolve and grow by applying the last piece – timeless wisdom. Through the yoga, you come back to you.

It’s a comprehensive system. I’ve designed it this way to make sure that you’re complete in your own healing and able to maintain longevity and health as long as possible. So, that’s the whole method. I hope this was really insightful for you. The biggest thing I want you to take away from this week’s message is to understand that you hold the power in your own healing ability.

Hold Onto Your Power

Don’t give that power away to anybody else. Hold onto it. Before you seek another practitioner to help you, realize that they can only help you to the extent that you’re involved in your own care and take full responsibility for it. That’s what it takes to step into your own power and ultimately heal yourself. That’s the path of the Alkaline Method.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our method, please join me in your free Facebook group, the Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels. That is where I share all the nuggets, wisdom, and piece of the bigger puzzle to make you whole and help you recognize that you can step into your own power. I want you to recognize that you have healing power within you. Only when you recognize that and apply all of the things I share in the group can you truly heal from the inside out.

Directionally, healing must be from the inside out. Nothing happens from the outside in. With that, I hope this was helpful to you. I would love to know your feedback, so please join us in our group to have more conversations there. Also, I would love to hear from you through a review on iTunes for my Mind Your Health podcast. I read every single one of those reviews. Thank you so much for joining me today. I will speak to you all soon.

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