Prime Your Body to Heal Lupus Naturally

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Last week we started a new series on how to prime your body to heal Lupus naturally. If you missed last week’s message, you can read it here.

Priming is a preparatory process of getting your body ready for healing.  It’s an essential element for creating change.

The priming phase, within the context of our Alkaline Method, is where we ready our minds and bodies to be aligned with one another. From here we can shift our state biochemically, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

For example, if you want to change the color of the walls in your home, priming the walls is essential to completely cover them with the color you want.

Without this preparation, you will waste your efforts with more paint, more labor, and lack of coverage.

Mindset Shift: An Essential Element to Heal Lupus Naturally

If you live day to day confused about Lupus, then it’s easy for you to go through the motions of life without really understanding how you can change and shift your body and mind to promote healing.

You end up listening to your Doctor on what medications to take and live believing that Lupus is an incurable disease.

But what about the other 99% of your life?  Your life is yours to live, experience, and manifest.  The rest of your life shouldn’t be dependent on Lupus.

After becoming diagnosed, it’s easy to succumb to what the “experts” tell you because you don’t have a clue about what it means to live with Lupus.  

But if you’ve lived with Lupus longer than 5 years, think about how you’re living your life.

Outside of the quarterly visits to the Rheumatologist for medications, have you tried learning what else you can do to heal Lupus naturally?  Do you believe you can heal?

You’ll realize the only thing the doctors do is check your labs and see how your meds are working.  That’s their only solution.  

If you’ve noticed, most Rheumatologists now have infusion centers at their office to inject biologics for added profit.  

This is all fine, but I’ve sat in those rooms getting injected and most of the fellow patients are watching Netflix and eating fast food to pass their time.  They aren’t doing much to help themselves.

I was seriously scared of the outcome if I were to rely on these medications. 

Identifying with Lupus means accepting that it’s an incurable disease and raising awareness for a cure. To find a cure means doing more research to produce more medications specific for Lupus. 

Also, it’s conducting more biased research by various profitable drug companies to raise money and keep feeding the cycle.

What if I said all you need to heal Lupus naturally and reverse this disease is within you? And all you need to do is stop giving your power away?

Biochemistry of Beliefs

I wrote about the habit of being sick a few weeks ago. Click here to read it.

In the past, I would blame my aches, pains, and fatigue all on Lupus.  I would get sympathy from those around me, wallow in my sorrows, and feel sorry for myself.

Not only did this mindset perpetuate the negativity, but it also worsened my disease.  My body matched the chemistry created by my thoughts to make sure I stayed sick.  

It also affected my relationships.  Who wants to be around a person who is constantly down on herself?  

They say misery loves company but those who love misery are typically very unproductive.

I wanted a better life for myself. 

Today, research proves our beliefs condition our bodies. Our bodies then signal back to our brains to produce the chemicals necessary to match the state our bodies are in.  

Whether you believe you can heal, or you believe you can’t heal, you are right. You create your outcome.

You are so much more powerful than you think you are.  The key is to create your own chemistry within to help your body reset itself. This is done by changing your beliefs about yourself, and more importantly about Lupus.

Having Lupus is a neutral state.  It’s not good or bad until you make it so.  

I used to make Lupus out to be such a bad thing, which caused me to hide around, live in fear, lose confidence, and avoid fully living.

Now, I use Lupus as motivation to thrive.  I spend my time obsessing about how to heal my body, as well as help others to do the same.  

I’ve created a body and mind that I can align with.  I love myself so much so that I honor and respect myself, and this is seen in how I treat myself.

But before I was able to do that, I had to change the conversations that I was having with myself.  My self talk was so negative.  When I became fully aware of how I was talking to myself, I realized why I kept getting sick.

Your beliefs about any situation creates feelings.  Your feelings, negative or positive, trigger a cascade of chemical reactions which create vibrations that match your feelings.  These feelings are your choice.

Our beliefs are habitual; they are deeply seeded in our past.  Most of don’t even know this about ourselves and live in the dark, creating more of the same and validating our feelings.

But you can change this.

Changing our beliefs is a necessary prerequisite to heal Lupus naturally.

How Do We Change Our Beliefs to Heal Lupus Naturally?

It starts with cultivating awareness of your tendencies.  Then making a commitment to muster up enough courage to work hard.

By doing so you become capable at recognizing your patterns and recreating new thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to change your outcome.

I must warn you though, change is hard so it requires commitment from you to show up and embrace discomfort. Change is uncomfortable.

But when you do this over and over again, you change the biochemistry in your body to have a positive effect physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

It’s an amazing thing.  So simple yet so hard.

It’s hard because we make it hard.  Our beliefs are so ingrained in us that we resist what’s different.  Most of us live our whole lives validating our beliefs.

For example, if you believe that you have an incurable disease, you feel depressed and sad.  Your actions validate your feelings so you create the same results over and over again.

When you’re sad and depressed, it’s hard to do anything to help yourself because you are overwhelmed with the fact that you have this incurable disease.

Your Outcome Depends on You

The quality of our lives is completely dependent on what we believe, think, and feel, which then determines our behaviors to create our results.

Let me describe a common scenario:

You have Lupus. The Doctor tells you it’s an incurable disease so you believe this to the core.  

Your Doctor gives you medications to take, so you take them and intently listen for their direction.

You believe you’re sick so you can’t work, as you are always tired and in pain. You end up on disability and can’t afford to do much.

Your life becomes predictable as a Lupus patient, going to doctors visits for infusions, meds, blood draws, and you live on fixed income.

My goal is to challenge your beliefs, as I am a living example of what’s possible, yet your mind resists this challenge.  

It resists and is adamant that Lupus is incurable, so you attack people like me, telling me my way is expensive, that you’re on disability and have limited income, and all the reasons why you can’t help yourself get better.

Does this sound familiar at all? Let that sink in for a moment……

I’m in the same position as you.  I’ve been very sick, I’m a single mom of two young boys, and I have experienced a lot of negative circumstances as perceived by most.  

But I chose to think and believe differently.  

I refused the medical way.  I knew there was a better way and I found it.

But many challenge me and argue how impossible it is and accuse me of many things.  

So which outcome do you choose?

Envision a Healthier Future, It’s Possible

To my patients and colleagues, I tell them that I am an expert patient.  I defined the rules for Lupus, fought it with all my might, and I keep winning the battle.  

In the past, I thought I knew a lot.  I still think I know a lot, but I also realize that the more I know, the more I don’t know.  

First, I don’t know where you are in your journey with your health.  And second, I don’t know what you’ve tried and what you haven’t.  

What I do know is that you can absolutely reverse your condition and heal Lupus naturally.  

But it requires you to believe that you can.  That’s why we are doing a series to change your mind and your beliefs about Lupus first and foremost in order to redefine how you’ll let it affect your life.

What I want for you is to stop giving your power away.  All you need to heal is within you.  My job is to help you tap into your inner physician.  

You are an amazing being.  No matter where you are in your life, you can absolutely change the trajectory of your life simply by changing your beliefs. 

If you need guidance, I’m here to help you. To guide you to make better choices, to mentor you to begin to heal, and to help you realize the amazing power you have within you.

We need to change your narrative. Then and only then can you begin to heal.

I am living proof that this is absolutely possible, so join me in making the commitment to heal no matter what.

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