We hosted a Virtual Autoimmune retreat, and we talked about lots of things. Like, you are shifting your perspective from victim to Self-Empowered Healers from this disempowerment to empowerment. All things to do with healing. Foundationally, more at the premise, it’s delivering the context for the content. All the doing will make a difference until you step into the ability to heal you to win this battle with autoimmunity. I promote and hold you responsible for perpetuating your autoimmunity. 

Transforming Into Self-Empowered Healer

We talked about the shifting of our perspective from our disempowered victim mindset to a Self-empowered healer mindset. And that shift requires so many transformations. It recognizes everything about you, and it’s recognizing who you are in the process and building the foundation to heal yourself.

It’s the unseen things that the doctors don’t know how to help you. The deep green limiting beliefs that you hold dear. It’s your interpretation of life that’s happening to you versus happening for you. It’s about simple shifts that you can make to take ownership and heal back in your life.

Handling Autoimmunity

That’s what living with autoimmunity is all about. It sucks sometimes, and it’s super hard. It can post such a physiological, mental, emotional challenge in our lives.  I want to equip you to say no more to suffering, be a part of the solution by stepping up your game and levelling up your consciousness to recognize your power in the process of your journey into heal.

It’s not just about autoimmunity; I say it is an intolerance to yourself. What got you here to this point of autoimmunity won’t get you to the level you want. So if you’re serious about getting cured, getting heal, and having complete control over your life and your health, like I am, join our group and learn everything you need to know today. 

What Happened In Our Virtual Healing Retreat

Today, I discussed the importance of your mindset and your belief systems. The tendency for self-betrayal, meaning instead of pleasing everybody else, because I recognize a hundred percent of the time my autoimmune patients never heal have some live trauma of the past. And from that place, we’ve been neglecting ourselves, our own needs in place of somebody else, we’re scared to feel or be judged as selfish or self-centered or any of those things.

But the whole point of my sharing today of my episode in my retreat was to share how you can give if your cup is not complete. When you travel on airplanes, they say specifically, get your mask on first to get the oxygen mask on before you aim to help other people. Because if you go down, there’s no way your child next to you can be supported by you who can heal herself. So helping ourselves self-care, self-love and self-regard are essential ingredients to living successfully with autoimmunity. So keep that in mind. 

The Ability of Patients

I want to bring you back to you because today’s topic is about understanding that a doctor doesn’t heal you. You can heal yourself. A lot of the indoctrinations and bureaucratic tendencies of the medical system puts doctors at the hierarchy up at the top as if they know things about us intimately that we don’t even know.

When things fall apart in our bodies rather than tuning in, we’re to understand what’s going on with our bodies that we have complete control over, we look to the doctors to figure out scientifically and lab and number-wise, without paying attention to who we are as a human being, to figure out the solutions to our problem. 

The solutions are usually in the form of medications and supplements. Maybe they might prescribe a diet if they are functionally minded, but we’re taught that the doctors know best, but we wouldn’t have any disease if doctors were true healers.  And Also, our autoimmunity would be cured and heal fast.  But what happens with the doctors is the perpetuation of the disease process. It’s what they do. 

Healing is an Inside Job

It’s not intentionally negative. It’s a positive thing because we all know we need a doctor’s help if we live with autoimmunity—multiple times. I’ve needed my doctors to save my life. But I know that I don’t have expectations for them when I look to them to heal me. I know that healing is an inside job, and that’s the point that I want to get across to every one of you.

A lot of you live your life on a passenger or as a passenger by default, thinking that somebody else or another diet outside of you will solve the problem of what’s going on on the inside. And what’s going on on the inside is at the root level. It’s unseen, and it’s the subconscious level of awareness that you’re not even aware of what’s driving your life. 

It’s largely dependent on what the oughts and should from the world’s demands around you that you and I have created. We’re fully responsible for whether we have it. We have enabled our spouses, our kids to depend on us. It’s also a co-dependency relationship because of the emotional traumas that we didn’t get from childhood. We’re trying to cope with our mechanisms to self betray and put everybody else before us when our cups are not even complete to a point where our bodies start to break down. It starts to signal to us, and we’ve been self detrained, stop paying attention to this body of ours so much so that we don’t even know how to get back into it. And the doctors can’t see what you’re feeling. How do they know how you feel to wake up with pain, live in fear, and live in this anxiety?

What Autoimmunity Feels Like

What do the inflammatory cytokines that the autoimmunity stirs up? How does that feel like in the body? Sometimes it feels like severe fatigue. Other times it feels cumbersome in the body. Sometimes it feels very painful. Sometimes it just feels like a truck ran over you, and you don’t know what to do, and you feel irritated. You know you think ultimately defeated.

All these are things that people who love you can love you, but it’s not something that they can see, something you and I can feel. And that does affect how we show up in our lives with our loved ones to affect our stress levels. Cause when I blow up in front of my child, sometimes because I’m so tired, I’m trying to do all the things and creating this enabler. 

For so long, I try to make up for lost time for being sick by overcompensating. As a mother to try to do more than my counterparts, my girlfriends that were doing the thing, I shamed myself so much and had so much guilt over not being a good enough mom, simply because I have lupus. And I felt like just having lupus was a broken scarlet across my forehead. And I stopped caring for myself in the name of an intense connection with myself. I didn’t even know what it looks. But that’s what we have to come back to is to recognize what the doctor’s role is. The true healer isn’t anything or anybody outside of you. It’s not some diet you can follow, but diet supplements and medications and everything that affords us in health and wellness all help us.

We Are Self-Empowered Healer

But unless we shift and change on the inside of who we are being. To apply those things in our lives and be indeed in alignment with what we do in complete faith and belief in knowing that we’re helping ourselves every single day, nothing else will raise the bar into the healing mode. What I can tell you is I’ve witnessed in my own life, as well as in my patients, people being wholly cured of autoimmunity. But the difference was that that they committed and took full responsibility for their health, recognizing their essential role in their healing process.

Healing is a journey. You have to be patient with the process. You have to admit what got you here to the sickness will contact you to health and wellness. And so, you have to take a very hard look when you subscribe to a pattern.

It’s Time to Shift

What’s the identity you hold about yourself that perpetuates this disease process? What are the limiting beliefs you hold? What do you buy into what you say in the name of health and wellness? You do these things, but the doing itself is still external. You have to change who you are on the inside. And unless that shifts and changes, a caterpillar can only do so much.

The caterpillar progresses into a butterfly and knows that she can fly and unshed the old and get rid of the caterpillar shells. They can’t fly. And I know that you’re here to think differently, to find better-improved ways for inspiration and motivation. But let me tell you, motivation and inspiration is fleeting at best. It doesn’t last because the autoimmunity is so heavy sometimes that he can suck all the inspiration and motivation out of us.

We Need To Focus on Ourselves

That’s when we’re going to need commitment to ourselves. That’s when we’re going to need self-love, unwavering self-love, and self-commitment to our wellness, first and foremost, before we can help anybody else. We don’t exist to make everybody else happy. And it’s okay if others are not satisfied with where we are. It’s okay to withdraw and to stand for what we believe in what we need. And it’s okay to voice our needs. It’s okay to feel what we feel. Even if it’s negative, we need to learn.

The metabolism process involves us to involve or feel the discomfort of feeling the unwanted feelings that abound. Because we try so many different things, we purge with cakes, sweets, alcohol, and things. Pain, medications, sleep medications to numb minds enough to get away from it all to take a little bit of rest because nothing happens if we’re not resting regeneration and healing happens at a resting state.

You were silencing your mind, being the observer of your mind, and taking responsibility for your role in your healthcare. It is a critical piece of the puzzle. And that’s what we promote through our transformational process called the Autoimmune Health Transformation Program. 

Modify Yourself

How you do anything is how you do everything. So ask yourself, why aren’t you stepping up and doing the things? Chances are it’s because you struggle to do something. After all, you’re not the person you need to be. If we’re not the person we need to be, it doesn’t matter all the amounts of doing. It’ll be fleeting. It’ll only be marginally effective. And that’s why I want to help you to transform from the inside out.

It’s like getting plastic surgery. We can look good on the inside, but nothing matters if we’re riding on the inside. Suppose we look good but feel terrible. That’s not in alignment with proper health and wellness. I want all of it for you, and I don’t want any limitations. I want you to step into your power and recognize how powerful you are. Beyond words to really, really command control over the one body you’ll ever have. This is the only home that you ignore. 

We still rely upon doctors to assess what’s going on with echocardiograms and all of the fancy testing. No doctor teaches us how to breathe and regulate our sympathetic nervous system, the fight or flight to handle our adrenals, the cortisol levels, all the stressors in our lives, but that’s possible. It starts on the inside. Everything on the outside is helpful. It can be amplified to the nth degree only if the premise and the foundation are addressed first.

So I asked you, I want to end this today by asking you, where is your foundation? What’s the unseen? What’s the subconscious programming that’s driving your life today?  Ask yourself, who are you? What drives you to think, feel, and make choices every day to create the results in your life?

Join Our Group

And if it’s not working for you, come work with me, join me in the Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels. I’m confident that I can take you to your discomfort because discomfort is the currency for our growth and evolution and transformative healing from the inside out.

I look forward to seeing you in meeting you in our group. It’s been so wonderful to see it so humbling that I get to serve every one of you, my friends, and I want to wish you a great week. If you’d like any part of this podcast, please subscribe, leave us a review. It helps us boost our message, empower as many autoimmune patients as possible to be empowered self healers, change the world once and for all, and end all unnecessary suffering that most of us are going through. Thank you so much. I’ll see you guys all next week.

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