Healing is Believing and If You Think You Can, You Can

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Before my diagnosis with Lupus, I used to go skiing, running, rock climbing, and do high velocity training.


In retrospect, I never got the endorphin rush and the “high” that you were supposed to get.  Instead, I’d feel run down and tired.


For years I shrugged it off as part of the healthy process of working out.  After all, back then the motto was “no pain, no gain”.


Then I began practicing Yoga back before it became the popular sensation it is today.


I practiced by myself with a DVD that I purchased and loved it until I began to have aches and pains.


It wasn’t until I went to a formal Yoga class at a studio, where a great instructor corrected my downward dog that I realized I was causing micro-damages every time I practiced Yoga.


I’m extremely flexible and when practicing Yoga, I was taking my body beyond the heathy range of motion because I didn’t know any different.


Exercise Smart, Not Hard


Imagine a door.  If the door is opened beyond the limits of the hinge over and over again, logically, you would expect the door to fall apart.


Our bodies are the same way.


On the contrary, if you’re tight and consider yourself inflexible, you may contort your body into poses that aren’t healthy.


Over time, you can cause micro tears in your joint structures, potentially creating the need for surgical intervention.


Because we only have one set of joints, we want to make sure that they last a life time.


Add Lupus into the picture, the inflammation that we have causes further degeneration, weakness, and injury.


So it’s in your best interest to practice exercise safely.


Think of your muscles as the screws that are bolted tightly to protect your body and allow it to function optimally.


If the muscles are weak, our joints are then left vulnerable and at risk for injury.


All this to say, movement is medicine.  If we don’t move, our quality of life declines.


I’ve seen too many patients in my 19 years in practice lose mobility and function to a point where they lose independence.


To me that’s the saddest thing.


Healing Vs Curing


I know many of you depend on a wheel chair, walker, or need assistance today.  I want to encourage you that you absolutely can fight to regain your strength.


All you need is the determination and the belief that you can.  If you don’t believe it, unfortunately, there’s nothing I can offer.


Recently, I wrote a blog post about how healing yoga was.  While I received much positive feedback, there were many who disagreed and said lupus couldn’t be healed, how debilitated they were, and how much I don’t understand their disability.


To be clear, conventional medicine tells us that lupus is incurable.  So as a healthcare professional, I can’t say I cure Lupus.


However, I can say I heal Lupus. By definition, “healing” means “to become sound or healthy again.”


Our beliefs are so important in our healing ability and ability to overcome obstacles in life such as Lupus.


Because truth is that if you think you can, you can….and if you think you can’t, then you can’t.  It’s Henry Ford’s quote that reminds me the power of our minds.


Today I talked a lot about movement, and my love for yoga grows with practice.  I find myself getting stronger and healthier everyday and all I want to do is to share with you all a safe way to practice.


We have options for you to begin your healing journey with me.


Alkaline Method App


It’s an app on your iPhone or Android that provides nutritional guidance, meal plans, meditations, and yoga videos for various conditions which are both yoga and pilates based.


We also provide a 15% supplement discount for those who sign up for a monthly subscription at just $14.99 per month.


The amount of savings on the supplements alone will make up the price.  Click here for more information.


Alkaline Posture Clinic


A series of 7 posture and core building, yoga-pilates based exercise videos curated and taught by me to help get your body positioned correctly so you can get strong safely.


At only $47, it’ll be like having me coach your movement in your own home.


Click here to learn more.


Alkaline Yoga Teacher Training


This is a life changing transformation where you get to work with me for 6 months.


It includes an online learning platform divided into modules, as well as one weekend a month in person training at our Suwanee, GA location.


I not only help you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but help you make a career out of helping others just like you.  Dare to defeat lupus and you will!


To find out more about this opportunity, click here.


Whatever path you choose, know that healing from Lupus is absolutely possible.  All you have to do is believe that you can and take action.


I hope you enjoyed this blog and hope I meet you in person to help you take your health under your control once and for all.


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