Healing is a Mindset Shift

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Hi. It’s Dr. Connie.


As many of you know, I’ve had my share of health crises.  Three occurrences of stage IV glomerular nephritis with three bouts of chemo, plus corticosteroids.


I cringe at what my body’s been through in the 19 years of living with Lupus.


It wasn’t the medications, visits with my Rheumatologist, or the many hospitalizations that healed me.


It was my sheer determination and commitment to heal myself that’s gotten me far beyond just getting healthy.


I’ve been on the wellness path for so long that today, I’m far healthier than my friends and family who’ve been there every step of the way.


I have a twin sister who doesn’t have Lupus.  We had a family reunion this past year and everyone in my family recognizes that I am in far better health than my twin sister and many of my healthy friends.


What Made the Difference?


Because of Lupus, I became obsessed with getting and staying healthy.


My determination and commitment came from my personal decision to find a better way to manage my disease, rather than subjecting myself to the medical experiments with toxic medications, that in my personal opinion, do greater damage than good.


I want to challenge you this year. If you are signed up to my newsletter, then I’d assume that you want a better quality of life.


Many of you state that you’re ready and willing to do anything to turn your health around.


But have you seriously made the ultimate choice and are determined and committed to your own health?


What if I told you that I have the solution to help you get your health under YOUR control?


What if you could start to resume and plan your life and future?


What if you too have the potential to be the healthiest version of yourself, perhaps even more healthier than those friends and family who have no disease?


I can tell you it’s possible because I’ve done it.


In over 19 years of clinical experience, I know that healing is a mindset shift.


If you believe that it’s possible to heal and reverse your condition, you’re right.


Many of you argue that Lupus is an incurable disease and that you’ll always be debilitated, in which case, you’re also right.


I’m wanting this message to reach those of you who do believe that you too can experience life to the fullest, without limitations, and have a clean bill of health and look and feel your best.


For those of you, I want to invite you to consider one of two or both solutions.


Lupus Detox Protocol


It’s a 90 day step by step protocol to help your body remove all the excess substances and toxins from your body, decrease inflammation, have more energy, and reverse your symptoms.


This protocol will also help to rebalance your immune system.


I’ve done it many times and have tons of testimonials of real patients who too turned their health around.


Click here for more info.


Lupus Yoga Teacher Training


As many of you know, Yoga is my love.  It’s what’s helped me to get stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually.


I believe in the practice and its powerful ability to heal from the inside out.


Once you master your body and health, you too can become the inspiration for others and share your passion to lift up, encourage, and inspire those who need your guidance.


This can be your future dream career.


Click here for more info.


Even if the above two options aren’t for you, I encourage you to continue to follow my YouTube channel, subscribe to our newsletter, like us on Facebook, Lupus Rebel and Alkaline Wellness, and/or sign up for our fall retreat (to be announced soon).


Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next week!

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