The Power of Disease Healing Mushrooms

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Hi. It’s Dr. Connie.


Mushrooms have been used as medicine throughout the history of mankind for treatment of various diseases, including cancer.


Today, they are extensively studied to reveal the physiological benefit to the human body.


For that reason, I’ve been studying and experimenting with the following mushrooms and I strongly believe it’s one of the reasons for my complete remission from Lupus.


So today, I want to explore the types of mushrooms that have a profound health benefit.


Maitake Mushrooms


This is a delicious Japanese mushroom also called “hen of the woods” because it grows in big clusters that resemble the fluffed tail feathers of a nesting hen.


You can find these mushrooms dried or fresh in Japanese markets, gourmet food stores, or upscale supermarkets. Extracts are also widely available.


Maitake have amazing health benefits, including anticancer properties, antiviral properties, and immune-system enhancing effects.


Also, they may help control both high blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


Reishi Mushrooms


This is considered a medicinal mushroom, not a culinary one.  Reishi tastes woody, hard, and bitter.


Like other related species, reishi improves immune function and inhibits the growth of some malignant tumors.


It also shows significant anti-inflammatory effects, reduces allergic responsiveness, and protects the liver.


Reishi are available as dried, ground mushrooms that can be used to make tea if you don’t mind the bitterness.


They are also available as liquid extracts or capsules, which you can find online and in health food stores.


Reishi mushrooms are typically used for immune support, to combat viral infections like the flu.


They can also help lung conditions, such as asthma and bronchitis, heart disease, blood pressure, kidney disease, cancer, and liver disease.


Lion’s Mane Mushrooms


This is my favorite as I’ve noticed a significant improvement in myself after taking these mushrooms, as well as in those around me.


Lion’s mane is a nontoxic medicinal and culinary mushroom, which helps to stimulate nerve growth and improve memory.


A Japanese study published in 2009 found that test scores of study participants who took Lion’s mane in tablet form improved over the course of the 16 weeks they took the pills. Scores then declined after they stopped taking the tablet.


As a result, the researchers concluded that Lion’s mane is effective in improving mild cognitive impairment.


Chaga Mushrooms


Chaga mainly grow on birch trees throughout the northern hemisphere. They look more like a dark clump of dirt rather than a mushroom.


Chaga has the following health benefits:

  • Helps to fight cancer
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps to protect the liver
  • Anti-aging and skin benefits
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure


If you want to learn more, you can click here.


Additionally, here’s a great book resource for you.


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