Simple Yoga Exercises to Set You On A Healing Path

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As many of you know, Yoga has been profoundly impactful in my healing journey.

While many of you know Yoga as a physical exercise, it’s so much more.  

It’s a self healing journey that brings you back to the full essence of who you are.

What does that mean?  We tend to look outside of us for all the answers.  We look to our doctors, friends, family, and books for guidance on what to do.

Yoga, through the physical practice, allows you to go within.  By using breath with movement, you learn to tune into your body.

How many of us spend our days thinking the same automatic thoughts and create feelings that dictate what we will or will not do?

Yoga breaks this pattern.  It allows you space to “BE”.

It’s provided me with the silent “coaching” I needed to get my body, mind, and spirit aligned, which was absolutely necessary to gain freedom from Lupus.

I know it may sound a bit hard to understand but it’s true.  

Benefits of Healing Yoga

We continue to be in a cycle of sickness that perpetually overwhelms our thoughts and feelings, causing us to look for something outside of us that will solve the problem.

This state of sickness creates more sickness. Too many Lupus patients are familiar with sickness, always expecting and living with sickness.  

In order to break this crazy cycle, you must rise above and become stronger than it.  

Yoga allows one to do this.

It has depths of healing in ways no other medical sciences do.

Physically, it’ll boost metabolism and detoxification, strengthen your muscles, and get rid of pain.

Emotionally, it’ll provide you with insights by allowing you to go within to gain wisdom and understanding. This will create a shift in the way you think and manage your mind.

Spiritually, it’ll allow you to rise above all circumstances and transcend into something greater than Lupus or yourself.

Collectively I was able to get to know myself, occupy my body, and feel confident in exactly who I was, who I am, and who I will be.

Yoga Breathing Exercises

Here are two simple exercises for you to do everyday. These exercises will allow you to tune in and take a seat in your body.

1. Box Breathing:  Breath in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, exhale for 4 counts, and hold for 4 counts and repeat. Watch the video at the top of this post for a demo.

2. Breath of Fire: Quick breaths through the nostrils, powered from the navel point. The emphasis is on the exhale, as the inhale will happen naturally. Watch the video at the top of this post for a demo.

I have many educational backgrounds but found Western medicine to be too linear and limited.  

Yoga allows for practical tools to approach a new life with Lupus in an empowered way.  

You have absolutely full control to create your future with Lupus.  

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