Health and Beauty with Autoimmunity

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Over the past weekend, one of my besties from Las Vegas came for a visit.  It was a special girls weekend, which was long overdue.  As someone who’s known me since young adulthood, she shared some insights about me that were blind to me.  We talked about past relationships, current relationships, business, family and all things.  

When I got diagnosed with Lupus and fell into deep depression, she said to me, “You’re going to be fine; it’s not going to kill you.”  This sounds so harsh on the surface, but it was anything but harsh coming from her.  My friend is the most compassionate yet strong, practical and resilient person I know.

So in my early years with Lupus, I felt she didn’t understand. But it wasn’t so much that she didn’t understand, it was more that I chose to adapt a victim mindset.

I realize now how insecure I was about my health and beauty with autoimmunity.  With constant struggles such as a rash on my face and drastic hair loss, I felt like I was a broken.  At the time I remember not caring so much about my sickness as much as I was deathly afraid of others thought of my rashes and hair loss.  It meant everything to me that I looked “normal” with my thick hair and porcelain skin that I tried to hard to maintain.

How We Feel is Based on How We Think

In retrospect, it was short-sighted of me, but I realize how we feel about ourselves is dependent on how we think we look.  I have lots of patients who are going through the struggles of health and beauty with autoimmunity that manifest physically into inability to freely move, rashes on their skin or significant hair loss. In fact, our best selling supplement is our beauty support for skin, hair and nails one.

To me, true beauty is when you can manifest health.  Healthy skin, nails and hair are all signs of health.  Mobility. Flexibility, strength, and stability are also signs of health.  Our mental and emotional adaptability are also signs of health.

For me, my insecurities began long before Lupus.  Traumatic events as a young girl shaped who I became.  There was so much shame associated with who I was and what I experienced that at times it was paralyzing.  I remember trying so hard to fit in all my life.

As an immigrant who had to learn a new language at 11 years old, my accent, inability to understand the lyrics of pop songs and being called out for my cultural differences were all things that made me significantly insecure.  To add to this, at just eight years old, my three siblings and I were left in Korea almost as orphans while my parents settled in the United States.  

All this to say, I understand the significant impact that our childhood traumas and/or experiences have in shaping who we are.  It wasn’t until Lupus, marriage, kids, divorce and sickness that I learned the impact of our repressed feelings.  

On the surface, I looked healthy, happy, and well adjusted.  Underneath the pretense, anxiety and fear ruled my life.  

Overcoming Fear

This, my dear readers, is what we must learn to metabolize, detoxify and eliminate from our lives:

The only way to overcome our fear is courage.  To muster up courage takes intentional action.  To take necessary actions we must examine our feelings.  In order to understand our feelings, we must understand our thoughts.  So in essence, it comes down to our thoughts as the culprit to everything that we’re creating in our lives.

My friend has always had a determined outlook in life while I was stuck in my limited beliefs that prevented me from daring greatly. It wasn’t until near death experience that I grew to finally understand just how important our mindset is.

So for those of you reading who believe the importance of beauty and health, I just want to share a perspective.

You are beautiful just as you are.  The more you can focus on creating health in your life, the more you will manifest beauty.  Beauty comes from within you.  Creating health from within will allow you to exude wisdom, joy, healthy skin, hair, nails, positive attitude, mobility, flexibility and strength.

Health is an Inside Job

The recipe to health and beauty with autoimmunity is your willingness to commit to your healing.  A self-healing journey is a long game for us.  It’s not something we adapt for a short while.

Our definition of beauty will change as we get older in different phases of our lives.  Having lived through the pretenses as a young adult, I know that true beauty is when you “know” your self-worth.  It’s confidence that you exude that does not depend on the ways of the world.  It truly depends on your deep connection to yourself and knowing thyself so much so that you exude self respect, regard and self-love that commands the same from those all around you.

Whether you’re going through a difficult flare or you’re struggling with unknowing symptoms, please know this.  The moment you can step into your own power, committed to your own mind body mastery, true healing will begin.

That’s the work we are doing together that makes our program so unique.

Discover Your Own Beauty Despite Autoimmunity

As an autoimmune patient who wanted to look and feel the part, I know that it takes much more than fragmented treatments in diets, supplements, meds, etc.  It’s a carefully orchestrated, whole-body approach to healing that will catapult you into stepping into yourself as the driver of your health to create lasting health and beauty with autoimmunity. 

I hope you trust me and join me in our movement.  Did you know you can personally work with me as your one-stop coach who can help you to drastically alter the trajectory of your health?  Join me in my private Facebook group, The Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels, where I share not only the information but apply what I teach to use autoimmunity as a catalyst to look better, feel better and move better.

I am looking forward to getting to know you.  Remember, knowing doesn’t do anything. It’s only when you apply the knowledge that the needle moves in the direction to set things in motion toward your ultimate self-healing journey. After you join my Facebook group, DM Leslie Alkaline for a FREE consultation to catapult your health toward healing. Or you can reach out to us at [email protected]

Talk to you soon!

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