Think of Health as an Investment, Not an Expense

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Hey you guys, I hope you’re having a great week so far.

Being cooped up in the house now for 2 months has made me stir crazy, but I realize just how much I personally needed this sacred pause. I had been going non stop prior to the onset of the pandemic, and since then I’ve been able to tune inward and get super clear about who I am, what I want, why I want it, and how to live my life.

Being a business owner has placed me in a unique position to not only be concerned about the wellbeing of my team, but also be compassionate about what we are collectively going through together.

I’ve had the good fortune of seeing my team “shine” while also having lost some team members.  I realize that such times bring out who and what we truly stand for and either way I know that it’s a beautiful thing to see people find their truths.

With that being said, I want to talk about health as an investment vs. an expense.

The Value of Your Health

I want you to ask yourself how important your health is to you. I mean really ask yourself, how much do you “value” your health?

Many of us pay lip service to the importance of health, yet, when it comes down to it, we balk at the idea of spending money to enhance our health in any way. Whether it be eating organic, taking supplements, or exercising, I get all kinds of reasons as to why people don’t have the money to spend for their health.  

When diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, most people look to the internet for answers. Typically what you find on the internet is contradictory information that makes you even more confused. Either way, you begin to adapt little bits and pieces of tactics and realize they don’t work, or they work but not completely.

We have an upside down healthcare system. I actually call the healthcare system a “sick care” system. This is because until you are diagnosed with something, they really have nothing to offer.  And when you do get diagnosed with a disease, all they offer you are medications.

Such medications can be super expensive and because our Doctors prescribe them, we pay for them because we believe we have to take them. I know for me, the biologic medications for Lupus can easily cost me over $10,000 a year out of pocket, as I have to meet my deductible before my insurance will pay for the medications.

So the cost of being sick is more expensive than the cost of creating health.

Optimal Health Pays Back in Dividends

Health is something we all need for our livelihood. More importantly, health is required for us to stay productive to produce an income and support the many facets of our lives.

I get it, money is important. But I find it’s the way we think about money that creates so much angst about the lack of it. We end up perpetuating the scarcity mindset of never having enough because we have to pay for meds, and this and that, etc. that we keep creating this same problem.

So how about if you think about health as an absolute investment?  

Investing is different from spending. An investment is something that can bring you more return for your spending. 

When you have optimal health, not only will you spend less in dollars, but the time you spend at the Doctor’s office, getting infusions, hospitalized, and being sick in bed will all add up to so much more than just dollars. The lost opportunity to earn money during these times should be considered too.

Being healthy and being able to support your living is a huge advantage that we all have. Yet often, our autoimmune condition can rob us of this so quick that we lose perspective. This is why I’m writing this blog today.  

What are Your Beliefs Around Money?

I want you to think about your thoughts and beliefs around money. Many patients will come to me and tell me “I can’t spend that kind of money” when it comes to something for their health.  For many reasons they just can’t afford it.

I’m not here to judge or make comments about what you have or don’t have, or how you spend your money. All I’m trying to do is to challenge you to rethink your beliefs about health, money, spending, and investing.

For example, many people are willing to get loans for school, cars, homes, etc. Yet they consider health an expense. Think about health as a necessary investment that allows you to produce income, save money on medical bills, and save lost time on medical visits, hospitalizations, etc.  

Time is money.

You can’t afford to NOT invest in your health, especially if you have an autoimmune condition. And, it’s not that much more to eat healthy meals over fast food meals. It’s all in the way you look at it.  

Do you know what this all comes down to?  Self regard, self respect, and self love.

We all lack these three things so much, you guys. I used to as well. Unbeknownst to me I had deep self loathing that drove my life. I had to wake up and explore my thoughts and beliefs about myself, my health, and my life to really begin to invest in myself.  

You Deserve to Have the Best Health

I just want to end this blog by saying……you are enough. In fact, you are beyond enough. You are amazing and there’s no one like you in this world nor will there ever be anyone like you.

All of us have an opportunity to rise up and own the footprint that we make in this world.  Will yours be one of victimhood or one that promotes vision? 

You have a choice, I have a choice.  

It’s hard living an autoimmune life alone.  We need a tribe of elevated minds to pull us up when we need it the most.  So if you’ve been struggling with your mindset about your autoimmune condition and don’t know quite how to live the solution everyday, join us in our exclusive private Facebook group called the Tribe of Autoimmune Health Rebels.  

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In this group we share all the tactics you need to achieve optimal health – diet, functional medicine, supplements, yoga, meditations, etc. More important than that, we work on your mindset and uncover your inner wounds so that you can amplify every facet of your health and life.

This group is where we pull all things together and get busy healing once and for all.

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I’ll see you all on the inside.  

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