Health Is a Choice

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“Things Don’t Change, We Change.” Henry David Thoreau

Health is a journey, a long convoluted journey that challenges you to transform.

But unless you’ve had a life changing crisis, we often don’t bother to change our habits and embark on a journey toward a healthier life.

Did you know that not making a decision is a choice in itself?

Think about it.  There are many situations in our lives that we ignore altogether, simply because we are not ready to make a decision to do something about it.

But to do nothing is also a choice and there are consequences to that choice.

Most of us guard our comfort zone, even if that comfort zone is no longer serving us.

Our comfort zone may feel cozy and familiar, but often it’s like a sweet poison, slowly killing off our spark for life by keeping us in the same place.

As someone who’s been on this journey for over 19  years, I’ve learned that a crisis can be a call for a spiritual rebirth.

We get divorced, lose our job, get sick, or lose a loved one, and for the first time you awaken and see your life with a new set of lenses. Everything seems new and different.

The ice surrounding your heart melts away, and you soften as you find yourself at a crossroads.

You realize that you’ve been on a journey without a clear roadmap and are now challenged to forge an unfamiliar path.

It is so scary to adapt to this new life.  For me, the two major forks in the road were adjusting to my life with Lupus and deciding to get a divorce.

Lupus was forced on me, and I was resentful, angry, and scared.  But clarity came to me when I realized it was my choice to either defend my Lupus and be defined by it or become a Rebel and pave my own path.

And the decision to get the divorce was the hardest decision of my life, but the most empowering and liberating.

You see, I too was living a life of indecision.  Somehow, I was on a default path and realized I had chosen this journey.

Luckily my crisis set me on MY path, the path I’d always wanted to be on.

And as I’m writing to you today, that path is one I am paving professionally, personally, and spiritually everyday, and it’s the scariest path but the most exciting.

Staying stagnant is always an option, and it’s the easiest option because it’s comforting.   But like anything else, everyday where you don’t choose to progress and grow, you choose to die instead.

I understand it is harsh, but it’s the truth. For me, there’s no scarier thing than that.

Whether you’re unhappy, have an illness, or have lost a loved one, we validate our unhappiness subconsciously and stay stagnant, stuck, and dying to ourselves everyday.

Don’t let this be you. Get clear and start your journey.

Whether it’s a clear roadmap, accountability, or a simple nudge that you need, we’ve got the solution to help you show up everyday and get started on your path.

This is so much more than creating health.  It’s a journey that will help you find YOUR path.

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