Health Truths vs Facts

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Hey there.

I’m a fanatical reader and a researcher.  I like my evidence to be hard and specific.  But there’s also a side of me who likes to see the big picture.

Over the years I’ve cultivated a good understanding of exactly who I am, what I’ve overcome, and what I’ve learned.

And really this blog, and everything that I do, is an expression and vision of what I’d like to see more of.

You see, early in my life as a Lupus patient, I’ve had to learn how to manage my disease in a way where I felt comfortable that it was under my control.

But time and time again through scary threats to my health, Lupus has reminded me just how fragile my life was.

I was reminded of how in a moment’s notice, everything in my life can come to a screeching halt.

Left with nothing but fear and anxiety, I’ve had to rebuild my health and confidence, time and time again.

It wasn’t easy but through the process I’ve learned a few things.

Truth vs Facts

According to, a ‘fact’ is defined as “something that actually exists; reality; truth”.

Your fears have no basis in fact, it’s backed by evidence and science.

Truth is considered to be subjective to interpretation and more three dimensional.  It involves responsibly and honestly assessing, with integrity, the experience and facts to find the truth of the matter so to speak.

It’s an ideal or fundamental reality transcending perceived experience.

Reality vs Theory

I’ve been fortunate enough to be exposed to the highest caliber professionals, educators, and the likes.

As a patient though I always found a lack in the connection between what is factual in theory and what is the ultimate reality and truth.

All scientific basis and evidence didn’t serve me well.

The treatments used in my care for Lupus were for sure helpful to “treat” my disease.

Because I’ve always questioned my doctors, many had to gather evidence and science from PubMed to prove to me that research proves what they are doing is the best treatment approach.

At the time I didn’t really have a choice to refute or deliberate on the proper treatments, it just felt better reading why and what was being done, and then knowing the prognosis for what’s to happen to me after the treatment.

It was scary when presented with your own predicament, and the only choice for treatment seemed so far off from where you ultimately hope to get to.

The side effects are minimized in favor of the risk vs benefit.


So here’s my thoughts.

Doctors are biased to treat disease.  What they see is disease and must base their judgements on the facts.   Facts are relative to the individual and often, there’s inherent bias in the facts.

Health is then ours to protect and create.  At some point in your journey with any disease or symptoms, you are at the mercy of the medical doctor who is quick to pull out the prescription pads for whatever symptom you may have.

Their main objective is that and only that.

That’s what they do.  If forced to listen to our rants, they can be patient, but at times, not so much.

They’ve got other sick patients to quiet down and place prescriptions on.

I hear many patients complain about their doctor’s approach to their care, but remember, that’s what they are trained to do, period.

That’s the medical system in a nutshell.


When diseased or sick, you are ultimately on your own.  I’ve had great doctors and then I’ve had some not so great.

There are limits to what they can do for you.  Good ones at least pretend to listen and advise, but only within the standard of medical restrictions.

They have far too many patients to worry about the nuances of how your symptoms affect you.

The reality of what you wake up with everyday, the anger, fear, resentment, and anxiety…..are all something you’re left to reconcile on your own.

As for creating health, no one understands or knows what you wake up to everyday.

Whether it be so much pain, fatigue, anxiety, severe brain fog, difficulty walking, or a rash, the deformity that symptoms can cause and their effect on you emotionally, physically, and socially is not something we have help for.

So I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone, but the first step to getting well and creating health from disease is recognizing the big picture and understanding the limits and role of your collective medical team.

Functional Medicine, Holistic Medicine, or Integrative Medicine, call it what you will, is a means to an end.

Truth is that no one understands where you’ve been.

The more you understand and clearly define what you want, the better result you’ll have with such practitioners.

Because at the end of the day, it’s your life, your health, and it’s what you’ve got to commit to.

So the truth is to ask yourself, what exactly does health mean to you?

For me, it means so much that it’s my priority, my life, and it’s worth fighting for.

Most importantly, nobody else can fight this battle for me, so I want to make sure that I am clear on the strategy.

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See you next week.

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