Hindsight 2020

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In just a couple of more days, we’ve got Christmas. Then a couple more days after that, we’ll be in 2021. I just cannot believe it. I’m really in awe of how fast this year has flown by me. I hope you guys are all ready for the holidays. I certainly am. I’m really looking forward to spending quality time with my family. I’m almost done with my shopping, but not quite yet. I look forward to a happy 2021. I’m busy making new plans and setting some new goals. Today’s topic is all about hindsight 2020. What are some of the takeaways that you have gained from experiencing 2020? What does hindsight 2020 look like for you?

At the onset of the year I truly thought I was going to have the best year. I thought it was going to be the pivotal year in my business growth. It was certainly headed in that direction. I set out the year with a bang. Then March hit, and then COVID, and then the lockdowns and shelter in place order.

Where I am, I’m able to create this amazing, beautiful office space in my garage apartment. I have this little studio space that I’ve sort of dedicated to coming live for you. I’ve got many, many different things in store for next year.

My Hindsight 2020

So, hindsight 2020. What insights have you gained? What have you learned that you didn’t know before? For me, lots of relationships were tested. Among the relationships with other people, the most important relationship that was tested was with me. I revealed and learned a lot about me, but it didn’t just happen. It happened because I was willing to really go to that discomfort and uncomfortable place of really knowing where my responsibilities lied.

Typically, when things happen, broken relationships happen and things get stirred up. We have a tendency to view ourselves in the right, which makes everybody else wrong. We separate ourselves that way. When we do that, we don’t really quite learn all that we need to learn and take away from the experience to evolve and grow.

I’ve really had to take a hard look at myself in the mirror as a boss, mom, spouse, daughter, sister, friend, and practitioner who serves you. I realized I was not as clear as I needed to be in how I needed to go forward. I’ve made a lot of pivots in my business to create a better platform to serve you in this way.

I charged up a podcast to create information and provide you with the content that you need to add to your lives. Knowing that, if I can expand your mind and add to your lives in some way, by showing up through my social media platforms and leading with genuine care, love, and concern for you, my business is set to take off and do well.

Taking Responsibility

I realized that I tended to be too egotistical perhaps. When I’m egotistical, it’s because maybe I’m insecure or unsure of certain things. It’s because I’m a little bit less clear in how I want to pursue certain things. In whatever that looks like and whatever that is for me in my life, I tend to inadvertently begin to hurt others that might be involved or really sever relationships. Misunderstandings happen, resentments build, and there’s a lot of guilt.

There was a lot of blame coming my way. Rather that taking that on, absorbing it, and then just getting down on myself, I was able to take a good look at myself and really look at what it is I had done to add to the situation in any way. I took full responsibility in knowing that going forward because I cannot change the past. What I can do is accept where I am right now and decide how I’m going to go forward.

Take Back Your Control

This is the message I share within our Autoimmune Health Transformation and Alkaline Method Transformation programs, as well as Autoimmune Yoga, virtual classes and memberships that I hold. It is a constant reminder of really reflecting on you to be the ultimate person, responsible for everything that happens in your life. When you stop blaming other people and recognize and step into your power, you really are able to see that the worst thing that can happen is really just a feeling. I can feel negative all day long, and I’m willing to feel that and create space for that so I can learn and glean insights that will help me evolve and grow.

The same thing occurs within my programs. The reminder is that whatever obstacles that your health crisis has set forth in your life, you can choose to utilize the obstacles as stepping stones to evolve and grow, rather than throwing a pity party on it. When you do that, you stay stagnated and don’t make forward progress. You become so down in the dumps, being a Debbie Downer all the time with all of the people you surround yourself with.

Use the New Year to Pivot

As we approach the holidays and 2021, we can totally pivot in the direction that we want to go to create the life and health that we want. The biggest takeaway for me that I want to share with you is that the best relationship you can have and cultivate is with yourself. I want you to work on cultivating self-love, self-regard, and self-acceptance. So much so that you then cultivate healthy relationships with your wealth. That means your relationship with you money. Think about what your money stories are that keep you from doing the thing you want to do.

Then, you can cultivate a better relationship with you health. If you don’t have a good relationship with yourself, respecting and regarding yourself at the highest level, then you’re not going to want to do the things necessary to move forward in the direction of health. I want you to really check that and make sure your create and cultivate a healthy relationship with your health.

Thirdly, I want you to create a health relationship with other people. These are the three primary drivers, the antecedents, tiggers, and perpetuating factors in our lives that act as stressors. Stress really is the root cause of all disease. No matter what medications you take, what supplements you take, or what dietary pattern that you follow, doing all the right things without having your relationships with wealth, health, and others in check with prevent you from healing wholeheartedly. Without creating the common zen, peace, and joy within yourself, there’s always going to be some trigger, antecedent or perpetuating factor creating stress in your life.

Step Into Your Power

Hindsight 2020 is all about recognizing and reviewing the year for yourself. We had some tough decisions to make. We were so uprooted from our comfort zone. Hindsight 2020 is about recognizing how much we didn’t have control over, but being mindful of just how much control we had over our own selves. That’s all we can hope for. We must be 110% committed and responsible for our surroundings and the environment we create. Once we take responsibility, for our wealth, health, and relationships, the power becomes your own.

When you find your power, you can handle just about anything. The obstacles that get thrown in your way can now be utilized as a stepping stone and a catalyst to catapult your forward to really be the best version of you. You can do just about anything your set your mind to. Just don’t get back down in the dumps, no matter what flare you’re having or what health struggles you’re having. Rise above it and choose to evolve and grow despite the setbacks. Understand that disappointments and negative feelings are part of the journey to self-healing that you’re on.

I’m your guide. I look forward to serving you during the rest of 2020, as well as well into 2021. We’ve got different platforms and programs available to your that are ultra-affordable, high level programs that will transform your lives. Let’s figure out a way to make 2021 the best year yet.

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