With Dr. Connie Jeon DPT, MPH, IFMCP, RD/LD, RYT-E 200hr 

Healing Yoga

Daily Posture, Strength, and Flexibility Promoting Yoga.

Heading Meditation

Power of the Mind is Miraculous. We will commune in healing meditation daily.

Cooking Tips

Easy Cooking Tips And Recipes Will Be Shared

Healthy Meals

Farm to Table Healthy Meals Are Provided During Your Stay.

Health Lectures

Discussions on What You Can Do to Prevent Flares, Decrease Symptoms and Be on A Path To Health Success.


Nestled in the North Georgia Mountains, You’ll Enjoy Cozy Rooms.  

Nature Hikes

We Will Gently Venture Out Into Nature and Enjoy an Easy Hike For Those Who are Open to it.  

Consult with Dr. Connie

Functional Medicine Consult Will Be Available for those Who Registered Early and Met the Deadline.  

Healing Immersion Weekend Details


Feeling Frustrated, Scared, and Confused?

You’re not alone.  Lupus or Chronic Conditions can turn your life upside down.  It’ll affect who you are, your relationships, your career, and your faith.  

Doctors have one way of treating Lupus and Disease.  MEDICATIONS.  

We’ve got to take control over what we can and let Doctors do what they do best, treat sickness.  We are here to CREATE HEALTH despite all the odds stacked up against us.

During this special weekend, we will commune, connect, laugh, cry, and most importantly leave feeling like we’re NOT alone and that there’s hope.  How do I know?

I gave a good fight and I win Lupus everyday.  ​I want to share what works, what doesn’t and what you can do everyday to deal with your confusion, redefine relationships, and thrive despite Lupus.  


Cultivate Courage

Doctor Connie not only understands the Lupus as a disease, but her experience comes from living it everyday.  Physicians can’t possibly know Lupus or any of its implications in everyday life.  You can’t study this in theory or in test books because there’s so much more to it as it impacts every facet of our lives.  

She will dispel myths and share the truths in healing your Lupus or autoimmune conditions so that you can begin to reclaim your life.

Dr. Connie Jeon

Connie Jeon is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, holds a Masters in Nutrition, is a Registered Dietitian, a Functional Medicine Practitioner, and a Certified Yoga and Pilates Teacher. She has over 16 years of experience not only as a clinician but as a patient herself, diagnosed with systemic Lupus. She is a clinician who practices what she preaches and believes that our bodies are miraculous and has the power to heal itself.

Because of Dr. Connie’s personal experience with the medical system, she realized that there is a better way to heal and stay healthy and as a result, she founded a functional medicine practice, Alkaline Wellness Center (Johns Creek, GA) to help others who struggle with their health and are not getting what they need from the current medical system. At Alkaline Wellness, Dr. Connie helps her patients heal naturally by diving into the root cause of their symptoms as opposed to taking a pill for every ill.

In 2016, Dr Connie founded the Yoga School at Alkaline Wellness Center as recognized by Yoga Alliance. Her yoga training transforms her teachers -in-training by allowing them to heal their own ails and then go on to spread the miraculous healing powers of yoga to others.

From holistic nutrition therapy, physical therapy, functional medicine, Yoga, Pilates, and meditation, Dr. Connie regards herself as a guide in her patients journey to get well and stay well.

Dr. Connie is a sought after practitioner for her gift of intuition and connection with her patients.

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