Holistic Treatment for Lupus Involves Priming Your Body

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We are starting a 4 part series all about Priming Your Body to Heal.

What does it mean to prime your body? Well today and in the coming weeks I’ll be talking all about priming, what it is, and how you can begin to prime your body everyday and shift into a healing mode.

I used to be mystified by Lupus.  It seemed like a death sentence for someone who was very active and lived and breathed health. 

When diagnosed with Lupus, I was consumed with fear.

I retracted and identified myself with the disease, which caused me to give up control over my life and look solely to the Doctors so they could determine which treatment for Lupus was best for me.  

This was all because I didn’t understand my disease and the power I had over my body.

What Does it Mean to Prime Your Body?

I don’t think it’s anyone’s “fault” that they have disease. 

However, I do believe disease is our body’s way of letting us know that something is off kilter.  We have a choice on how to approach this situation.

1. Look to the Doctors for all the answers and take a “passive approach”.

2. Assess your current condition and question the choices that you are making on a daily basis that is leading to this outcome. Then make a commitment to change.

Sounds too simple for a complicated “autoimmune” condition, doesn’t it?  

After living with this condition for over 20 years I know that I am in large part responsible for the condition of my body.

Once I accepted this fact, I got busy working on things that I could change to sway the course in my favor.

Priming your body for healing means eliminating things that you’re doing everyday that potentially trigger your body to get off balance.  

Treatment for Lupus – What Our Bodies Need to Heal

Our body processes information from the environment.  This includes positive life experiences, as well as negatives ones, the foods that we take in, the air we breathe, our daily habits, the thoughts we have, etc.

So if you reflect on your life up to the time of diagnosis, you might notice there are lots of things that may have contributed to your body getting off kilter.

You may have a stressful life, traumatic past, digestive issues that you’ve ignored for years, or fatigue that you kept shrugging off.  

Because our behavior is key when creating health, we must question our operating system and what is causing certain behaviors in us.

Treatment for Lupus – Our Mind

How we live our lives is the direct result of the thoughts that we think, the feelings that we feel, the behaviors that we repeat, all of which create our outcome.  

So the simple process is to recognize that what you’re doing today is NOT working.  

Therefore we must begin by changing our thoughts to have different feelings. This will allow us to make better choices to create a different result, which in this case is to heal from Lupus. 

So much of what we do everyday is dependent on the thoughts that we have about Lupus.  Unless we change our thoughts and feelings around Lupus, we will never be free from identifying with Lupus.

Our minds tend to validate the thoughts we have, so if you constantly have thoughts such as “Lupus is a scary, incurable disease”, then your behavior and all feelings will align to make this true.

On the other hand, if you condition your mind to think differently and that “Lupus is reversible and I can heal from Lupus”, your mind will signal a message to your body to prime itself for healing.

Mind Over Body

The first step to priming your body is to change your thoughts and manage your feelings. 

We have over 60,000 thoughts per day and many times, these thoughts are habitual responses to the events in our lives.  

They are full of survival emotions such as fear, overwhelm, insecurity, anger, anxiety, etc. that tend to trigger poor choices in our lives.

Our brain is the super computer system that is programed from birth.   But did you know that you can absolutely reprogram your brain to produce new behaviors and results?

This is powerful because if our brain, which houses our thoughts, is aligned with our body, which houses our feelings, then we can alter the biochemistry in our body to have a powerful healing effect.

For example, if your brain typically operates from a worried state, it sends messages to your body which can cause adrenals to become overworked. All of this results in a cascade of biochemical reactions that can ultimately alter your genes to promote disease.

Using this same thought process, we now know that if you think thoughts of calm and joy, your brain sends those messages to your body to alter it in a positive manner and turn on your healthy genes.

This is a oversimplification but you get my point.

Lupus is What You Make It

Having Lupus is neutral. It’s not good or bad until your thoughts make it so.

Having Lupus can be a positive situation which provides you with an opportunity to reshape your life to a life of abundance and health.

Most define Lupus as negative and live a life validating the thoughts of negativity.  They give their power away to the Doctors and live a life of dependency on medications.

Lupus is absolutely manageable, it’s actually reversible.  You can heal from Lupus, but you must believe this in order for your mind and body to align.

It is when your mind and body are aligned that your body is PRIMED to heal.

Holistic Treatment for Lupus Starts with the Mind

I know lots of things.  I know the workings of the body, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, etc.

But I also know that our bodies are constantly affected by what we think, what we put into it (food, meds, etc.), what we do or not do (exercise, repetitive injury), and how we experience life, either stressfully or joyfully.

I know that it’s a choice that we all have, but most believe they don’t have a choice.  

Most live in captivity, setting limits on how fully they can live because of their obstacles.

Obstacles are just an opportunity to change what’s not working and get better.

The mindset to grow is absolutely necessary if you want to try a holistic treatment for Lupus.  It will get you out of your comfort zone.  

Comfort zone is our beliefs about ourselves and our condition.  So if you don’t like your situation, you must do these four things over and over.

1. COMMIT to healing

2. Muster up COURAGE to change what’s not working

3. Develop CAPABILITY with practice of the new habit

4. Finally, gain CONFIDENCE to change the course of your health and life because what you are now doing is working for you

Why?  Because you can.

If you agree with this message, I can help you become empowered to:

1. Gain Knowledge: Understand what needs to be done and why

2. Take Action:  Apply this knowledge to begin to help your body heal.

3. Be the example of what’s possible.  

That’s our model in Alkaline Functional Medicine; it’s a full lifestyle solution to change the course of your disease.  

The science of how we do so is only effective once you’ve primed your body and mind.  

The rest is super fun because learning to heal your body will empower you in every facet of your life.

Imagine having a healthy, strong, and joyful body.  You’ll be unstoppable.  Make what’s impossible, possible.

Thanks for joining me. Next week we’ll talk more about the physiology of priming and how your biochemistry changes based on your thoughts and feelings.

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See you next week. 

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